Friday, January 13, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Let's forget about the freakin weekend for a second and talk about The CW last night.  Holy Vampire Diaries!!  Not only is this show getting even juicier, but so are the men!!  Damon Salvatore dripping wet wearing only a towel??  More, please!!!  And how about The Secret Circle??  Forget that Chris Zylka (Ok, don't forget about him too long..), Fay's new boy toy is smoking hot!!  Between VD and The Secret Circle, The CW is on fire Thursday nights.  

While I'm sure many of you have already met him, let me introduce you to the lovely Pat Hatt and Orlin, his rhyming cat, from It's Rhyme Time.  Have you visited his blog yet??  If not, you so should!  Why?  Because he rhymes and everyone loves to read rhymes!  Plus, he even responds to your comment in rhyme!  If talking to a rhyming cat doesn't make you giggle, then you need to lighten up!

As it turns out, Pat wrote a book called A Not So Barren World.  It's the third book of his series.   I didn't mean to read the 3rd one first.  It was an accident!!  This book is full of adventure, creative twists on old mythology, and humor.  The character development is so well done that you will feel as if these fictional characters were some old high school buddies.  Each character is set up with a unique quirk and an intriguing personality.

The story line itself is very well written and will keep you guessing.  There are two type of books that I hate.  The ones that make you feel all mushy inside and the ones that are predictable.  This book is the complete opposite of both those things.  Well, there's some loovvveee, just not the mushy gushy kind.  

The best part of the book was being able to compare all the things you learned about the author through his blog to the story that he wrote.  Cat time machines?  A movie guru lead character?  Actually, no...The best part of the book was the Supernatural reference.  Wait, how about the ending that leaves you craving for more??  Sigh...I can't pick a best part...  A Not So Barren World gets the Jax seal of approval.  That's almost as good as the NY Times Best Seller list.  Just sayin...

Will you be checking out A Not So Barren World?

Well, now that you listened to my gushing over The CW Thursday night line up and my new book, you can get back to the freakin weekend.  Enjoy!!



  1. Haha i need to get back into the vampire diaries. Is she with damon now? It's been awhile.

    I hadn't heard it referred to as VD before. Snicker.

  2. I had no idea he wrote books! Where have I been? I have been reading his blog for a while now and had no idea!

  3. @aliciamarie...Why can't I comment on your blog :( :( Blogger won't let me!!!!!! Sigh...

  4. I suppose his email address should have clued me in on the fact he's written books. I love his rhymes.

  5. Sounds like a cool book. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  6. Almost as good as a NY Best seller list? Man.... I gotta show up on here more often.

  7. Sounds like an interesting series! I hate it when I accidentally read books out of order, but it sounds like you really enjoyed them. Have a great weekend!

  8. HAHA I'm impressed that he rhymes in response to comments. Talented! It has to be good! I feel your excitement through your words. :D Have an awesome weekend Jax. Can't wait to hear what you have in store for us Monday.

  9. Damn! Who needs the NY times when I've got you...haha Awesome review thanks a ton and glad it was enjoyed.

    If I wrote either one of those mushy gushy or predictable books, I'd slap myself..haha...glad I surpassed your hated ones. And loved the end there how you couldn't pick the best part. Thanks again!

    First to review the third one and you're also the first person to read them backwards..haha

  10. ooh my yes. i need to make that my screen saver asap.

  11. Passei para conhecer o seu blog,

  12. I've just finished the second book and will be starting on the third today. It's so nice to see bloggers supporting each other. Have a great weekend.

  13. I'm one who really enjoy's Pat's blog. And yes, it is nice to see bloggers supporting one another. A wave to Pat who came here via your blog today.

  14. What a great review! I've read all three...Pat's got talent!

  15. good stuff, thanks!
    following for more!

  16. I love getting new books, especially if they turn out good! :) I'm off to check out this guy's blog... rhyming takes some serious skillzzzz.

  17. Pat Hatt is great! I'm surprized he doesn't talk about his books more!

  18. Lovely post!

    Shall we follow each other?


  19. Ha,ha, Dear Jax I think he is really happy with this post (lol) I have to read some of them(lol)
    have a nice day!

  20. how good of you to plug pat's book. he is very talented and unique in his content. ny times ain't got nothing but house writers turning their noses up at independent works. thanks for the recommendation.


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