Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just call me Santa Claus minus the Ho Ho!!

Today I drove to school after working 9 hours.  Parked in Guam and walked about 15 minutes to class in a freezing downpour.  I got into my classroom and noticed that I had nothing in my hands.  Don't ask me why it took me the whole 15 min walk to realize that!  I then walked all the way back to the car, got my books, and walked all the way back to class.  It surprised me that after all that walking, I was still the first one to arrive.  I sat there for another 10 minutes before I remembered that class was canceled.'s been one of those days.

How is everyone doing with their holiday shopping?  If you're anything like me, you put a lot of thought into your gifts.  So much thought that you end up not getting it all done until the night before Christmas eve.  Here's some collages I put together of holiday gifts ideas.  I hope they help!

For Her:  When all else fails, think Tiffany...

Curl enhancing smoothie from Shea Moisture.  This can be found at Target or Walmart.  This brand is godly!  I use everything from them.  Ms. Fun says this brand is obsession worthy!!  Wuthering Heights is a great read and a great gift.  Cameos are gorgeous and great for all different ages.  This cameo ring is from  Hot booties or any shoes are always a great gift for the ladies.  These are from Betsey Johnson.  A piggy bank is always a fun gift!  Target has some real nice ones with all different styles.

For Him:  When all else fails, think electronics...

There's just something about a guy with a nice belt buckle.  Just sayin...  This belt is from Lacoste.  The iPhone is always a great gift for a guy.  He might even take that as a hint at the L word.  Hot sneakers are always an exciting gift!  These are from  A quality wallet is a safe and thoughtful gift.  The 2012 Sport Illustrated calendar will have him saying thank you!  Any David Yurman piece is amazing.  That also goes for her as well gentlemen.  You can add that to the list above.  Jack Daniels?  Who doesn't want that?!  John Pinette is my all time favorite comedian.  I guarantee your man will love him too!  A sports jersey is another great gift.  I just happened to stumble across a Welker jersey...

For couples, think about shows or concerts that you can get tickets for.  I always use for great deals.  Pets are easy.  Make them something peanut butter flavored or just give them a spoon full of Skippy and they'll be happy.  But when all else fails, and your just completely stumped on what to put under that tree, get a Snuggie.  They make them for him, her, and your pets!

What are your Christmas gift ideas?



  1. oh i hate it when you forget a cancelled class - that always sucks!
    and i love the end suggestion to get a snuggie :)

  2. love all these ideas! belt buckles for guys are genius! why didnt i think of that?? lol and im totally loving concert tickets as a gift!

  3. This post just prompted massive list making and pestering about what people want for Christmas.

    I didn't know you lived in NYC. That's awesome.

  4. ohmygosh, I'm so sorry that you had that kind of day! That really sucks. I always starting sweating profusely too when I'm rushed and going back and forth... makes matters worse.

    Great gift ideas!!! I have no idea what to get my boyfriend, this helps a lot.

  5. LOL good job! Pat yourself on the back. you are one dedicated student..hahahaha

    Need no ideas as I am DONE! hahaha But some great ideas indeed. For the cat his nanny cooks him up a piece of chicken wraps it and throws it to him, he unwraps it and chows down on it. A whole chicker breast too, not some small piece..hahaha

    But I do take great pride in my wrapping paper, from that site I showed you..hahahaha

  6. Girl, I can't stop laughing about the cancelled class! After all of that! HAHAHA Oh my gosh you are too funny. I love your gift ideas. Piggy banks are wayyy cool! It can be a fun way of saving. Have an awesome day!

  7. okay, the cancelled class story is pretty funny.

  8. Ugh, how annoying. I'm sorry- I HATE it when that happens!

  9. Love your amusing story about forgetting that class was cancelled. Second how did you forget your stuff in your car? That must have been a bad day. I love shea butter curly hair products. Thanks for the ideas.

  10. I agree that David Yurman is godly! And that sucks soooo bad about your class. Although I'm sure the 2nd walk back was better than actually sitting through it.

  11. Parked in Guam! Hahaha
    I'm sorry did you say coconut? I must have any and everything coconut scented! I'm checking this stuff hair is coarse and wavy, aka le frizz. Everything sounds fancier with Le in front of it. #truefact

  12. I like how you put together your ideas in this blog.

  13. LOL, I gave a senior speech in highschool about being forgetful!

  14. We're so much alike. I'm so busy thinking, I haven't bought a thing yet. You gave me some great ideas though. Now, I just need to get shopping :0)

  15. On the plus side, class was cancelled! Those were always my favourite days

  16. ugh on the class cancellation and the journey to no where. i love the peanut butter fall back for the pets. wuthering heights is one of my all time favs. and having an iphone is scary exciting:)


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