Monday, December 5, 2011

Sniffles Be Gone!

I am laying here able to type and breathe at the same time.  This might seem like some small feat to all of you, but to me this is a huge milestone.  This horrible sinus infection bug may have finally left my system allowing me to function normally.  Dramatic much?  Give me a stuffy nose and I turn into a little baby.  

This past week I've heard about every single trick in the book of how to beat a cold.  Some suggest herbal teas, supplements, sweating it out, or even keeping halved onions throughout your home.  You name it, I heard it.  This got me thinking.  We all have some wacky methods to beat a simple sickness.  Other than antibiotics, here are my five go to tricks:

1.  Elevation:  I've done this one since I was a little kid.  Whenever I get congested I run up and down the stairs over and over and over again.  I know it sounds really silly, but it works!!  After a few runs up and down the stairs you can breathe free and clear!!  Don't believe me?  Ask Biff!  He swears on my elevation technique.

2.  Booze it up:  Every time that you feel yourself going under, take a shot of whiskey.  Preferably Jack Daniels!  This helps stop the bug right where it is.  Plus, it disinfects your insides.  Worst case scenario, you get a nice buzz, so do it anyways!  It's a win, win situation.

When this came up on Google, I cracked up!!  Is that what I look like?? hahaha
3.  Green Tea:  This stuff is godly!  Drink it every day, sick or not.  Save the used teabags to reheat and put on your eyes while you lay down in the bath.  They get rid of under eye circles when you rest them on your eyes for 15-20 minutes.  If you aren't feeling too well, immediately drink loads of this stuff with honey and you may avoid getting real sick.

4.  Avgolemeno:  I learned this from my ex, The Greek.  This is the Greek lemon soup.  It's a chicken broth based soup with lemon juice and egg.  It sounds weird, but it's delicious and the perfect recipe to rid your body of flu like aches!  My winter favorite.  Yum!!

5.  Live Eskimo Style:  Blast the AC or open the windows to let in the winter air.  Getting rid of the heat and stuffiness will help clear your sinuses and clear the air of germs.  Whenever I'm sick, I make sure that my apartment is as cold as I could make it.  Instantly I feel better that way.  Even at work today I put on a sweater and turned on my fan.  A few co-workers shot me some crazy looks, but who cares, I could breathe!

What are your tricks to battling a cold quick?



  1. verrrrry interesting, love these tips. The tea is something I always do and then I heard of the alcohol thing before but I'm always so sick anyway that the thought of taking a shot never goes over well... but I'd like to think I could do it. That elevation one is really new and funny (and again showcases what an active girl you are!). OOoo that eskimo one is admirable but I don't know if I could subject myself to such cold! Feel better!

  2. Never heard of the running up and down the stairs one. At least you get some exercise too. I use the cold air one and mostly I just sleep and do nothing. The less you do the more your body can focus on getting rid of those crappy germs. But then I've only been sick like once in the last 8 years or so. So what do I know..haha

  3. I seldom get sick, but I'm sticking with the liquor cure if it happens. Just saying!

  4. The alcohol thing totally doesn't work for me. I had a sinus infection for 2 months that I tried to beat with whiskey, vodka, tequila...


    3/4C black tea
    Shot of whisky
    Squirt of Lemon
    Tspn Honey

    All you worries will be swallowed away!

  6. Hello :)
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog about VL magazine :)

  7. Considering I've been battling a cold now for several weeks I'm the wrong person to ask. lol

  8. Zinc. Take a bath with peroxide and Epsom salt. Put a couple of drops of peroxide in your ear and empty once it quits bubbling. But if yountake zinc the second you feelmsick, it will stop or cut in half. Swear by it. Enter to win 5 shirts from StyleMint!

  9. What a great post - had me laughing about the running up and down and the picture of the chap with teabags on his eyes.
    Will keep these - great to have here in the cold north.
    happy tuesday

  10. Try drinking Emergen-c- I swear it works for me every time!

  11. I LOVE the "booze it up" picture too LOL! That's epic :0)

  12. Those are just some very fine recipes to gain health. They look like they all have merit, to me. That Greek soup could probably kill the hangover from all that Jack Daniels. :)

  13. Home made chicken soup with scotch bonnet pepper or chillies. It works everytime and the hot spice will burn out all the cold virus from your system. I put sweet potatoes, carrots, turnips, pumpkin, thyme and make some tiny dumplins to include in the soup. Flavour with salt and mash the pumpkin to give it some body. You can also add a packet of chicken noodle soup to it for added flavour. It's lovely and it's good for getting rid of colds and keeping you warm in the winter months.

  14. Love these tricks! And so glad you're feeling better! I'm very stuffy now with a sore throat so I've been drinking free tea like crazy. I found a thing online to heat up lemon and honey and drink that as well. Have a wonderful day love!

  15. i've tried the 'live eskimo style' and it works for me! i definitely have to try to the other ones!

    oh! also, thanks for being interesting in entering my giveaway with besobeso! please ensure that you do come back and complete the requirements to be entered and have the opportunity to win the amazing ring! thanks! :)

    cindy - design3rd

  16. dear i hope you feel better now! i also do the tea with lemon, or honey and you can use camomille tea to breath just put under your nose and cover your head with towel.. it may help you to feel fresh and breath :)
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  17. Great Blog. keep posting!

  18. I hope you're feeling better. What a horrible feeling. The liquor one definitely works for me. Just sweat it out! HAHA I usually am a wuss an go to the doctor. Prescription Please! HAHAHAHA Great advice girl! :D

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