Friday, December 2, 2011

Snow Angel Season!!!

Happy weekend everyone!  It's after 5 and that means playtime!!  Well, for everyone except for me.  As you all know I have been on the verge of death the past two days with something I thought was similar to the whooping cough.  Turns out it's a simple ear infection and sinus infection.  Baby much? lol!  Since the antibiotics appear to be doing their job, I've been planning all of the fun stuff I could do this holiday season.  While I'm planning on a Winter full of fun, I'll be spending my Friday night with a box of tissues and How I Met Your Mother reruns.  In attempt to clear my nasal passages, I accidentally just sprayed eye drops up my nose!!!  For the love of god, why do you look like a bottle of nose spray?!

1.  Holiday Shopping.  Some people think of this as a chore.  I think of it as a lot of fun!!  Go to the mall and browse.  Brainstorm gift ideas for everyone.  Do this a few times through out the month.  Gradually make all your purchases.  I mean, what's funner than shopping?  Caloriesss!!  Think of all the calories you'll be burning too!

2.  Snuggle Night.  Get your man, woman, pet, or Snuggie and plop down on the couch with your favorite holiday movies.  Make some fresh hot chocolate or bust out your favorite red wine.  Winter is cuddle season, so get your cuddle on!

3.  Starbucks Date.  Take yourself or a friend on an afternoon date to Starbucks.  Bring your laptop and fiddle on your computer.  Bring a book and catch up on that great read you've been slacking off on.  Bring a Glamour magazine and dive into it's holiness!  I love the feel of Starbucks this season.  It's all cozy and holiday-ish (that is so not a word...).  What's better than some catch up time with yourself or an old friend while sipping on a tall coffee with nutmeg and soy milk?  Plus, if you go solo it's a great way to meet people!

4.  Bake.  It's freezing outside, so get a good excuse to keep the oven on by baking treats!  I've been dyeing to try and bake those Italian lemon cookies with the sweet frosting.  Yum!!  Plus, when your experiments turn out to be a success think of how impressed your family, your man, or your snuggie will be.

5.  Christmas Tree Lighting.  I live in NY, so every year I try and venture out to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas Tree.  There is always tons to do in the city, so I make a night out of it.  Go to your local public holiday display and enjoy the scenery and the crowd.  NYC during the holidays is beyond beautiful.  

6.  Night Time Drive By.  Drive through your town and look at all the holiday lights and decorations.  Some houses have lights dance along with the music on your radio.  Other homes are decorated extra special for charity donations.  There's a reason why people decorate, so go out and enjoy it.

7.  Snow.  The best part of this season is the snow!!  Unless you drive the Love Bug and need to go to work.  Sledding to work isn't exactly fun!  Enjoy it and play with the snow!  Have an impromptu snow ball fight on the walk inside.  Get a garbage can lid and sled down a nearby hill.  Build a snow man and decorate your lawn with snow angels.  There are endless possibilities when it comes to snow.

8.  Learn a New Language.  I know this one seems out there, but it's a lot of fun!  Go online and buy some discs that teach you a new language.  I use Unforgettable Languages.  Then go out and impress people with what you know!  This will not only bulk up your resume, but it will impress a date when you're out to dinner.  It sounds nuts, but instead of turning your brain to mush with a TV, cozy up next to your laptop with your Snuggie and a glass of wine.

9.  Volunteer.  This is the season that I try more than ever to volunteer.  Go to your church and see what  events you could assist with.  Check out your local library or even your local grocery store for volunteer work.  There are so many people that could use some help, take this season as an opportunity to do some community service and brighten other's holiday season.  The feeling after is the best around, I promise!

10.  Dance Lessons.  The Winter time is when you pack on the most weight.  Dance lessons is a great way to learn a new skill, stay warm, and burn off those love handles.  Find a partner and go learn how to salsa or merengue!  Plus, Dancing with the Stars just finished, so I know you're all dyeing to go out there and try!

This season is all about staying warm, getting cozy, and having fun.  What do you plan on doing this season?   Have a fabulous weekend everyone!  I'll be battling this deadly disease sinus infection, so don't tell me about you having too much fun...



  1. Does a rhyming language count? If so I think I have that one down..haha

    I think it be great to see Rockefeller Center at Christmas time, maybe one one of these years.

    As long as I don't have to drive in the snow I won't complain too much, but driving in it sucks! My mind isn't mush with the TV haha well maybe it is and I just don't know it.

    Nope not a plan, besides a few christmas movies, everything is done and I can just go with the flow..haha

  2. Rhyming doesn't count. French or Japanese maybe!! haha

    Yesss, you should deff see Rockefeller Center during the Holidays. Its the best time to go. :)

  3. Ear infections are the worst! I'd rather have freakin pneumonia than an ear infection or toothache. lol
    BTW I totally believe what you wrote on my post today! I think you are a very mature, 23 year old. Now come teach that to my sister and her stupid bf.

  4. Hey Girl! So hope you feel better soon. Saw your tweet on Twitter and felt for you. Last year this time, I was super sick like you. Not a good feeling, so hoping it goes away quickly. Glad you made it to the doctor. These are awesome suggestions! I've been doing a lot at home and truly enjoying it. Gonna put my Christmas decorations together this weekend, cook and watch some movies. I need a little ME unwind time. There is sooo much to do in NYC! I think it's so awesome to live there. In a couple of hours I'm going to make some hot chocolate and think about these things you listed. They are REALLY good! Have a great weekend girl! ((HUG))

  5. my hubby and I are dreaming to spend christmas/new year in new york it will be a lifetime experience...
    dear i hope you get well soon!!! so why and why you put that eye drops to your nose!!! hehehe
    have a nice weekend!!! xoxo, Haus of Gala

  6. I hope you're feeling better. I agree--ear infections are sooo miserable!

    I LOVE the Starbucks date idea :)

  7. Haha aw sounds so nice (:
    Learning a new language would be fun I suppose :3

  8. Isn't going to Florida an option? That's what I'd do I lived in America.

  9. i´m so excited to hear you´re a How I Met Your Mother fan! i just love that show. its Legen...waitforit...Dary! haha i loved your list! now you got me craving lemon cookies and hot chocolate!
    :) feel better LMF!

  10. Hi there,
    Sorry you have a sinus infection. Maybe now you can see better through your nose. Ha. But it's better to spray eye drops in the nose than the other way around.
    We live different lifestyles because of our geography but when I was young I always yearned to run off to NY and become a dancer. Now I'm content with my small town but it's fun to hear about your life.
    Loved everything on your list.

  11. i have a minor in linguistics, so when i'm intoxicated i break them out! it's usually spanish or italian, or CURSIVE! ;)
    i can curse someone out in 10 languages, never know!

    ps: zinc stops colds
    peroxide in the ears stops sinus infections. just pour some in, feel it bubble, and let it run out once it stops bubbbling

  12. I know people don't like holiday shopping but I really like it! It can be a challenge finding a perfect gift for someone but when you do, so worth it

  13. I hope you're feeling better - seriously, sinus infections are no joke, they can be crazy painful!
    I LOVE this list - like, love isn't even a strong enough word. Though the fact that I'll be cuddling with my dog and not a guy is slightly upsetting - but such is life :) And I agree - even though it's overrun with tourists, the city during winter is the most beautiful place to be (and even though it's freezing cold I'm still having frrrozen hot chocolat at Serendipity III).
    Your blog is so fabulous - I love your writing style!

  14. I've done a few of the first couple of things you posted. It's really the season to get nice and cozy!

  15. Eye drops up the nose is totally something I would do!

  16. i had a starbucks date. actually, it was a coffee bean date:) i really enjoy the energy of a crowded coffee place. ya know?

  17. Sounds like you'll be busy! I already volunteer and it gets really busy at Christmas! I plan on taking up some sort of dance/zumba/yoga class :D


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