Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm Guilty...

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.  Please don't be mad at me if this song remains in your brain for several weeks.

So, I was talking to Madre last night about my blog.  While she loves my lists of things that annoy me, she called me out for the hypocrite that I am.   I, too, do very annoying things.  Don't you feel better after admitting something like that?  She went on and on listing all the incredibly obnoxious things I do.  

1.  So.  Apparently I start the majority of every conversation with saying "Soooo...".  I really don't get what's annoying about that, but mother knows best, right?  Sigh...

2.  Flying Forks.  When I decide to talk mid meal, I subconsciously start waving my utensil around like I'm conducting an orchestra.  After getting splashed in the face with syrup during breakfast one day, Madre flipped her lid on this annoying habit!

3.  Hypochondriac.  You can't mention some sort of disease, ailment, or ache without me immediately diagnosing myself with a similar very rare illnesses.  TheViking found a tick on him earlier this week.  I itched for two days while Googling the symptoms for lymes disease.

4.  Exclamation.  I get overly excited over silly, little things.  Isn't! That! So! Exciting!!!!!!! Sorry, couldn't help myself...

5.  Shampoo.  I refuse to use the same shampoo twice in week.  I need a shampoo-case when we go away.  If I'm ever forced to endure the horror using the same shampoo... well, let's not go there.  It's not pretty!
6.  Punch.  When I get real excited, I tend to hit whoever's near me.  No worries! I don't hit hard enough for it actually be annoying...

7.  Imitate.  I feel the need to imitate everyone and everything almost every day.  Brother and I went grocery shopping when the cashier randomly looked at me and exclaimed "I can't eat soup".  For the past few months Brother and I have been going around imitating that poor guy who made that one innocent statement.  I can't help it!  It runs in the family!

8.  Bulk.  I can never just buy one of anything.  I live alone and yet I still feel the need to buy enough for a family of 10.  That's not obnoxious!  You get such a good deal when you buy 24 rolls of toilet paper...

9.  Buttons.  If there's a button, I need to push it.  My fingers can't control themselves.  One time Nanny got stuck in front of our house for an hour because I hit God knows what button in her car.  Ok, maybe that's a little annoying...

10.  Giggles.  I laugh way too much.  I have a constant case of the giggles.  Apparently I even laugh at very inappropriate times.  That annoys a mother.  Sorry Madre for have a giggle attack almost every time I call.  I know it's a little obnoxious answering the phone just to listen to me cracking up!  At least I'm happy!  Plus, it's so contagious, it makes her laugh at me laughing!

So that's it.  I won't dish anymore negativity about myself!  At least now I can not be called a hypocrite.  I can now blog about any little thing in the world that annoys me.  Why?  Because I listed everything that I do that annoys other people!  Madre must be so proud! 

What are your annoying habits?


....What?  I already did my signature!  See, it's right there!!!  Oh my, you're right!  How could I forget to post that on a Friday???  Sigh...Sorry guys... just don't tell Ian!

He's way too beautiful to forget about.  Yum!
-Jax  (Am I allowed to sign twice???)  Have a great weekend!


  1. A few of those are obnoxious habits, but most of them just make you unique.

    Ah, I love me some Ian Somerhalder. Yowza.

  2. Sooo...those don't sound too bad! They sound delightful. :) I pick my nails which drives my husband crazy. I also like to randomly sing. And there are more, but you don't have all day!

  3. My husband gets very annoyed when I leave containers of food open just a little bit. Think jars of peanut butter.

    I just want to get to the food quick and not have to fight with the lid! Is that such a problem? Dang.

    Love this list, by the way. Your quirks are funny. Especially the gesturing with the fork part.

  4. havent watched or listened to that song in its entirety yet and wont. lol :)

  5. Hahah, ummm...I accidentally torture Boyfriend by getting scared at night and needing lots of hugs.

  6. Best day of the week! Partying, Partying!

  7. @Leslie...I love to randomly sing too. Especially with my vacuum cleaner. Sigh...Shoulda added that one to the list! happy weekenddd :)

  8. i love the flying forks! i'm pretty sure i do that too!

  9. Unique, hmmm let's go with that. Sound like you have your own real life version of Monk..haha

    I buy in bulk too, saves me from having to go every week, plus you never know when they might not have it, so may as well buy it well they do have it in stock.

    The only one that's really ummm unique is the shampoo one, the button one maybe a bit and hypocondriac a little. If you stab someone with the fork, that may be a tad unique. Okay you're just unique..haha

  10. @Pat...Here's the deal with the shampoo. So you wash your hair with shampoo #1. Now shampoo #1 cleans all the dirt and oils, BUT it leaves some shampoo residue. If you re-wash your hair the next day with that same shampoo you will have double the shampoo residue build up. BUT, if you wash with shampoo #2 the next day, you will be free from Shampoo #1 residue and only suffer from #2s residue. That's when shampoo #3 comes along. It's a vicious cycle.

    and as for the Monk reference. I've never seen it, but you'll be glad to know that Madre and I will be watching 24 from the beginning b/c it's now streaming free on Netflix.

  11. Ever been diagnosed with OCD? Lol Too funny. I think my squeaky voice is annoying. Makes me sound like a stuck up snob. Lol

  12. There is nothing wrong with being a giggler. :) I think it's fun!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. i had no idea about the shampoo residue thing. All these years...
    One thing I do that I annoy myself with is I have a mimicking laugh. Whenever I'm in a group, my laugh tends to take on the aspects of the other person's laugh. It's sort of weird. I don't think anyone else notices per se, but one day I just started thinking about what my laugh sounded like, and I couldn't. Then I got self conscious about it, and ever since my laugh just shifts and I can't help it

  14. I totally don't think listing annoyances makes you a hypocrite. It's obvious that you admit you have your own annoying habits. A hypocrite would be acting perfect, then talking shit.

    The only one that made me cringe was the buying in bulk. I'm the exact opposite. I shop at least once a week to buy fresh and buy only what I need so nothing goes to waste, and I HATE to have to freeze things. I do always have to have a back up shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and deodorant though. So that's kind of bulk right? I tried.

  15. @Leon...See why you guys need me? I teach you about Shampoo residue! haha

    and LOL @ your laughing problem. You should sit home all alone and watch hundreds of funny videos. Find your laugh!! Find your identity!! Ok, I'm done... :P

  16. Sounds like your mom knows best! Your habbits do seem annoying! But in a fun way! (if that makes sense)

    My annoying habbits are being way to open about my feelings to people who are very emotionally closed off, and thinking I'm a really cool smart capable person! (and being egotisitcal)!

  17. Hmmmm never knew that about shampoo either, but then my hair is nice and short, so don't have to use a whole lot.

    Watching 24 GOOD! Watch it all in a row and don't skip or read spoilers of any kind. Best show ever.

    Monk is awesome too, I can relate with my germ ocd, so I'm sure you'd get a kick out of it, as he has to touch every pole he walks by haha

  18. @Pat...oh no!!! I suggest you stop at the store and buy at least a second shampoo to alternate. You're gonna go bald!!!!!! That shampoo residue will clog your hair follicles. lol

    I'll start 24 this weekend :)

  19. Darn you for posting gorgeous men on your blog. Don't you know you're killing us married women!?!?

    I, too, use a lot of exclamation points. Also, I use a lot of dot, dot, dots...<---like that...<---oh, crap, I did it again...*and again*....OKAY!!! I'll stop it already!!!....

    My family always made fun of me for talking with my hands. They used to say I couldn't talk without moving them, so one day I was waving them around and in mid conversation someone came up behind me and held my arms down. Needless to say, the conversation stopped there. I couldn't continue without use of my body parts (ha! that sounded dirty!)

  20. Oh thanks a lot, that song is going to be in my head for the rest of the day!

  21. Well if I go bald, maybe that's just God telling me he wants to give me more you have me a tad paranoid though

  22. All those things just make you *spechul*! :)

    However, I totally buy for a family of ten, but I think it is a ploy to reduce my need for the market (not a fan!)

  23. Nooooo now you got this song stuck in my head =[

  24. @Pat...I'm concerned for you too! I would sleep with olive oil and a shower cap on your head tonight. Then wash with a new shampoo in the morning. We're talking hair follicles here!! It's serious!!

    You got me so nervous I just booked a 6:30 hair appointment for a trim. Sigh...


  25. Thats weird about the shampoo lol.. I've been using the same stuff since forever.

  26. Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday... D: Thanks for the earworm, I guess, Jax.

    I don't think most of your habits are annoying. A lot of it's just being expressive! Whatever though, familiarity breeds contempt, so they say?

    As for my annoying habits... I sing in the shower. Like, I can't physically shower without singing. Also, I tend to intentionally guess things wrong.

  27. @Joe...Right?! How catchy is that tune. It's Friday, Friday...hehehe Well now we all know what song you'll be singing in the shower for the next couple of days.

    And thanks for not jumping on the "unique" bandwagon. I was starting to feel like a freak!! hahaha I kid, I kid!

  28. Ugh, you just had to remind me of that Friday song... -_-

  29. I am totally delighted with strong your blog greatly that saved me. Thank you “You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else.” - Chuck Palahniuk

  30. Happy friday! :)
    "I laugh way too much. I have a constant case of the giggles." That's good, laughing is good for your soul. ;)

  31. All this over hair, maybe I'll just save up the cats and have myself a trusty wig. Then I can sit it on my desk and let it stare at people..haha

  32. You owe me for the brain cells and precious seconds lost on watching a snippet of that video!

    I will be back to read the rest of your post when I recover. ;)

  33. lol ty for the vid , made my day ^_^

  34. Nice blog...Also, nice touch with the animated snow.

  35. Hahaha this actually made me laugh. Out loud. At least people can laugh at you annoying habits!

    In a restaurant, I use one napkin for condiments, one for the menu, one to clean the plates...

    But I guess, what my friends would consider to be the most annoying, is when everyone suddenly goes quiet. I can't help but shout, "AWKWAAARD!" Haha. Yeah, I have some terrible habits. (To say the least..)

    GM x

  36. Everybody has a quality that will annoy somebody else... but don't worry i'll join you in some of thosse!!!! (Exclamation!), Laughing way to much and probably chortling too loud and errr... Oooh tasty man candy, thanks!


  37. Yes, he's a hotty. Good way to start the weekend Jax. You talk with your utensils too. I thought I was the only one. I have so many annoying habits it's hard to pick just one. The most annoying one is that I can't stand it if someone else sits in what I call "my spot" on the couch. I freak out when someone does.

  38. Haha I totally laugh too much! But I think everyone should! Now that Friday song is totally stuck in my head..

    Hope you have a lovely weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

  39. Love your posts. Funny and informative. As you can see - shallow flattery is my weakness.

  40. I think you sound very Italian, which I find delightful. :)

    I clean out and organize my purse before leaving the house....every time. Yeah, even I agree that is weird, but it's neat and tidy and I know where everything is.

    I have a long bedtime ritual that I must do if I'm even going to think about floss, brush, remove makeup, shower, etc, etc. I could never just get in bed and expect to fall asleep.

    I think we all have our weirdnesses. ha.

  41. I think cleaning your purse out is a great idea!! Keeps everything fresh. Same thing with your pre-sleeping schedule. At least you have productive quirks :)

  42. Jax, You need to ask my wife what are my annoying habits. She seems to have no problem coming up with new ones every day.

  43. Jax I always clean and wash my face all night, have or dont make up! always! (I wash my teeth too) lol
    I always said "sorry" is so bad? I dont now, but always said, besos

  44. I think it's great to share your own bad/annoying habits. I think it's good if you own up and try to change yourself... especially where it matters.

  45. You can never laugh too much. That's a cardinal rule for life!

  46. HAHA! I do the fork and spoon wave too at the table. I have a horrible habit of cutting someone off mid-sentence. Horrible! I must work on that. LOL

  47. Ha! I start every sentence, written or spoken with 'sooooooooo'. We're both in the same boat! :-)

  48. haha loved this post!
    my mom is also my most strict blog-critic. she goes like "photo #1 #3 and #4 are nice...the rest? well not so much" haha sometimes i love how honest she is. some other times i´m like well mom, sorry to break it down like this but my blog is mine and therefore the editor of its content is solely mine! but mom´s always know what´s best for us so it´s good to pay attention to them.
    XO JAnnine


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