Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sexiest Men Alive: Revamped!!

Happy Hump Day everyone!  What a perfect day to create my own top ten list of the sexiest men alive....

Apparently People magazine doesn't really know what they are talking about when it comes to sexy men.  (From their choices I'm assuming its a bunch of old men in a room trying to figure out what makes a guy "hot".  Sigh...)  Their winner was Bradley Cooper.  He's average looking at best.  Cooper's runner up was Ryan Gosling.  I mean, he's cute, but would you really call him sexy?  I don't think so... I decided that I am clearly better suited to award the title "Sexiest Man Alive".  Lucky for all of you, I accept the job!

Let the LMF awards commence!  They are listed in ascending order from sexy to sexiest.  I wonder who the winner is going to be?! 
10.  Channing Tatum
Do I really need to say why?  Just look at those abs!!
9.  Matthew Fox
Because he made the idea of being stranded on island ok.  Swoon...
8.  Cam Newton
His football body is just amazing., plus he has the most adorable smile!
7.  Gerard Butler
Between his rock hard body, gorgeous eyes, and sexy accent how could he not be on my list?
6.  Chris Zylka
He is the mysterious, bad boy that lives next door.  I'd glady kick out my neighbors so he could move in!
5.  Maksim Chmerkovskiy
He is a jerk, but his cocky attitude just adds to his appeal.  Plus, look at that dancer bod!!
4.  Ian Somerhalder
His blue eyes kill me everytime.  Plus, he's a genuine person and dedicates his life to helping animals and the environment!
3.  Aaron Hernandez
Aside from his cinnamon colored skin, show stopping smile, and football player bod, he has the sexiest tatoos I've ever seen!
2.  Jared Padalecki
His body is perfection and he's been trained to kick serious ass.  What is there not to swoon over?
1.  Robert Downey Jr.
I'm not sure what it is about him, but he is the definition of sexy!!!

So how do you guys think I did?  I think I outdone myself!!  I know this is a whole lot of sexy to put on one page, but I knew you could all handle it.  Who would you put on your list?



  1. I'll just throw it out there - I want to bang Gerard Butler...and now I'll censor myself.

  2. This page is so hot it's about to burn up! LOL I love Matthew Fox! :D

  3. IAN IS NUMBER 4??? NUMBER 4?????
    and channing tatum is gonna be in that male stripper movie i secretly wanna see.
    omg i'm so telling him you said that, when we meet for our weekly secret rendezvous.
    number 4!!!

  4. I think if I will take the 5th and wash my eyes out a bit after seeing nothing but shirtless guys..hahaha

  5. It's difficult to resist a man without a shirt. BUT.... who would you pay hard cash for, in a charity raffle?


    new follower

  7. i love how robert downey jr. has made such a great come back.

  8. I'm so with you on Mr. Butler :)

  9. Not a bad one in the bunch! Except you forgot Mr. Cooper.

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