Sunday, January 15, 2012

All Hail The Champions!!!

Happy Sunday Funday everyone :)  For the newcomers, I'm a huge football fan.  There is nothing sexier than big, brawny men dukeing it out on the football field.  My team is the New England Patriots.  Yes, I'm aware that I'm from NY.  Drop  Last night was a big game between my Pats and the Denver Broncos.  Brother and I prepared for the worst as we were settling down to watch the game.  We are well aware of the Pats past during play off season.  We are also well aware of their defense not being the bestBottom line:  Tebow and his prayers started to get us a little shaky!  

Brother, Biff, Madre, and I settled down on the couch with tea and hot chocolate ready to watch Tebow Time come to a short demise.

As much as I love me some Tebow and as much as I respect his skill as a rookie quarter back, he was in way over his head.  There was no way the eye candy of Tim Tebow was going to dominate the head master of all quarter backs, Mr. Tom Brady himself.  Although every time Tebow got hit, I couldn't help but utter a slow "yum"...

Give him a few more years experience and a few more lessons from Brady and Tebow will be a real valuable player.
Of course, Brady and Tebow are nothing without a great team to back them up.  While Tebow leads his group as an option QB, Brady leads an offense with two tight ends.  He loves him some tight ends!  And so do I...


Introducing my men, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, Brady's two favorite tight ends!
Every game these two men manage to find themselves in an open pocket where Brady can pass the ball with ease so they will score.  They have more touch downs than any other player on the Patriots this season.  And, of course, they are beautiful...

The beast himself!!  Gronk deemed his rival that name at the end of the game last night.
While Hernandez has been shown up by Gronkowski the past two months, he has managed to hold his own.  He stands at a very decent height of 6'1, but that's no match to the brick wall standing at 6'6.  Brady has mentioned in interviews before that he has shorter players which tests his skill as a QB.  He has to make up for this by throwing the ball at them instead of towards themBesides, have you seen Gronk's hands?!  They are hugeeee...  As the announcer said, "watch as Gronk engulfs the ball" with those hands!

This picture made me so happy!!  They really are the stars of the show ;)
Aaron Hernandez takes many a hit throughout each game.  Being the bull he is, he pushes on and gets those yards no matter how much grass he has to eat.  Every time he gets hit, I can't help but punch my brother and cheer him on.  My poor brother....  Despite a knee injury early this season, he kept pushing on.  At one point last night, he needed help to limp off a hurting leg.

Look at that bull plowing through!  Hot and bothered yet?
So on this Sunday Funday, I wanted to dedicate a post to the men that made me lose my voice Saturday night.  The men that make me scream at the top of my lungs with foul language at an inanimate object.  The same men that make me beat my brother out of excitement.  I told you to feel bad for him!  To my New England Patriots, congratulations on your well deserved win.  To Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski, congratulations on your touch downs and to a job well done.  And to Tim Tebow, sorry that you got school by the master Tom Brady...but you're still a beautiful, good boy that all the ladies are swooning over ;).

Who are your football favorites?



  1. I'm a big Pats fan and have much respect for Tebow.

  2. Hahah I'm not a huge fan of either team, but I was happy to see the pats come out on top. Now let's go Giants!

  3. Ive been to a footballgame on holiday in the states, i think that was uconn against i dont know lol, pretty fun game to watch!
    and btw nice post with the pictures and everything, well done

  4. football to me is soccer ;) haha

  5. I can't help you here - my team is the Cowboys (sad) but I'm glad that Tebow got TROMPED!

  6. You screaming out curse words, I don't believe that..haha Glad your team won and caused you such fun, hopefully your brother recovers fast

  7. Brady was the man!!! I love Tebow too, but I was pulling for Brady. My Saints lost, but I'm excited to see the rest of the playoffs. I want Brady to win the Superbowl.

  8. Tebow seems like a like him or hate him kind of guy.

  9. Congrats to your Pats.

    Man with Hernandez acting like a great running back on Saturday, I am convinced that there is nothing the Patriots TEs can't do.

  10. Go Niners! I can't wait for the Niners-Giants next week.

  11. I gotta throw my towel in for the Ravens. Absolutely love them even though following them in dreary ole Ireland is a next to impossible feat to achieve. As such, I have no idea how they've fared either this year, or the last 3.......

    Happy to hear that your team whooped some ass though and that you got to admire theirs while they did.

  12. ha, I love the way you break this down. You totally know what you're talking about and all the stats but I can't help but also love the "yums" throughout, haha.

    I was disappointed to see the Broncos lose but such is life!!

  13. ...a young lady talking pigskin smackdown.

    Now that's indeed something to relish ;)

    Well done, and go Pats!


  14. My team is also the Patriots and it was soooo nice to have a blow-out win. I'm always nervous during the playoffs, please let this be our year!

    Great blog, following you now!

  15. haha:) i was looking forward to your fawning over the pats and hernandez here. the pats-broncos game was the only one i didn't watch. i peeked into the living room and saw the score was 14-0 and knew it was over. it was over before it started. the pats were the classier team for sure. in fact, it looks like it might be an easy road to the super bowl for the pats. we shall see. they are the favorite to win it all as they should be. yeah, they have good tight ends, not just one but two. hope your voice is better:)

  16. I'm so happy Tebow is over. phew! So I just saw your comment you left on a blog that said you wanted to start a blogging fantasy team - I'm soooo in! I don't want to wait all the way until next fall!

  17. I some times wonder if everyone who watches sports does it to check out the players!

  18. I love the pats! nice post. Keep it up :D

  19. I love the pats! nice post. Keep it up :D

  20. I stopped watching after the Steelers lost it.

    I really enjoyed this post though. You are nothing if not passionate about your team!

  21. I don't know American football at all. But I understand your love for the game and the guys. Rugby is my game and O'Driscoll for Ireland is my man. You should watch some rugby, they wear shorts and oh so nice to look at.

  22. Haha. I've heard so much about this game lately!

  23. We're not huge Patriot fans. We do route for them but it is because my husband went to the University of Michigan (where Brady attended) and well, he is just beautiful.

    We will not be routing for them this weekend coming up though. We live in MD and we have to cheer on the Ravens. (I will still watching Brady though)


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