Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good News & Bad News

I can't believe it's only Tuesday night!!!  It so feels like a Wednesday.  Sometimes I swear that these 3 day weekends just make the rest of the work week that much harder.  Look at me complaining about a day off.  I take it back!! lol  

Other than getting my days mixed up, this morning I got good news and bad news.  What do you want to hear first?  Well, I guess it's typical to start with the bad news first, right?  

I heard through the grapevine that Blogger is getting rid of GFC.  Is this really true?  I have absolutely no idea.  What I do know is that I had to take action.  I immediately signed up for Google +.  Signing up was easy, but after that, it's all down hill.  Google+ may be the most single confusing thing I've looked at all day.  That says a lot considering I spent 9 hours with Japanese people trying to run their Accounts Receivables department!  lol  There are a bunch of weird things going on in Google+.  That includes post updates from people that I don't know and CIRCLES!!  What is with the circles?!  Not to mention, whatever I did on there sent out about 3 e-mails to everyone in my address book.  Horrible!  Can anyone confirm the GFC rumor?  Or, better yet, who wants to give me a free tutorial on how to work the damn thing?  Sigh...Come on now!!  We could call it a webinar!! lol

And onto the good news!!  The lovely B from The Opposite of That granted me the honor of an award!! Since it's The Happy 101 award, I get to list 10 things that make me happy.  That should be easy enough considering I used to be Little Ms. Fun.  ;)  Here we go!!

1.  GodSon.  No matter what kind of day I had or how I am feeling, that little boy makes me happier than anything else.  Even if it's just a phone conversation with him mumbling gibberish on the other line, I'm guaranteed to have a smile across my face.  

2.  Glamour.  I love Glamour.  I live for Glamour.  When in doubt, I ask myself WWGD?  Yes, I really just said that.  LOL!  Plus, a date night with Glamour and a glass of wine is the next best thing to a real date with Gerard Butler.  

3.  Clean Blueberries.  I spend extra time washing my blueberries with fruit and veggie cleaner just so the next day at work I can brag all about it.  Seeing those babies shine really does make me a happy lady!

4.  TheLoveBug.  I don't think I could ever get rid of my car.  Just catching a glimpse of her sitting in a parking lot makes me smile.  

5.  Pigs.  I love anything with pigs!  Piggy banks, pig shaped pans, and even expensive Lenox pig figurines all grace my apartment.  I'm seriously looking into getting a micro pig as well!  Oink, oink!

6.  Coconut Scent.  I'm madly in love with coconut scented anything.

7.  Brand New.  The original Brand New c.d. makes so happy!  When I'm upset, I put it on and sing my little heart out.  Don't know them?  Click here for one of my fav songs by them.  You're welcome!

8.  Annoying.  I love to annoy people.  Well, not in an annoying way!  Nothing makes me laugh harder than annoying the crap out of my Brother.

9.  Cavatellis.  Despite my blog being named after Raviolis, cavatellis are my all time favorite pasta.  Yum!!

10.  Patriots.  As if you all didn't know this one already...  Watching my boys kick serious butt really makes me VERY happy.

This is the part where I'm supposed to award 10 new people.  The problem is that I love all of you and genuinely enjoy reading up on your blogs!!  There is a list to the right where I have all my favorite bloggers shouted out.  If you're not on there, no worries, it's prob just because I forgot.  Remind me, and I'll give you a shout!  

What things make YOU happy??
Other than stopping here of course ;)



  1. Geez I expected Supernatural to at least make your top ten..haha. You like anything Pigs, yet it's the term to describe slobs and you hate them, hmmm interesting.

    As far as Google friend connect goes. Come march 1st they are only allowing blogger blogs to use it, so anyone with wordpress or something are SOL. Then they might do away with it completely and go to just google plus. I made up a page for my blog on it and some dumb arse profile but it's only because they are going to screw with it, most of it is pointless facebook rip off garbage anyway.

  2. Congrats on the award!!

    I THINK I made myself a google+ page, but honestly, I'm not sure. It's tricky.

  3. @Pat... Shhh, dnt tell Sam!! Lol...wattt?! Thats AWFUL!! Google+ is legit a hot mess. The circle nonsense makes me twich. Sigh...They need to provide hands on training lol

    @Gia...tks, chica!! I say ur next bumper sticker shld b hatin on this google+ shizz!!

  4. I have no idea why google are trying to compete with Facebook regarding social networking. Even if google+ wasn't confusing I still don't think that Facebook's 500+ million users are willing to switch anytime soon. :P great post!

  5. ah Dear I understand you. Sometimes I feel like we are finish the week or maybe that I would like:)
    I love when my kids said I love so much or I missed you:)
    love when a friend make me laugh and when a nice and close friend said me :Love you so much
    Bake and cook sometimes make me happy
    swim make me happy too
    love when I stopping by like here and make me feel better in a difficult day (lol)
    nice post!

  6. HAHAHA Jax! We love you too! I received your email about joining Google+. My friend sent me one a long time ago. I never joined because I was overwhelmed setting up my old blog. HAHAHA Oh girl, from what I understand it's going away for anyone that's NOT a member of Blogger (like wordpress peeps etc.) So it's only those readers you have to be concerned with. I signed up for bloglovin' and people can join you using that. Much easier than Googly Oogly Plus! HAHAHA Congrats on your award and I can tell you are lovin your body wash from your pic! HAHAHA I like that!!! Continue enjoying it my friend. :D

  7. I love your blog posts, they're always so thorough!

  8. I think everyone likes to annoy there brothers. It is one of the funnest things you can do :)

  9. I have not heard anything about GFC, ugh that would be annoying. can't they just keep it! I don't like change.

    I don't get GooglePlus though I'm a member. I haven't gone on it since I signed up months ago I don't think.

    I love pigs too! And do you mean Glamour the mag or just glamour in general? haha, so fabbbulous.

    PS that story of your Dad with the art cracked me up.

  10. Google is pushing its luck by trying to take over every aspect of social media. They have their niche and I wish they'd stay in it. We all got Google+ in the UK first and we hated it. None of us use it. Now, what do I like? Hot chocolate was the first thing I thought of and I love books and above all else, I love music.

  11. i've heard of that.. really bad news!!! i hope its not true!
    congratulations for the awards!!! great things to know again more from you.. i'm sure you'll love my coconut biscuits :)
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  12. Coconut! I'm right there with you.
    I love holding babies. I'm very maternal.
    I was never an animal person until I met my dog. But he's really a baby in a fur suit.
    I love trivia; my friends call me the Enclycopedia since I have an answer for anything. I consider this a compliment since apparently my late great aunt had the same nickname!
    Makeup/beauty products...I can never have enough

  13. I think G+ is pretty great actually, it might be confusing at first but once you know it it's quite handy.

  14. I don't know what the GFC is even? Afraid I can't help you there.

    And congrats on your award. :)

  15. omg G+ drives me insane. I think Google is getting rid of GFC for people who do not use Blogger - since you're on Blogger I think you'll be fine :)

  16. omg G+ drives me insane. I think Google is getting rid of GFC for people who do not use Blogger - since you're on Blogger I think you'll be fine :)

  17. Thanks for the heads up on the GFC thing! I'll have to find out more about it!

  18. Lovely post! Congratulations for the award :)

    Shall we follow each other? I'm following.


  19. I love to annoy my brother too LOL! You're a woman after my own heart :0)

  20. it seems like connecting with others is getting harder, not easier. the different platforms are intimidating and difficult to understand, i totally agree.

    haha, i just had cavatellis the other day. my mom make 'em. annoying siblings is fun, but making sure a piece of fruit is clean is a great way to add enjoyment.

    you're welcome:)

  21. I have heard this too. I have a personal google+ account that I don't understand, and won't be happy if I have to create one for the blog. I don't understand why they wouldn't just leave GFC alone.


  22. You can have a personal Google+ account??? I thought Google+ was just a replacement for GFC!! Sigh... lol


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