Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Power of Words

Let's skip the small talk and get right to business.  I want you to picture the manliest guy that you could think of.  Got it?  Good!  Now I want you to picture them slowly walking towards you.  They give you that half smirk that says "I've got something good to say".  They open their mouth and out comes your worst fear.  He says that word!  What word you ask?  You know.. that word that makes you cringe and giggle at the same time.  We all have a word or words that we don't ever want to hear come out of a mans mouth.  The sound of those turn off words echoing from a man's vocal chords will instantly demolish any fantasy living in the minds of a woman.

I don't know what he-man came to your head, but when I think manly man, the first guy that comes to my mind is Gerard Butler.  Maybe it's the sexy scruff, hot attitude, and the rippling abs...  Either way, I want you to picture the sexy Gerard Butler saying the following things in his deep, rough voice.

You're welcome ladies!
"Would you like to go out some time?  We could relax at a local bar and sip a cocktail!"
Really Gerard?  A cocktail?!  No thanks...

"I got you exactly what you wanted for Christmas!  I bought those sexy new panties you asked for."
Did you really just use the word panties?  Never again...

"You're a bounty hunter too?!  What a co-inky dink!!"
Excuse me as I walk away slowly...

"Whats up?"  "Nothing, you?"  "Samzies!"
That one actually happened to me.  I saved his name as Samzies in my phone and never answered again.

"I just had the most fabulous piece of rib eye steak in my entire life!"
You just took a manly meal and turned it into a tea party.  Sigh...

"I'm starring in this new film, but the lead actress is such a diva."
Oh really?  A diva!  Do you even know the qualifications of such a title Mr. Butler?

"I just heard the funniest joke.  It made me giggle."
Men don't giggle.  Chuckle, maybe, but they definitely do not giggle.

"I think the cheese in the fridge is bad.  It made my tummy hurt."
I could see a he-man with a stomach, abs, or even a gut...but a tummy?  Nope...

"Can you take out the trash?  It's stinky!"
There's a reason why Hefty didn't hire you for their commercials, Gerard!

It's funny how as girls we could let guys completely treat us like crap.  A man could call us horrible names or just talk complete stupidity.   We'll tell them to screw off and then initiate the silent treatment, but we'll still secretly be attracted to them.  Spit out those silly turn off words and we'll not only give you the cold shoulder and tell you to go away, but we'll also be turned off for life.  I don't get us girls either.  Sigh...
What words turn you off?


  1. OMG as soon as you said "word that makes you cringe" when a sexy guy says it I totally thought PANTIES. I'm also against "titties." ICCCCK. It's okay to say breasts and boobs, but not titties. Please.

  2. Pretty much any word only a child would use - like "potty" or "mommy"

  3. I hate to hear a guy use a dismissive "whatever". It reminds me too much of the movie Clueless. LOL

  4. Calling a grown woman GIRL has always irritated me. I'm quite sure once you hit your 25's your not a girl anymore.

  5. haha not sure I have man words I'm afriad off, okay maybe a few..haha

    No I don't get you either. Make up your damn minds already would you...haha

  6. now i so wanna try the fergie perfume u mentioned:)
    there are quite a few words actually but nothings cming to my mind right now, would share soon:) x

  7. What a co-inky dink. Stinky panties from a fabulous diva appeared on my tummy making me giggle as I drank my cocktail. Samzies!

    hahaha couldn't resist.

  8. hahahaha You just made me cringe past cringing point!!!! Sigh...

  9. ROFL!!! Cade and I have been talking about this so much. He's a rugged construction worker and he STILL doesn't appreciate how I write his dialogue. I'm trying damn it! LMAO :0)

  10. I'm pretty sure any man that used the words stinky or tummy never grew up and got off their moms tits.

    Gerard Butler...He's sexy, sooo very sexy. Mmmmm

  11. Are they all gay? Ian and RDJ have played gay....I'm sensing a pattern? ;)
    I hate the word moist. And others I'm avoiding thinking of.

  12. Great post i love it!

  13. I should not be permitted to respond to this, but when I want to get the Mrs. fired up, I refer to her "Womens' College" as a "Girls' School."

  14. Girls are so complicated. It does get better though, with age, I think.

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  16. ok i know i'm married and with baby but damn hat man is hot!!!!! hehehe
    but hmmm the lines i'm totally agree with you :)

    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  17. It's so true- all those words are really feminine in my mind, and if a man ever said them I don't think i could be attracted to him....

  18. Those turn off examples are too funny! HAHAHAHAHA They would definitely turn me off.

  19. Once a dude told me to relax and I broke up with him. If I want to overreact, I'll overreact! And omg - Gerard Butler. I would take my pants off for him any time of any day.

  20. All it really takes with me is I'm upset or I'm angry, and I run away crying and then beg to be taken back.



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