Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Hair, New Motto, & a Countdown

Happy New Year Everyone!!
It's 2012 people!  It's the year to look alive.  :)

I started the new year with the people that will always be there - My Family.  This is the one time a year that I refuse to go out and party.  Tradition says that you enter the New Year in the mindset that you want be in for the next 365 days.  That means you surround yourself with the people that love you the most.  That means you stand up during the count down.  Who wants to live a year sitting down?  Not me!  That means that you enter the new year with the motto that will shape you.  I entered 2011 with "Forgive quickly, and kiss slowly".  I believe that I accomplished that mindset in 2011 and hope to carry that with me for life.  My new motto is to "Prioritize the people that prioritize you".  Sometimes being too nice gets you walked over.  You have to be nice to yourself too.  The ball dropped and the champagne popped, here's to 2012.  Salud!!!

How did you bring in the New Year?

Since 2011 has came to an end, I've seen and heard every countdown you can think of.  There was one countdown that didn't cross paths with Ms. Fun.  The Top Ten Sexiest Football Players of 2011.  Think of it as a New Years gift, ladies!  You're welcome!

10.  Reggie Bush - Miami Dolphins

9.  Tom Brady - New England Patriots

8.  Rob Gronkowski - New England Patriots

7.  Matt Leinart - Houston Texans

6.  Eric Decker - Denver Broncos

5.  Victor Cruz - New York Giants

4.  Wes Welker - New England Patriots

3.  Cam Newton - Carolina Panthers

2.  Tim Tebow - Denver Broncos

1.  Aaron Hernandez - New England Patriots
Who else were you expecting??

Well, now that we're all hot and bothered...hahaha  I wish everyone the best in 2012.  Let's strive to be the best that we can be.  Remember, whatever you put into the universe is what the universe will spit back at you.  It's all about the good vibes, people!


P.S.  For the New Year, I decided to become a red head.  
It worked really well, didn't it?  hahaha


  1. Hahaha I respectfully disagree with some of those pics, but a good countdown nonetheless.

  2. Oh yes, that just got me all hot and bothered, what am I to do now?..LOL
    And a rhyme too, look at you, which we literally can...ha!

  3. Aww my hair retains dye probably just as well as yours - you have the bleach the heck out of it for it to keep any colour at all!

  4. @Gia...Who do you disagree with??? Tebow is DELICIOUS and Mr. Hernandez is just yumm... hahaha

    @Pat...It took me a whopping TWO times to find that rhyme. How sad. I never noticed I did it... lol!

    @Rooth...I'm afraid to bleach my hair. What if it falls out?? It might not look red, but I'm deff a read head. :(

  5. Ha, your always a 10 in my book.

    When the Mrs. and I were dating a million years ago she incorporated me into her hair dying experiment. We have never tried that again.

    Man, that Victor Cruz is unreal.

  6. I´m glad to find this post today!
    Great ideas and style.

  7. I rang in New Years with my nearest and dearest as well... best way to do it!
    And thanks for the photos :-)

  8. Hwllo dear how you wake up? Love your hair (lol) look awesome,Love your "pictures" nice boys (lol)
    have a nice day dear:)

  9. Happy, happy! And are a full blown red head...tee hee!

  10. Happy New Year! Love the new color and the picks. Glad you celebrated with the family. They are the most important people, aren't they?

  11. Your hair looks great! Thanks for the football eye candy, too, LOL

  12. My gf says Tim Tebow is a hunksickle whatever that means...

  13. Girl, i love this post! It's so true. I spent so much time this past week, cleaning, getting stuff in order to bring in the new year. I even re-did my blog (entirely). Thanks for your encouraging words. I try to surround myself with fab bloggers like you. Girl, these men are just TOO HOTTTTTT!!! Woooooo! HAHAHA

  14. And you look cute as a red head!!! Sorry, I was looking at Aaron's biceps! LMFAOOOOOOOO

  15. gorgeous as always. i wish i was as pretty as youuuuu

  16. I have to say. #7 should be up there right in front of Tim tebow. They're all hotties for sure

  17. I love the mindset thing! I need to remember that for next year. This year I rang in 2012 with my fiance at our reception venue... I hope thats a good sign! And eff am I in love with Matt Leinart. mmmm.

  18. I might not agree with some of your selections, but do love me some men on this list!

    xoxo navy & orange


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