Thursday, December 1, 2011

Online Dating: The Saga Continues

My cough has gotten steadily worse.  It's forced me to do something that I hate.  I called in sick to work! Gasp!!  Seriously though, I never do that.  Especially not this close to end of month due dates.  Oh well, what's a girl to do when their coughs are turning into barks?  Sit home and experiment further on of course! is the online dating site that I joined a little less than a week ago.  You can hear about that here.  

I've been hearing all sorts of horror stories about people on dating websites.  I'm also hearing some marvelously romantic stories of people finding their "soul mate".  Long story short, I figured that I would give it a shot and record my failures and successes.  Let's call it:  A Social Experiment: LMF vs POF.

Con:  Respect is out the window.  It's funny how if you are online all morals and values get thrown out of the window.  Since the person isn't in your face, some people feel ballsy enough to burst out and say whatever they feel no matter how cruel it is.

Monday a guy messaged me two times.  Both times I deleted his message because it was apparent he was looking for a booty call.  After turning him down twice, he sent me a third message saying "You are obviously a stuck up accountant.  I hope that you find another woman's husband and get AIDS."  Are you kidding me?!  I deleted it and he went away.

Pro:  Review the resume.  It's like online shopping for men.  I can browse through pictures and read up on their careers and passions.  That's assuming that they are telling the truth on their profile!  I can do a mental compatibility to see if we would enjoy each other's company or not, all before messaging someone back.

Con:  The Overlook.  My dad's best friend, The Gladiator, actively dates through different websites.  I have one horror story that would throw you all for a loop, but I'll save that for next time!  For a few weeks he was going back and forth with a "gorgeous blonde" that was "really down to earth".  They finally decided to meet in person.  Problem was, The Gladiator overlooked the height section on her profile because she was only 3 1/2 feet tall!!!

Pro:  Filter.  I'm not familiar with other websites, but with Plenty of Fish there aren't any real filters.  You can make it so a certain age group can only message you, but other than that you are free to go fishing!  I like this because I don't really have a type.  This allows me look into all sorts of different men.  

Pro:  Personality Tests.  POF offers several personality tests.  There is one that is mandatory.  It dives into your self confidence level and all sorts of other things.  Strangely enough, that test knew me better than I knew myself!  There are others that I didn't have the opportunity to take yet, but I am looking forward to taking the "needs" exam.  

Con:  Safety Issues.  There is really no way to know who is at the other end of the computer.  You hope it to be the person that you have been getting to know, but it could really be some hair follicle collecting 90 year old crazy rapist.  When meeting in person, you must take EXTREME PRECAUTION.  I haven't met anyone in person yet.  I'm secretly afraid to do so!

I never realized that online dating was its own little world.  It's crazy all the people that are on there.  Some are creepers and others are just nice men that are too busy to go out into the real world.  I'm not saying to look for marriage, but try it out because I am having a blast!!  Go fishing!



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  2. dear i wish you luck with your online dating!!! and get well soon too!!! xoxo, Haus of Gala

  3. Wow look at all the spam..haha

    3 1/2 feet tall..hahahaha you'd think that's something one would take notice off.

    I think you're safe if you meet up with a 90 year old rapist. He'll prob overdose on viagra and you can outrun his walker..hahaha

    It's just friggin scary on there. But one thing I did notice is it seems to be the same people on there over and over and over again, for like years. Makes you think something is wrong with them, just a little.

  4. I know a lot of people who have been successful online dating - best of luck to you!

  5. So interesting. It does sound like its own world!

  6. I CANNOT believe someone said he hoped you got AIDS. What a psycho! I'm a total believer in online dating so good luck and I hope you find a good one. It's a good thing you never messaged that guy back! Crazy.

  7. How fun! Good luck with your experiment. :)

  8. Go fishing!!! LOL its such a good thing you turned the douchebag down. Wow. I hope you get aids, SERIOUSLY???

    I guess the gladiator's girl was literally, very down to earth xDD Great post! Good luck with you fishing

  9. i tried one once and i got matched up with NO ONE. hmph.

  10. Sounds like the creepy guy you rejected via the online dating may be a good suspect in the Long Island serial killings.

    I hope you feel better and get lost of rest this weekend.

  11. Oih wow.. Good luck with everything!
    Also, get well soon hun!

  12. Aw, I'm sorry, I hope you feel better soon!
    I've never tried online dating, and given that I'm now married hope I never will :)

  13. Hey there, I just found your blog off of a comment you left Melynda! :) Your blog is super cute, and your post hits pretty close to home. I, actually, met my husband on an online dating site. There were definitely creeps that wanted booty calls, though. I can't believe that that guy said that to you just because you didn't reply to his messages. What a loser.

    I am your newest follower! :) I'm coming from

  14. Oh my gosh. That guy who wrote about you getting AIDS is psychotic. Gross.

  15. some people are so messed up!

    anyways, good luck!

    have a great wknd!


  16. I've heard good and bad things about dating sites, so you never know. Just be safe, and good luck!

  17. I gave it up! HAHAHA I went on 3 dates and they had issues. You have to be so careful! Keep us posted girl. Laughing at the 3 1/2 foot tall girl. SEE! You MUST read everything! HAHAHAHA

  18. poor gladiator and the gal too:)

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