Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some Freegan Facts ;)

The other day I was talking to my coworker.  We can refer to him as AReliableSource.  As usual, he started to tell me about all sorts of craziness.  Then he hit on a topic that sparked my interest.  Have you ever heard of Freeganism?  Don’t worry, neither did I!  He gave me a quick lecture on the basics of this bizarre lifestyle, but left me thirsty for more.  Almost immediately I went through the entire Google universe searching for facts and pictures about the Freegans.  Freegans may just be my new found heroes!

Before I go on to tell you all the fascinating things I’ve learned, let me start by saying that Freeganism is an extreme lifestyle.  It’s an act of revolt against the economy, our environment, politics, and the basic way of life.  Keep your mind open people!!  Remember:  Just because something is different, doesn’t mean that it’s bad. That being said, while I admire these people, I am far to OCD to adopt any of their habits.

Freeganism:  Freegans are best known for their revolt against the food industry.  They collect and eat food that has been thrown away.  This is mostly done through an act known as “Dumpster Diving”.  I know, I couldn’t do that either.  I’m getting itchy thinking about it!  They also participate in community gardening and plate scraping.  These are all attempts at ending world hunger and unnecessary food waste.  According to Wikipedia, 1/3 of the world’s food is wasted.  Due to sell by dates and other food guidelines, the food industry constantly throws away perfectly good food.  Freegans collect this food and eat it.  According to AReliableSource, Freegans also bleach this food before they consume it.  I do not confirm this information, but I do promote it.  Hahaha  While “Dumpster Diving” may be a bit extreme for me, I do get the point they are trying to make and applaud their efforts.  So many people are going hungry in this world when tons of food is going right into the garbage.  Fail!!!

Squatting:  Freegans also participate in something referred to as “Squatting”.  To “squat” is to occupy a vacant residence without any legal authority to do so.  This is a stand against homelessness.  According to Wikipedia, there are over 1,000,000 Freegans practicing “squatting” world wide.  It’s way to risky for LMF to try, but it certainly does make sense!!  These are heroes, people!!!  Many people are bound to get annoyed by this.  I get their points too.  We work hard to pay our rent or our mortgage, while these people are illegally living in homes for free.  Ok, now I want you to throw that mindset out the window for a second and think of all the homeless people in the world.  Why are there so many homeless people in the world when there are perfectly good places that are sitting abandoned and vacant?  That is the point the Freegans are trying to make. 

Humanure:  This concept completely blows my mind!!  “Humanure” is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s manure used as fertilizer, but it’s made from human feces.  Freegans typically use “humanure” in their community gardens.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with agriculture, human waste is toxic to many plants and vegetation unless it is decomposed properly.  To do this, Freegans build unique toilet bowls made of plywood and fill them with saw dust.  While I do admire their dedication, I’m gagging already…  Apparently when they excrete (Look at me being professional! Hahaha), the waste’s poisons are filtered somehow through the sawdust.  The sawdust not only detoxifies the crap, it all also lessens the stank.  Now here’s the kicker… The feces do not compose within days.  They don’t even compose within weeks or months.  It takes over a year!!!  They need to store their home made “humanure” for over a year before it’s safe to use on plants.  For the love of God, imagine THAT in your back yard.  A nice “Shit Shed” or whatever you want to call it!!  Sigh….You can add that to your DIY list.  Lol!

Now that you’re all experts on Freeganism and parts of their lifestyle, tell me,
What do you think of Freeganism?


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  1. I could never do it, but it has some interesting concepts ;)

  2. I think their heart is in the right place, but this is just NUTS. Keeping your strat for a year? ewww, dumpster diving double ewwww and living for free...hmmm no ewww there..haha I'd take that one. They do make you think, but alot of it is just too ewww for me and my ocd.

  3. I'm "occupying" your blog site. I'm going to live under a tarp and shit in your yard. I thing "Freeganism" is wonderful, but I'm a loser. I am kidding you know.

  4. Sounds a little like the peace and love generation and VERY unhealthy. Apparently they are unaware that many plagues were started because of human waste. Sick.
    I'm afraid this is not a lifestyle for me. I would barf!

  5. Hmmm..its an interesting idea, but it's only possible because other people AREN'T Freegans. That is, they can only use discarded food because other people pay for it, you know? Like people who don't get their kids vaccinated because diseases aren't really around anymore because everyone ELSE gets their kids vaccinated.

  6. I had never heard of this either. Very interesting though.

  7. Yes, that is a crazy idea and I loved all the facts you gave me about it. Sadly, I know much about this- Portland (niches of it) is heavy into this lifestyle (not my crowd, but you know what I mean). It is interesting and I couldn't do it but at the end of the day, their intentions are good so I can't exactly hate on it. But yes, very extreme concepts... that I'm very familiar with due to my very, very, VERY green city.

  8. i've heard of this--i saw it on tv somewhere. but oh noooo could i ever do that. nope.

  9. how interesting. i've never even heard of this. where have i been?

  10. What nice blog you have, Im following you,
    PD I asked something you in the Pat blog! (lol)

  11. the dumpster picture made me lol ;)


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