Sunday, December 18, 2011

We are the CHAMPIONS, My friendd!

Guess what guys?!  NE Patriots won again!!  Not only did we secure our spot as the division champions, but Hernandez finally showed up that brick wall of a Gronkowski.  Sorry Tebow...don't worry though, you're still a looker ;)  To add to the shock of the evening, Ochocinco not only managed to complete a pass, but he also scored a touch down!!  I'm serious.  He really did!  

While I knew that my Pats would pull through, I wasn't so sure about my fantasy teams.  Demarco Murray suffered a devastating injury leaving me at a loss for a good running back.  Sidney Rice also needed to be dropped leaving me short a WR.  Out of desperation, I drafted Woodhead and Greg Little who both ended up being clutch pick ups.  Guess who secured NFL Fantasy Championship spots in both her teams?  Try not to eep!  I've been eeping all night!  That's right!  Little Ms. Fun did!!  Take that boys ;)

While his rookie skills aren't at par with Brady's yet, let's admire his beauty.  Swoon....Tebow Time!!
Ok, enough football talk, although I'm still smiling ear to ear with excitement.  Pathetic!  I was just talking to one of my best friend's, DramaQueen, about hair and make up secrets.  She asked me for a few tips and I was more than happy to share.  She adopted my Sunday night routine and loves it.  Hopefully since it works well for us, it will work well for you too,  These tips only get the LMF seal of approval for the Winter time.  I have a whole different regimen for other seasons!

Face Mask:  Every Wednesday and Sunday night I spend an hour with the mask on.  I apply it to my "T-zone" to fight off extra oils that build up throughout the week.  Us Sicilians are know for oily skin.  This is a great way to help it!  After drying out my face with the mask, I remove it with a rag dampened with steaming hot water.  Rubbing the mask off with the rag helps to exfoliate your skin as well.  I then apply a thick layer of oil-free moisturizer.  If you don't moisturize your face after you remove the natural oils, your skin will create more oil in attempt to fight off the dryness.  Plus, you should always moisturize to help fight wrinkles!  These are the products I use:

Hair Mask:  I then lay a towel down on my pillow and make my secret hair mask recipe.  In a bowl I mix 1/3 cup of olive oil, 1 egg white, and a scoop of mayonnaise.  I then apply it evenly to the ends of my hair.   To make sure that it stays put, I take a ziploc bag and wrap it around my hair with an elastic band.  Yes, I probably smell like a really bad salad.  In the morning I wash my hair like normal.  When I dry it, my hair is so soft and silky that I feel like I'm part of a Pantene commercial!!

Hand & Feet Mask:  Right before I go to bed, I apply a ridiculous amount of moisturizer onto my hands and feet.  I then cover them with moisturizing socks and gloves.  You won't believe how amazingly soft my hands and feet come out!!!  I learned this trick from my ex, TheSwede.  Sigh...  Since I get a UV manicure every two weeks, I find that my cuticles get especially dry.  For this I apply rose cuticle oil before I put on the moisturizer.  It works amazing.  These are my favorite products:

You think my winter routine is bad?  In the summer time, I add avocado to my hair mask.  Then I REALLY look and smell like a salad!  Don't judge!!  The Sunday night torture is well worth it on Monday morning.

What's your secret Sunday night routine?


P.S.  Brother made a surprise for my blog!!  I can't wait to share it with you guys :)


  1. I am so glad Tebow got shut down - I'm tired of everyone getting on that bandwagon

  2. haha to the above. I was raised on the Broncos (Dad is from Denver) so Tebow's bandwagon-inducing tactics have been so funny to me but I'm genuinely excited for them because I have always loved them the most, I promise! But congratulations on your win... even though I wish it hadn't gone that way, haha. Anyway, I love your routine! That's awesome and that hair mask sounds intense! I kind of want to try it but I'm scared my pillows might be damaged??? Will have to break out the old pillowcases!

    And ps- that's funny that you said you were always "Team Monica"- in my head, Monica and Rachel are on the same team. I love them both so much and will always side with them due to my Avid Friends watching. Team Aniston was in reference to her against Jolie :) Just stupid stuff. I'll shut up now.

  3. I do the olive oil & mayonnaise hair mask too... my husband thinks I'm crazy! :-)

  4. "raises eyebrow" Sure I put on masks and all kinds of other stuff too, my cat even gets in on it...hahaha

  5. Mr. A LOVES Tebow. He has a legit obsession with him, but I think all men do right now. It's creepy.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. LOL on the salad head! Sounds like that would work great, with all that oil!

    Have a great holiday, LMF!

  7. I love soft, shiny hair just as much as the next girl, but I don't know if I could go through all of that for it. Now, the lotions I could do, for sure...but the hair routine...uhh, I'd have to take into consideration...i mean, i don't like salad, can see the dilemma.

  8. I did a month of hair masques on the should check em out! I do my weekly exfoliation and hair conditioning.

  9. Thanks for commenting and following my blog; it lead me to your blog. And now I'm a follower of your blog. :)

  10. Girl I wish I had that much time to do something for myself. That would be sweet. I will however let you do it for me and dream that my skin looks as good as I'm sure yours does. Sigh

  11. Same here, I moisturize my hands and feet before I go to bed then wrapped my feet with socks.

    P.S. Thank you for your comment!
    I've been following you in GFC. Please follow me if you haven't. Thanks!

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I can't comment on Tebow- I only watch college ball... And even when he was playing college ball, I couldn't root for him. (WAR EAGLE) ;)

    But MAN your Sunday night routine sounds like a slice of heaven!!! I was lucky to snag a naptime to shave my legs today (kinda noticed them yesterday and thought a bear might have crawled under my seat and attacked my legs). I *wish* I had time to do stuff like that. I will just live vicariously through you, ok? :)

  13. My secret Sunday night routine?

    Not showering. Seriously. At first it was out of pure laziness, but then I realized that it's actually good to give your hair/skin a break from the daily showers.

    Okay, maybe laziness is more of a factor than I'd like to admit...

  14. I bow to the Fantasy Goddess. Congrats on you kicking butt this season.

    Did you see the photo of Danny Woodhead next to former NBA player Gheorge Muresan?

    Poor Danny, if he was not bummed enough about being a little guy, I am sure his Pats teammates will have fun telling the shorty jokes non-stop after seeing it.

    This is the Danny photo:

    Patriots Danny Woodhead

    (He is on the right)

  15. That was an awesome game! Brady had to show him who was the master. HAHAHA These are some great products girl! :D

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