Monday, November 21, 2011

Wad Up Ganstaa?!

Happy Monday everyone!!  I say that in the cheeriest, brightest voice that my vocal chords will allow me to use.  I got great news on a test result I was waiting for, my nails are a fun bubble gum pink (It's funny how a cute nail polish color makes the work day just that much better!), and the NE Patriots are playing tonight.  Tis a pretty good day thus far in the life of Ms. Fun.  How is your day going?
Good luck tonight boys!! Somehow my man, Aaron Hernandez, manages to rock the hobo look, take out the trash, AND still look pretty damn fly!  ;)

My hang out time with SmoothTalker and her crew last night made me realize how much I am slacking in my gangsta talk.  Now, don't get me wrong... I still have the Urban Dictionary app set on the home page of my cellie (Fo Sho!), but conversing with that group reminded me of when my cousin and I would chill.  I used to have to call my friend to translate some of her gangsta speak.  (Half the time I wasn't sure if she was insulting me or giving me a compliment!)  In the words of SmoothTalker, Are y'all down wid it?  Hmm, let's see!

1.  Math.  The day that I met Stretch, we chilled and talked for a little bit.  We immediately clicked!  He was into me and I was feeling him.  After a good conversation, he asked me "Was yo' math?".  After a few "excuse me"s and a "I'm already done with my math class", I learned the true meaning of this question.  He was asking me for my phone number.  That should have been my first sign...LOL!

2.  One.  I am sure that all of you have heard this before.  For those of you that haven't, I will explain.  Instead of saying goodbye like the rest of the world, gangstas will say "ite, one".  (I still have zero clue why the "ite" always falls before the "one", but it does.)  After a few weeks, I just accepted "one" as a poor replacement to "goodbye", "peace out", or "lata".  The problem was, I was determined to become a gangsta connoisseur.  It look a lot of probing and pulling at these guys poor brains, but I later learned that "one" was a shorter way of saying "one love".  (This is where I gave up.  For the love of God, why would "one love" mean goodbye?!?!  And who is this one love?? Sigh...)

3.  Trill.  Sometimes a homie would say pretty powerful statements that would throw the whole crew off guard.  These deep rooted words of wisdom would leave the whole group dumb founded.  All they could ever manage to spill out of their mouths after an intelligent statement was "trill".  (I swear that I thought they were making a noise!  I thought it was some dumb noise like that Birdman call or something.)  Turns out they were actually responding with rational reply in their native toungue.  Trill means "true and real".

4.  Cracka Lackin.  Out of all the ridiculous terms that came out of these people's mouths, this one was by far the most annoying.  For weeks I thought it was a dumb song lyric or a famous quote that had no real meaning.  Turns out I was wrong.  (Did you ever see Finding Nemo?  Do you know the scene where the seagulls say "mine, mine, mine!"?  Well this is ten thousands times more annoying than even that!)  Cracka Lackin is the gangsta way of saying "cool".  This one never made sense to me either.  It is shorter and way less obnoxious just to say "cool" than it is to be cracka lackin every damn minute of the day!!!

That is where I end today's lesson.  My brain is swimming with all different forms of gangsta talk, so before I slip up and show you up with my hip use of modern slang, I'm going to end it here.  Ite, one!! 



  1. lol love this. think i can agree with everything you said ESPECIALLY cracka lackin! how LAME is that?? ugh and the one shit lol my girls used to say that in the 8th grade and it drove me nuts!

  2. hahahahaha wow! what a vocab!!!

  3. LOL! What's cracka lackin' LMF!?! HAHAHAHA Girl, you have some stories my friend. I saw the preview on Twitter and couldn't wait to get home to read it. And BTW GO BRADY! He wailed on that last team! Have a great nite ite'! LOL :D

  4. Yeah cute nail polish always brightens my day, brings out my eyes..hahaha

    God! Cracka lackin' and all that other junk would annoy the bejesus out of me. I just find it makes them sound so ummm stupid for lack of a better word. Like they are trying way way too hard to act cool with their little lingo.

    But of course I talk in rhyme and tongues, so who am I to judge..haha

  5. I looked at the Urban Dictionary once. The entry I saw terrified me.


  6. hahah, sadly my Gangsta little self knew most of these because of my love for Rap music and my love for a friend of mine who actually talks like this regularly and it's so funny. I think the 'ite' is there because they're saying "alright, bye" as in "ite, one"... just a guess. haha, I liked this list, made me laugh- thanks for sharing, yo!

  7. haha interesting post..crack alackin lols
    just came across your blog, really interesting!
    follow eachother?

  8. there is no way i would have made it through a conversation with your friend! i think i just would have stared at him and said nothing.

  9. LOL, I haven't heard most of these before. Love the math one :)

  10. I can't say I feel smarter but I definitely am entertained and educated. lol

  11. Math - HAHAHA. My girlfriend from Jersey has a bf that talks just like that and it cracks me up EVERYTIME

  12. Oh lawd with the slang! That's just...too much for me!
    And thanks for entering my giveaway. My lover Ian and I thank you.

    Ooh and I watched my favorite movie, Home For the Holidays and thought of you! If you dint know why, then you are not a true RDJr fan. Ha!

  13. i'm not good with this but girl this post is cool! at least i learned something new :)
    take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  14. I would be soo lost with that group LOL! I LOVE this line: "Half the time I wasn't sure if he was insulting me or giving me a compliment!"

    Have a great day :0) Ite, one.

  15. Oh my gosh. I would definitely need Urban Dictionary up and running to be able to participate in that conversation !

  16. I can't even read cracka lackin without laughing! And I never heard trill before - I learned something today. :-)


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