Monday, December 26, 2011

Ur gonna shoot ur eye out kidd

It's the day after Christmas, and I'm exhausted!!!  Friday night I baked more cookies than I could fit in a giant cookie jar.  I also baked two huge sheets of red velvet cheesecake brownies (omg, Yum!!!)  I ate triple my weight in food between the feast of seven fishes, Christmas day's 4 course meal, and today's left overs. I was showered with gifts that I probably didn't deserve and gave out so many presents that I felt like Santa Claus.  I spent much needed time with my family.  We laughed until tears came out of our eyes.  We watched football (actually, I'm still watching football.  Here's to me hoping the Saints get demolished!!).  We also spoiled the crap out of my baby Godson.  In short, my Christmas weekend was nothing short of amazing.

How was your holiday weekend?
I want details now... :)

Now that Christmas has passed, I can share with you guys something that I've been giddy about for the past 3 months!!!  Brother and I decided to do a Patriots Christmas swap.  We got each other a patriot's jerseys.  (Guess which jersey I got? ... How'd you know?!?!?!?)  I got my brother his favorite player,  #83, Welker!!  He got me my favorite player, #81, Mr. Aaron Hernandez swoon...!!

My dad, TheViking, spoiled me rotten by getting me a GPS (guess he's sick of me getting lost?? haha) and a flat screen TV with a DVD player attached (Bye bye VCR!!  Yes, I still have one of those...).  I tried to return the favor by giving him a gift just as spectacular.  Since my dad, TheViking, likes to pretend he's Robin Hood by trekking through the woods with a bow and arrow, I needed to get something that fit the role.  I settled for a fire pit to put in his backyard.  (Hello s'mores parties!!  Who's coming?? lol)
I got Madre the hair straightener that she wanted.  I also got her a Barry White CD.  No!  She doesn't like Barry White...but she DOES have a gentleman caller named Barry that I'm working on getting rid of!!  She got the most beautiful cameo ring.  It's absolutely gorgeous and has a face the most perfect size for my hand.  It also has an adjustable band which is great because I have child size fingers.  

My family and I exchanged some amazing gifts that were all very thoughtful.  Most of these things I will cherish for life and maybe will even pass down to my children oh god one day.

In exchange for all the things I have to be grateful for, I made a generous donation to the Island Harvest.  I hope this helps to feed a family that is less fortunate.  My grandparents filled up a baby bottle full of money to donate to a less fortunate family.  They also bought a few gifts for a stranger and left it under their tree in the church.  Madre made a dedication to sponsor animals that were abused.  It's always important to remember to give back.  If you can, try and remember the real meaning of the holidays.   Make a difference to others.

What goodies did you get graced with this year?
and how did you give back??



  1. Those are great gifts! I especially like the ring. As for what I gave/received, I'll be posting about Boyfriend and I got each other on my blog this week...

  2. Those are all great ideas - the picture of you and your bro is priceless. Glad you had a good Xmas!

  3. what an awesome christmas!!!! So much love with your gifts- that present to your Dad is beyond amazing! I feel bad now for what I got my Dad! I'll come to a S'More party for sure. And I'm sure your Dad was over you getting lost after you story of you and your GF in Little Italy, haha. Love the Patriot swap. And you trying to shoo away your Mom's gentleman caller- haha. Daughter knows best!

    And your donation- I love it.

  4. hmm sounds like u had a fantabulous time and i love all the pressies. flat screen and dvd wow!!! i esp love the cameo ring! the shirts swap's so cool!!:) x

  5. This is probably inappropriate, but your brother is quite cute. :-) And so are you! :-)

    And I LOVE that ring. WANT.

  6. Sounds like a fun time was had by all. Not sure how you eat triple your weight in food and can still manage to move though..haha one meal and I'm done.

    I still have a vcr too, just in case, never know. Mine was fun as well, got plenty of season sets and all kinds of nice stuff. Plus my sister got payback for "the cats" giving their auntie dirty gifts and I got a zebra thong. That is just so wrong..hahaha

  7. @B: Thank you very much :) I'll have to tell him. Then he'll remind me several times over the course of a few hours. hahaha

    @ Pat: A zebra thong??? LOL See, now that's great blogging material. hahaha

    My aunt got my grandmother a leopard print bra and panty set. I almost fell off the chair. Nanny's face was priceless.

    You & the zebra thong win though. You can add that to your winning list.

  8. K a couple of things here. I LOVE YOUR BOOTS! So cute. Not a football fan but then again I can't watch games anymore. My eyes are to bad. As for your mom's gentleman caller.... Good luck? I loved the end of this post. As you already know this is something I do every year. As bad as things are sometimes I always try to remember someone else has it worse. So bravo girly

  9. So much fun! Plus, you two are awesome--I LOVE those pics. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas :0)

  10. Yeahhhh, football jerseys on Christmas! That's what we do. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. i got some good stuff. a clarisonic, miss dior cherie perfume, lots of scarves for some reason (it's v hot where my fam lives, so i guess they think it's always cold in Atlanta??), another curling wand (yes, i need all sizes), and CA$H! and in typical white trash fashion, we all get scratch off lotto tix in our stocking.

  12. that outdoor fire pit is exactly what i want, once i get a home of my own with some sort of outdoor space. someday...
    well, the saints didn't get whooped:) but you certainly got a great gift from your pop. glad you had a good christmas:)

  13. ha- I wouldn't yell at you but you should get some red lipstick! I never feel more Italian than when I have my dark hair and red lips! Feel like my Noni.

  14. Such a beautiful cameo ring!
    xx Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  15. omigosh?!!! You christmas sounds absolutely aweMAZIN!!! Lol I'm so jealous...

    Well, you know how mine went pretty much. Personally, I love the ring muchos muchos.

    Great post xD

  16. S'mores! Heck yes! I want a fire pit now!

    What a beautiful ring. Now, I'm not a ring wearer, with the exception of my wedding ring, but I think it's gorgeous! :)

    You're totally right about giving back to others. My dad was given presents to give to a family that rents one of his mobile homes. My husband and I played Satna and Mrs. Clause and we delivered the presents to the mom on our way to our first Christmas get together on Saturday. I'm not sure if they were appreciated by the parents, but I sure hope the children loved what they were given!

  17. christmas is love.. full of magical.. and most important thing is that it is the time of giving and sharing :)
    i love your pictures!!! i'm happy to see you sometimes :)
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  18. beautiful ring! (:

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