Sunday, January 8, 2012

Peace Out Cub Scout

I have something to share with all of you.  Thursday night I was a victim of TheHater.  I'm not sure who TheHater is.  I'm not even sure if TheHater refers to only one person.  To be honest, I don't even know if TheHater is a person...  Just like AlicaMarie911 from The Heart of Alicia Marie and Elisa from The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom, I was reported to Google for violating their terms and conditions.  Obviously I didn't violate anything since my blog is back up and running, but it still caused me to have slight heart tremors.  Ok, so maybe it was more than slight tremors.  I was having a full blown panic attack!!  Elisa walked me through the process of getting everything straightened out, but it was still nerve wracking!  I so owe her a hug for that!  So here's a virtual hug, girl :)  

It was amidst that dark moment when I saw the light!  (hehehe Look at me acting like Moses!)  The truth came to me people!!  I hate being called Little Ms. Fun.  While I am well aware that I gave myself this awful nickname, reading it still makes me cringe.  Besides, Madre told me LMF makes her think of Lil Mother Fackerr...  What do I think of when I hear it??  I think of me when I looked like this...

Here's Little Ms. Fun with her favorite big cousin <3 <3 
Here's Little Ms. Fun with her baby brother <3

Here's Little Ms. Fun dancing the YMCA w/ Brother, BigCousin, and Nanny <3
See where I'm going with this!!  While I hate Little Ms. Fun, I like the sound of the acronym LMF so I tried to think of something which would allow me to keep it.  Lick My Fingers. Um, no!  Way too dirty.  Like My Fashion. Who am I kidding?  Fashion!  Pshhh  Look My Friend.  That doesn't even make sense!!!  After a few hours of deliberation, I realized the only thing I could do was move forward and pick a new name.

After a few days of deliberation, I finally chose a new name.  My best friend, DramaQueen, has always called me this since we were little girls.  So on this Sunday I want to say:

Good bye Little Ms. Fun!!  Hello, Jax!!

A very special thank you to Kim from A Very Sweet Blog.  I won the most delicious smelling coconut body wash through her.  The brand is Vitabath and it's AMAZING!!  This deff get's the Jax seal of approval!!  Did I mention that anything coconut scented is the way to my heart??  Notice how I'm affectionately holding the bottle!  lol

Jax is more personal, less childish, and a closer connection to me.  I let you all into some of the most personal aspects of my life and I feel that my name should be no different.  Happy Sunday everyone!  Speaking about Sunday, how bout them Giants???  This week big blue, next week back to my pats <3

Not to be confused with Jax from Mortal Combat hahaha  Anyone else hear the deep voice screaming Jaaaxxxx when they read that??? lol!


  1. Happy you won the lotion! And may I say, your bedspread looks great too.

    So, Jax, how YOU doin? :-)

    And I hope to God that violation of terms thing never happens to me because if it does, I'm quitting blogger and going to word press. Trust. I see so many blogs with borderline porn and none of them ever get suspended. It's crazy!!

  2. lol glad you like my bed spread!! Watch out with TheHater. So many people are getting hit with it.

  3. I love the name Jax. Is it short for something? I also love all things coconut.


  4. What? Lucky Mooing Frog, Loitering Mega Freak, Lippy Mimes Forever or Leper Mating Fancy didn't sound like good ones?..LOL

    TheHater seems to be a pain indeed, trying block ones feed. You'd think Google would have something for this crap being the big bad world dominating entity they are.

    So you're all Jax-ed up now huh? Liu Kang was better..haha

  5. LOL!! Yea, but I can't take the noises he makes!! All you hear is "HWaaahhhh!!" in a Jackie Chan voice. lol

    Oh there you go...there's a noise that you forgot today. :) lol

  6. I love Jax I think really is more personal (lol)
    Love the lotion!

  7. I want to know what the hell you said that I haven't said. Evidently, you freaking ROCK. What post did you get in trouble over.

    Hey, you need to drop by my blog and go to the "Calling All Hotties" post. You are the right stuff.!!

  8. I personally think of Jax from Jax and Dexter.

  9. Wait, wait, wait- why would they take down your site?? I'm so confused. What were your alleged violations????? First I'm hearing of this but that would cause tremors in me too. Still confused how you experienced it!

    I like the name Jax, very cute. That's funny that she thought it was L Mother F'er. ahah. Love the little pictures of you as "little miss fun"- so cute!

  10. Sorry about thehater, that's horrible. I wouldn't know what to do either.

    Hello the the new Jax. Love it.

  11. hello Jax!!! i like the sound :)
    about the hater and google stories.. i hope its fix now, its really sad :(
    anyway you won! congrats girl!!!

    happy monday!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  12. Jax sounds cool!! stick with it! and congrats on your won:) x

  13. love jax and am definitely confused about how your site got reported!

  14. I like Jax! It's perfect. Bye bye, LMF!

  15. i just emailed you :)
    thank you!!!!

  16. I saw Little Mother F*cker too. :-) But i loved it... So goodbye LMF - welcome Jax! It's really fun too.

  17. Jax - You have been voted "IN" (by me). You are now listed.

  18. Sorry you had the bad experience, but I like the new Jax creation.

    When I revised my blog's look a couple of year's ago, it removed the "report" option at the top of the page--I guess it allows me to live on the edge and worry less.

    And I hope you did well with the playoff fantasy competition (like you had Arian Foster or Hakeem Nicks or something). My son and I looked at it, but decided to let our regular season wounds heal longer and wait until 2012-2013.

  19. Love the new name!Thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog. :)

  20. Thanks for the hug ;) I love the name Jax. That seems to fit perfectly ;)

  21. I was a bit confused when I popped over from my comments box... Different name!
    Such cute pics sweetie! Good to know you Jax.

  22. That's ridiculous. Glad you're back, ms jax!

  23. I hate that someone hiding in the cyber shadows inflicted such grief upon you. JAX sounds like a great name. You have a new follower -- me. May The Hater fall into her or his own trap one day, Roland

  24. Jax sounds like an awesome name! I love it!

  25. I can't believe someone reported you!!! That is super crazy! Prob somebody got mad that you won the coconut body wash! HAHAHAHA It got there SUPER FAST! Glad you like the scent. Totally cute picture. Jax was throwing me a curve ball today, so glad your picture was the same. Enjoy girl! ((HUG))


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