Friday, December 9, 2011

What to do on a first date!

Happy Friday everyone!  Anyone have good plans for the weekend?  Hopefully someone is doing something holiday-ish!  My weekend is going to consist of putting together my final oral presentation for my OB class and two dates.  Oh, I forgot to tell you?  I caught a fish on that dating website.  While I have not met this guy in person yet, that’s happening Sunday, we have spent hours talking on the phone and texting.  I’m getting a great vibe from him, but who knows, it could all be fake!  He could really be a 95 year old crazy cat woman rapist for all I know…

Introducing TheBlowFish!  He’s a 27 year old sales analyst that has a motorcycle (Yum!) and is the lead signer of a band (double Yum!).  We made plans to go on a hot date this Sunday to finally meet each other face to face.  I’m excited because I love first dates!  & because I’m intrigued by our conversations…  There is something so magical about a first date.  They are adventures traveling across foreign territories.  You never know where they will lead you.  Even if things do not go well and we end up despising each other, I’m anxious for the experience.   

For those of you who get nervous before a first date, stop it!  There’s no need to be.  Go in it expecting nothing but a good time for one night.  If it turns into a second date, great!  If not, well at least you put yourself out there.  Here are some rules that I live by when it comes to conquering a first date:

1. Safety First.  Never let the person know where you live.  Meet them somewhere.  Send all of your date’s information to a few people that you trust.  Give them a time to call you by to make sure that you are still alive.  Hopefully if you don’t answer, your people will call the po-po to come and find you!  Have a code word with your friends.  If I text my girl the word “peaches” she knows to come save my ass.

2. A Happy Medium.  Doll yourself up with make up and a cute outfit, but don’t be one of those fools that over does it.  You want to look natural, not like a desperate chick trying to impress her wannabe Prince Charming.  Dress hot, not overdone.  Guys have a sense for when a girl’s trying too hard.  For the love of God, put that ball gown down!

3.  Clean Teeth.  Check your teeth before you go out, during your date, and after.  Don't do my famous routine of smiling into the blade of your knife.  I'll know what you’re doing, but your date might think you're wacked.  Excuse yourself and run into the little girls room just to make sure that your smile is little green particle free!  For a quick double check, casually take a peek at your reflection in your cell phone. 

4. Watch Your Mouth.  Looks are appealing, but the conversation reels that fish in.  Keep the potty mouth in the trash where it belongs.  Keep the gossip in your best friend’s vault.  And, avoid that valley girl talk while twirling your hair.  We don’t want him thinking trailer park, snobby back stabber, or bimbo now do we?

5. Eye Contact.  Look him in the eyes.  No, not stare down creepy!  Keep casual eye contact throughout the date to show your interest and confidence.  Someone looking up tends to be day dreaming and someone looking down shows insecurities and nervousness.  A man will be able to read your body language.

6. Be Busy.  I’m not talking that fake busy where you list a millions things that you would like to do but don’t actually have time for.  I’m talking, be available but not too available.  Let your date know you have a life but you still have time for them. 

7. Ask Questions.  Girls tend to mostly talk about themselves.  Get to know your date and listen to them.  I’m famous for this.  I ask a lot of questions but my mind drifts off mid answer.  Focus!!!!  Don’t get too personal, but dig as deep as you can.  My dad, TheViking, likes to think of first dates as an interview.  In a way, he’s right!

8. Don’t Bitch.  Keep your complaints about life to yourself until after the date when you call a family member to vent.  It’s a first date, not a psychologist appointment.  Try and keep the conversation focused on positive things.  I have a girlfriend who’s famous for complaining about everything!  And then she wonders why they don’t call back…

9. One Drink Min.  Please don’t come off as an alcoholic on your first date.  I know you’re nervous and you want to drink the butterflies away, but this never works!  Keep the one drink minimum rule.  Whiskey sour?  Yes, please!  You want to be able to keep your composure for your safety as well.  Remember, you don’t really know the guy and we don’t want you taken advantage of!

10. The Goodbye.  The date depends on your parting.  Keep the goodbye short and sweet.  If you are interested, make it known casually with a “see you soon”.  Give a hug or a quick kiss and be on your way.  Don’t be awkward.  The worst is when you do that weird square dance like shuffle where you don’t know if you should hug, kiss, shake hands, or hi five!  Yea, deff avoid that…

That’s all folks!  Now go out there and try it.  Practice makes perfect!  Oh, and I know you’re all dyeing from suspense about that second date I mentioned above… My best friend’s fiancé is trying to hook me up with one of his coworkers.  I’m not so excited about this date because the last time I agreed to his shenanigans, the guy looked and acted like a crack head, jail bird…

Happy Weekend!


  1. Good luck on your date and remember to have fun first off. Second great idea to have code words for your friends. I'm guilty of having more than one drink... But I figure if a guy can drink as much as I can them we are a match made in heaven. Me and my boyfriend went on our first date and both got wasted together. 14 months later we are still together talking marriage.

  2. haha what you mean that gown I bought is just too much? Damn! I guess I'll have to take it back. Oops there goes my potty mouth again. No wonder I can't get a second date, geez. My safeword was also "safe" I used it and no one would come to help. Beats me why..hahaha

    Good luck, I hope neither is a raping, jailbird, crackheaded, nazi.

  3. Hey, I'm stopping by to let you know that I have a new blog. Google kicked me off my old one (from the heart of alicia marie), so I was forced to make a new one. I know you recently followed my old blog, so if you'd like--i know I'd appreciate it--you can follow my newest blog. Sorry for the lack of posts, I just started the new one an hour ago.

  4. Good luck on your first date! Those are some really great tips especially the safety first and the ask questions!!

  5. Excellent advice girl!!! I've taken a break from it, but I would always do everything you listed. We all need to keep those SAME things in mind after a couple of dates. Maybe that's where I went wrong once I got comfortable. HAHAHA Ohhhh, praying that this one is a winner. You've got to tell us all about it! I know you will. Can't wait! Have a fab weekend my friend. ((HUG))

  6. Tomorrow´s the date! how fun! i´ve been in a relationship for almost 4 years now so i kinda forgot about all these details! but i think your date-guide was pretty awesome!
    i hope you have lots of fun! and can´t wait to read how it went!
    XX jannu

    p,s: how great that you have a close relationship with your grandma. :) our grannys ROCK. :)

  7. Good, wise words!
    Good luck on the date. :)

  8. Perfect advice.... and I am right with you!!! First dates should be exciting and fun.... and almost always blogworthy!

  9. interested to hear what happens. i like your suggestions. i always liked first dates too. conversation is definitely the standard. and looks, vibe. you didn't mention anything about movies in first dates, and when i was just beginning to date way back when i liked having the movie to talk about later. now i feel like i could do better conversation than the majority of movie plots out there.

  10. Such awesome advice! I used to love first dates too--just so many possibilities :0)

  11. Who do you like, Real or Barcelona?


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