Friday, November 18, 2011

A Very Snuggly Birthday Cupcake

Happy Friday everyone!!  How amazing does it feel that the weekend is finally HERE!  Woo hoo :)

New Obsession Alert:  Despite all of my free time being spent on schoolwork, I finally reached the very end of the book I was reading.  Sis gave me a book to check out and I agreed to read it.  A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown is by far one of the best books I have ever read.  That is saying a lot considering the amount of reading that I do!  This author's memoir inspired me to not only be a better person, but to appreciate everything the universe has graced me with.  Her heart wrenching story (I spent half of the novel with tears in my eyes!) made me want to be a better person, reconnected me with the universe's higher power, and encouraged me to work harder to achieve everything I desire to accomplish in life.  This book has LMF's seal of approval!
Don't let the sprinkles on the cover fool you!
I am about to share with you all something much more embarassing then the time I egged myself. judging allowed!  Yesterday I was fiddling around with my Facebook when I noticed that it was a buddy's birthday.  The second I saw whose special day it was, embarrassing thoughts started to taunt my poor brain.  Happy Birthday Snug Jones!  Who is Snug Jones you ask?  No...he's not a rapper like Sis thought when she got her friend request... In order for you to fully grasp who or what Snug Jones is you're going to need a little background information.

Last year I held the prestigious position of selling washers.  (Not washing machines, but washers.  You know.  The little round things with the hole in the middle...oh shush, someones gotta do it!)  During that time I got some sort of freaky admirer that worked in "the back".  I'm not sure what he did back there, but what ever it was must have been important because he was there almost 24 hours a day!  (Don't jump in shock with this one!)  This guy was a stalker!!  We can refer to him as Fidget.  Fidget became infatuated with me.  He somehow found my phone number and would call/text all the time even after I asked him not to.  He then found me on Facebook where I denied his friend request.  When all else failed, I lied and told him that I had a boyfriend.  Who was my boyfriend?  Good question because I didn't even know yet!

In order to fully convince this psycho that I was in fact a taken woman, I needed to get into a Facebook relationship and fast!  Out of desperation (Don't make that face!  I'd like to see YOU get a boyfriend in less than 5 hours!) I decided to create a fake Facebook account and make myself be in a relationship with them.  I fiddled with the idea of finding a model.  Nah...not believeable.  I fiddled with the idea of asking biff.  That might send Facebook in a uprage that it FINALLY happened.  Then as I was sitting on my couch with a glass of wine and my computer, it struck me!

Who keeps me warm at night?  My snuggie.  Who hugs me when I'm lonley or upset?  My snuggie.  Who has spontaneous Britney Spears dance parties with me?  My Snuggie.  And finally...Who was I cuddling with at that exact moment?  My Snuggie. 

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I created a fake Facebook page and a fake Facebook relationship with my snuggie, aka Snug Jones.  I still don't know where I got the Jones from...  It was all downhill from there.  I filled out all of the info like a pro!  I mean, who knew my snuggie better then me?  Suddenly his hometown was Cleveland, he was proficient in Greek, and he was really into red heads.  Now all I needed was a picture.  Light bulb!  Since Snug Jones was a zebra print fabric, his picture would be a Zebra!  Then, to make it worse, any picture that he was laying in the background in he got tagged!  Soon I was adding all my closest friends this way he would appear to be a real person.  That was that.

I convinced Fidget that I was madly in love with a gorgeous man named Snug Jones that hailed from Cleveland and worked at the Bronx Zoo.

Have a great weekend everyone!!



  1. hahaha my aren't you sneaky, I love it. And no I could not get a boyfriend in 5 hours, I don't think I could bring myself to such a feat..hahaha

    Selling washer? My that must have been quite the prestigous experience..haha

  2. You and your Snuggie are hilarious!

  3. #4!!!! ;)
    i have that book too and was just AMAZED! I couldn't put it down.

  4. Love your snug story. You have a way of enaging the audience. The story made me laugh.

  5. LOL I think Snug Jones totally deserved a fb page! if they give them to babies then why not snuggies?!

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  7. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  8. LMFAOOOO!!! You are classic! What lengths we'll go to, to fake someone out. Great job doing so! LOL :D

  9. Oh, and I'm getting that book! Thanks for the wonderful review! :D

  10. Does Snug Jones have a brother I could date? Maybe Cuddles Jones?


  11. I'm glad you liked the book sis, did you tell your readers about the book i lent you Bound? That could get some interesting feedback lol tell me what you think about the other books i lent you, i read such odd things but im glad it inspired you.

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