Thursday, December 15, 2011

Respect & An Apology

I would like to start this entry with a public apology.  As you all know, I am in the midst of an annual meatless cleanse by becoming a vegetarian for a year.  Why?  Because it’s estimated that for every year an individual doesn’t consume meat, 50 animals are saved.  One of the reasons I decided to deprive myself of meat is because my father, TheViking, is an avid hunter.  Ladies and gentlemen, he is up to his SEVENTH deer of the season.  Yes, it’s legal.  He has a nuisance permit.  Once my friend caught wind that my dad makes the most delicious deer chili (bleh!) in all of NY, she decided that she wanted to try some.  So what did I do?  I personally delivered 4 pounds of Bambi to my girlfriend, Peaches, so she could have a feast.  For my participation in this evil, I am so sorry.

Other than throwing all my morals out the window by hand delivering a rotting deer carcass in a Christmas gift bag, I had a pretty big day today.  My oral presentation for that OB class was tonight.  I aced it with a 25/25.  Woohoo!  Today was also a big business meeting where I had to present for an hour.  I’m not shy at all, but training people three times my age is a little intimidating!  Being a young American woman, I am the minority in this company.  I would say 90% of the organization is Japanese and even more so are males.  To be in a position where I oversee the work of older Japanese men, is a little scary to say the least.  How do you earn respect in the workforce?

1. Look Alive.  Appearance is everything.  You can only make a first impression once.  A good employee should always be clean, neat, and well put together.  How an individual takes care of themselves is a great reflection on their work ethics.  One coworker, TheWalkingDead, always comes in looking like she just got out of the hospital after getting run over by a bus.  As a result, no one takes her seriously. 

2. Turnover.  While it’s great to be confident in your abilities, you should never get too comfortable in your position.  TheWalkingDead once said to me “I can’t be fired because no one else can do what I do”.  Not true!  I managed when you didn’t show for a week…  It’s important to remember that everyone is dispensable.  You might be great at what you do, but you could always be replaced.

3. Big Head.  Being given certain privileges does not qualify you as the CEO.  Being trusted with confidential information does not make you anyone’s boss.  Don’t exercise more power than you actually have or you’re bound to upset a few people.  One coworker was switched to the administration department as an assistant.  His head grew so big that it’s about to explode.  Did I mention that he’s an assistant?  Acting like the boss before you are one doesn’t impress anyone.

4.  Ignorance.  You know the people who pretend not to know how to do something so they won’t have to do it?  Yea, don't be one of them.  People want competent employees, not fake nitwits that pretend to be clueless. 

5.  Eye Contact.  Make eye contact with all your superiors, especially during a business meeting.  This exudes confidence.  Employers want to know that their staff is representing them well.  Try and avoid all those ums, ers and other noises we make!

6.  Know Your Audience.  Please refrain from cracking that dirty joke to your uptight CEO.  Save it for your manager that takes you out to lunch and giggles throughout your small talk.  Recognize who you are speaking to and act accordingly. 

7.  Fresh Breathe.  For the love of God, pop a tic tac!!  For those of us that actually eat breakfast, it could leave a funk in our mouth.  I eat a hard boiled egg every morning and then wash it down with coffee.  Thank God for Colgate!  Make sure that you have minty fresh breath before conversing with people.  You don’t want to be known as the person with a stank.

8.  Show Up.  I don’t understand how some people never show up for work and then have the nerve to complain about getting fired or missing out on promotions.  Really?  You’re never here!! Promotion to what?  Director of stay home and lay in bed?  It’s very simple people, if you want to get somewhere in a company have good attendance and be on time.

9.  Cellie.  Put the phone down and get to work!  You’re not getting paid to talk on your cell phone or text, or blog, or tweet…ok I get the point…  Impress your manager by keeping the personal business to a minimum.

10.  Hummer.  This is my biggest working pet peeve.  If I wanted to sit through a concert, I would buy tickets and go see one.  For the love of God, STOP WITH THE HUMMING, or worse, THE WHISTLING!!  Sit at your desk and do your job silently.

What would you do to gain respect?



  1. I blog, does that get me respect?..hahaha Of course I only do it when everything else is done. I have pretended not to know how to do some donkey work just so the person I loathe beside me has to do it..hahaha..payback can be soo much fun.

    You deer killer helper, not very vegetarian of you, geez.

  2. Congratulations girl on the oral presentation! You're fab expressing yourself here, so I wouldn't expect anything less. The points you brought up were great! You need to do a post on co-workers/bosses from hell. There are so many pet peeves there. HAHA I cried at the movie Bambi, so I don't think I would qualify to hunt. LOL I sent that html code to your email. Enjoy.

  3. Best of luck with that vegeatarian cleanse... I'm currently doing a potato chips & soda cleanse... much harder than I thought!

  4. This list is spot on. The only other thing I can think of right off hand is learning to work with people you don't particularly like while knowing the difference between being fake and being professional.

  5. Oh gracious girl you are a TRIP!
    Have a great weekend.


  6. first of all, i totally respect YOU for being a vegitarian for a year! i could never do that. and that deserves serious kudos!!

    and excellant tips for getting respect at work! im totally all about looking alive and knowing your audience! those are two big tips for me lol

  7. lol about bambi, thats awesome that you are vegetrian for a year, that's a lot of will. I think I'd go nuts if there's a hummer that sits beside me... there used to be a guy who sips on tea really loud and that almost drove me nuts

  8. I'd like to add one to this list:

    If you have to have a melt down, go in the bathroom and don't ruin your credibility and mine by repeatedly CRYING IN MY CUBICLE.

    Keep your emotions in check! Especially us ladies.

    ps- its ok to deliver the bambi, at least you didn't shoot it.

  9. I was going to say that R-E-S-P-E-C-T goes a long way, but you've already got that covered.

    I can't tell you how many cocky d***s I run into at my job. It's very off putting.

  10. Congrats on the oral presentation. That is sooo awesome.

    Also, I can't imagine having to train people so much older than me. I bet you do an amazing job though :)

  11. haha about the deer- sad! I forgive you. That is funny.

    Great job on your presentation!!! And I agree with your points for sure. I think remembering that everyone is replaceable is HUGE one.


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