Friday, January 20, 2012

Here fishy, fishy...

Now you all know how much I love me some Ian Somerhalder...

...and you all know how Chris Zylka is a delicious dessert...

...but there's a new course to this spicy meal.
Introducing, the voo doo boy toy, Grey Damon.

Happy Friday Ladies ;)
The CW is scorching hot on Thursday nights.  Just sayin...

My girlfriend is currently being pursued by a real cutie.  From what we know about him, he's the full package and everything that she's been looking for.  Yea, I'm sure there will eventually be a catch...but for now...we like him!  He is dangling the bait right in front of her face, but she's not nibbling.  For the love of God, bite the bait!!!

1.  Rock Solid.  I'm all for playing hard to get, but you have to let them eventually catch you.  While you're pretending to be Dori (just keep swimming...), your fisherman may get distracted by a sexy star fish halfway through the chase.

2.  Stuck on.  Ok, so you stopped playing hard to get, but now your clinging onto him tighter than Adam Lambert's pants.  No one wants a barnacle glued to their ass.  You all know that if you get a barnacle stuck to you, you're going STRAIGHT to the doctor.  Can that happen anyways???

3.  Initiative.  You can't expect the man to do all the asking or make all the moves.  You need to go out of your way to show that you're interested as well.  Those fisherman like angel fish in the sea and cat fish  in the aquarium.  Brown-Chicken, Brown-Cow...oh wait, we're doing fish talk...

4.  Moody.  When my girl gets nervous, she puts up her guard and starts with the attitude!  One minute she's a fun dolphin and the next she's attacking like a shark on steroids.  Take the bait and be yourself.  Find a happy medium.  Be a Shar-lphin!!! hahaha

5.  Genuine.  If you choose to eventually take the bait, be genuinely happy about it.  Don't agree to go on the date and then be nothing but a crab the entire time.  If you really don't want to go, make like a snail and sllloowwwwlllyyy back away.

The best advice that I was able to give my girl was to pick up the phone and give him a buzz like an eel call.  She needs to bite that bait and go on a hot date with him this weekend.  I know that she's into him, she's just nervous when it comes to men.  and you all know how I feel about letting opportunities pass us by...  Well, here's to her hopefully getting reeled in.  She deserves to be a catch of the day!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!



  1. I think your #4 has morphed over the years. It used to be that the female had to let the guy take initiative, but there was certainly nothing wrong with providing him with an abundant number of opportunities.

    As an introvert, I usually need a push anyway.

    Enjoy your weekend Jax.

  2. haha i love the ocean analogies! i hope it works out for her.
    happy weekend! xoxoxoxoxox

  3. It's hard to put yourself out there and open up to hurt sometimes, but no risk no gain. Hope she takes a chance.

  4. I hope she calls him! If he's a hunk and the full package, I say GO FOR IT!!

  5. Great post! I hope it works out for your friend. :) Have a great weekend!

  6. One should stop with the games fast, if you like you like if you don't you don't. Another annoyance with me, but than I do have many..haha So yeah call and at least she'll know one way or another.

  7. @Elle...I made a whole list of them. They make me giggle. lol Happy weekend girlie. xoxo

  8. @Pat...She's not a chatty kathy. Some could yap with a complete stranger until they turn blue...she's veerrryyyy shy!! Several times I've had to do the talking for her. I hope she uses the huevos and pursues him.

  9. "tighter than Adam Lambert's pants" I was in a meeting and I read that and I BURST out laughing and had to pretend I was coughing. whoops! So funny.

  10. LOL Hopefully I didn't get you in trouble! :P

  11. sooooo many fishing analogies...... I feel like I need to go swimming now and see if I can catch a clown fish. Apparently they are really tasty!

    Hope your little lass has a blast!

  12. You give excellent advice! You must be quite a successful dater!

  13. Oh well shy and games are two different things. And you doing the talking for her..hahahaha...that could be your side gig.

    The Date Along - Want to keep the awkward silence at bay? Call The Date Along today. Guarunteed to give you a better date and forgo all the little things about it you hate.

  14. I think you just discovered my calling!!! And you already created my theme rhyme? So nice of you!!

    Ok so I'm going to ramble... So my same g/f met a guy off of e-harmony last year. She really liked him but was too shy to go alone. She dragged me with her on their first date AND made me do all the talking. Come to find out at the end of the date, he was deaf in his right hear and didn't hear a word I said all night. Sigh...

  15. Yeah no one wants to go on a date with a crab.

    Crabs are no fun.

  16. thats some sound advice:)
    im too much of an introvert too! had i been unmarried i would have asked you to acompany me on a date hehe

  17. i totally agree with you... Chris is a delicious dessert hshshshsssss don't tell hubby hehehehe
    just look at his eyes.. can you not fall in love?????
    have a nive weekend dear!!!! xoxo, Haus of Gala

  18. LOL, I love how detailed your posts are. You should have called this blog "Jax's Reasons Why"

    I love your advice:)


  19. My girlfriend says that he is dreamy. I am not sure if I should be offended.

  20. LOL glad I could set you on your calling. Although I recommend background checks too, then you can avoid talking into deaf ears..haha

  21. I truly hope she takes your advice. If she doesn't she could end up like me and still be wondering if life is meant to be lived alone for some.

    I did once sit on what I thought was a barnacle, but it ended up being a star-phin. It wasn't easily dislodged, either!

  22. The ocean analogies were genius!

  23. Calling a man isn't easy. There's always that feeling of "did I read the signals wrong", or "will he think I'm needy". I'm so glad I'm married, I was really lousy at the dating thing. I could have used someone like you back then. I may have had more dates and the ones I did have my have been less of a disaster.

  24. oh man... who ARE these guys!? i know ian but the other two are smoking! lol man i have GOT to start watching the cw again!!

    all of that is real good advice for you girl! and hopefully there is no catch and he is purely a nice guy! hope that works well for her!! happy weekend!! :)

  25. Jax you are too cute! They both sound like the catch of the day :)I hope they get together. Fingers crossed! Hope you're having an awesome weekend!

  26. Thanks for the intro ;)

    And the barnacle reference--classily awesome!

  27. OMG
    I am totally obsessed with him too..
    He is stunning :D


  28. always is a pleasure stopping by here (lol) Did you see my raspberries Ice cream?? :)

  29. @Gloria...I have not! My blogroll has been a little slow lately. lol Only shows me what it wants to. Heading over there now ;)

  30. Dating can be tough. She's lucky to have you to give advice. I hope it all works out, she deserves to be loved

  31. Ah, good advice -- I think that while the dating game is certainly complex, ultimately it all boils down to both parties realizing that they are so much more alike than they give credit for (down to the pressures, uncertainties, insecurities, etc.) When that is realized, honesty and openness are bound to follow and the game is won by all.

  32. um yeah, they are all really hot.

    Your Dori reference is really funny, hah. Totally makes sense.


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