Friday, December 30, 2011

A Guardian Angel

Happy Friday everyone!!  Guess what?  After today, there’s a 3 day weekend!!  Who doesn’t love those??

I have a story for all of you.  The weirdest thing happened to me last night.  It all started with a little visitor in my bathroom.  (& by little visitor, I mean unwanted guest!!)  I was bleaching my vanity when I saw the evil little monster.  Lurking on the wall beneath the window was a jet black spider staring me down like I was dinner!  The evil glare coming from this insect triggered my inner warrior.  I ran off to my room to get suited up.  Fully equipped with a hoodie, a bottle of hairspray (Hairspray is vital!  It freezes bugs once it dries!), and some serious Raid, I yelled and ran full speed ahead into battle.  3 minutes later, I hailed victorious!!  Since my apartment smelled like Raid and hairspray, I executed a Febreeze spraying spree and lit a few candles.  Then I vacuumed up that little booger and wiped up the Raid residue.  I hid any evidence of the murder.

A few hours later, 10:30 PM to be exact, I fell into a deep sleep.  Throughout the night I wake up every couple of hours to make sure that my alarm clock is really set.  OCD much?? Lol  Last night was different.  I was awakened at 1:30AM by a figure.  The second I opened my eyes and saw the shadow lurking over me, I flipped over to the other side and starting chanting “go away”.  Apparently spirits can not be in your personal space if you don’t allow them too.  Telepathically, this spirit was ordering me to turn up the heat.  I was hot and didn’t want to put the heat up any higher than it already was so I just kept chanting “go away”.  The spirit was stubborn and insisted on me turning up the heat.  To appease my new visitor (and to get it to go away), I got up to raise the thermostat.  As I got up and walked the few steps to the thermostat, the figure moved from in front of me to in front of the doorway in my room.  As the spirit moved, so did my eyes.  That’s when I saw it.  I left all 3 candles burning from the whole spider escapade.  Quickly, I ran over to the candles and blew them out.  The spirit didn’t want me to raise the heat.  The spirit was trying to save my land lord’s house and my life!

This morning when I woke up and thought about last night’s events, I realized that my visitor wasn’t a spirit.  My visitor was a guardian angel.  My fear quickly faded away.

Here’s to wishing all of you a very Happy New Year!!
I’ll drink to that :)



  1. i just want to greet you a happy new year my dear!!! and wish you more beautiful things for this 2012... xoxo, Haus of Gala

  2. Well. That is creepy. I'm glad your house didn't burn down!

    Happy new year!

  3. Very good story. It gave me shivers.

  4. Happy New Year! You have the Ice cream recipe? is not tell me later:)

  5. @Gloria, I sent you an e-mail earlier. :) It's not a recipe. We get it from grandfather's Chinese track buddy. lol I can see if I can find out for you.

  6. I think good people have guardian angels and you had one. I'm happy your ok.

  7. Cool. I have minor OCD like that too. I love my OCD.

  8. Should have asked for the winning lottery numbers or something before the guardian angel left too. Sure it would like a kickback...haha

    All that from a spider? I just send my cat after it and poof eaten.

  9. I absolutely cannot stand spiders either and know that hairspray trick all too well. Crap, Note to self, must buy more hairspray, ran out!

    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment!

    Have a brilliant, shiny, sparkly new year!

    As for Guardian Angels, they're always watching over us... I had a very surreal experience once too!
    So grateful they're always there for us!

  10. Wow! That's an amazing story. We do have guardian angels and from what happened to you, it just proves that they do watch over us. Thank God you were woken up!

    Maybe you should buy a night light, the ones that plug into the wall sockets. They're sold in places like Mother Care or electrical stores. They come in handy when you need to have some sort of light in your room. Plus they're safer than candles.

    Have a fantastic New Year :-)

  11. Glad to hear about the good in the dark encounter.

    We had one of those close calls here as well. The Mrs. had left a scented candle burning and gone shopping, and I discovered our youngest playing with it downstairs. That would have put a damper on the holiday season.

    Enjoy your 3 days LMF.

  12. How great. Love our Guardian Angels. I definitely have at least one. I also used to be terrified of spiders but I am proud to say I conquered my fear and am now able to carefully scoop them up in a glass and put them outside. One of the up-sides of my divorce LOL

  13. Glad you're safe and happy 2012!

  14. I've had weird things happen a thought or a consistent nagging feeling. Usually is involves someone trying to get in my yard or house though.

  15. Happy New Years friend! Here's to 2012!

  16. hey LMF!!:)
    Wishing you a beautiful and funfilled new year ahead with lots of great things and all the good luck!
    love Rakhshan

    p.s make sure you blow out any burning candles before you sleep hun!

  17. Finally I made for night a Mango Ice Cream, nice, and Im waiting for the fish (lol) I will post the mango Ice cream:) Have a nice and wonderful New year:))

  18. that's amazing!! i totally have had spirit/ghosts/angels experiences too.
    and i use hairpray to kill beasts.
    AND i always check my alarm
    ANDDD i saw sherlock holmes yesterdayyyyy.happy nye xo

  19. I'm so glad you found the candles and blew them out. How wild! Glad you're okay ;)

  20. HAHAHA - your story is too funny. I am a chicken and would freak if I saw a spirit ;)

    Hope you have a wonderful 2012!

  21. Wow, that is a narrow escape. Glad you afe safe. Happy New Year and have a great one.

  22. Oh my god... -shudder-. That's very scary even though it worked out well.

  23. Wow, glad that story had a happy ending. I hate having to kill spiders, but I swear they are plotting on me sometimes. Especially in my bathroom.


  24. Well obviously you killed the spider who was coming to warn you. Lucky you got another chance and someone picked up that spider's contract.

    Aside from the fact that you are a spider killer, I love your stuff.


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