Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oo la la, Secret Rendezvous

Good morning Sunshines :) 
I have a confession!

Despite my hectic schedule of working over 50 hours a week, college, and rekindling things with MrBikeRide, I've been partaking in a hushed adventure.  For the past three weeks I have been seeing an older manOk, so he's only 31.  But he's still 8 years my elder.  First: let me extend my apologies for keeping such a juicy secret to myself.  Now let me explain...

I met him during my usual Saturday ritual.  For those of you that are new, every Saturday morning I hang out at my father's dry cleaners and guy shop for sexy professionals dropping off nice suits!  TheStrong walked in and dropped off a hefty load of dry cleaning.  He isn't my usual type, but he has an attractive vibe and a sophistacted demenour.  TheStrong was easy to talk to and I could quickly tell that he was a gentleman.  Pushing the large age difference to the side, I agreed to meet him that night for our first date.  Hey, couldn't hurt to try...

Tassles:  I met him at a local, high-end bar.  He mentioned that he was taking the train because "you could never be too careful".  Red Flag:  Was he extremely paranoid or a drunk?  After I spotted him at the far end of the bar sipping some sort of fancy cinnamon rimmed beer, I decided to do a quick up/down check out to decipher whether I should stay or run.  He was wearing a very nice outfit.  An expensive brand name shirt and freshly creased slacks.  I continued to look down and that's when I saw them.  He was wearing fancy old man loafers with tassles.  Tassles!!!!  You know, the little broom like things attached to your shoe that desperately try to sweep the floor as you walk.  Sigh...  His endearing smile, friendly aura, and my father's approval made me stay.

Turns out he was a very nice guy.  He was as interesting to listen to as he was interested in listening to me.  I had a really nice night.  We ran into a few of his friends, and they too, were very nice.  They made me feel like part of the group.  I was glad that I went out and tried something new.

Eggs:  Towards the end of our date, TheStrong looked at me and blurted out "What is your morning routine like?"  Unsure how to answer this question, I began rambling off everything that I do.  Shower, brush my teeth, make hard boiled eggs...  He then looked at me like a little kid excited over something amazing.  "You eat hard boiled eggs every morning?!  Me too!!!"  The next half hour was spent with him explaining his "secret recipe".  I wasn't aware that there was a recipe for such a thing!  I chalked it off to a bad reaction to his fancy beer and thought nothing more of it. 

The next morning or 6 hours later I received a text message from TheStrong with his "secret recipe" written out in detail. After a simple response of "ok", he came back with a novel explaining how "hard boiled eggs has become an art form" to him and how me making them was a "great visual".  For the next two weeks he asked me EVERY single day how my eggs were and if I used his recipe.  One day I threw him for a loop and told him I boiled them in salt water.  I thought he was going to have a coronary.  I learned many egg tips such as "eggs near their expiration date work best" and "a simple roll with the right amount of pressure will rid the egg of its shell".  On our second date he must've considered me graduated from TheStrong Egg Academy because he diverged more complicated egg secrets.  For the love of God, the man was obsessed with hard boiling eggs.

All hail the holy egg!!!!
While I was attracted to his maturity, established-ness (he already owned a house, a condo, and a summer home), and his chivraly his egg obsessing, tassle wearing self turned me off.

What was your experience with an older man or woman?



  1. i find the obsession with eggs a little odd, but apparently he latched onto one of the things you have in common.

  2. hahaha you dry cleaning hanging out gold digger you..hahaha

    Wow never knew there was so much about eggs, did you tell him you got egg on your face? Or were you afraid he'd go into a long spiel about that too? haha

    He had three houses and you let him go? Geez, what's wrong with you?..hahaha

    Never dated an older woman, by more than a few months, before, so no experience there.

    1. LOL Pat is quite handsome in this picture, now hes got that slacker picture.

  3. LOL, the man loves his eggs. Yeah, that's definitely weird and would be a turn off for me too

  4. Dated younger, too immature. My family is famous for the women dating younger men, oddly enough.

  5. You are so funny! That's an amazing Saturday routine. Yeah the egg thing is weird and I don't know many 31 year olds who own those old man shoes let alone wear them on a date.

  6. hahahahaha eggs - nice! sounds like a real exciting guy lol i've dated a guy 9 years older then me, and he was less mature then most guys my own age... needless to say didn't really go anywhere.

  7. I think the quirkiness may add some spunk to your dates. Ya never know!

  8. Your life seems so juicy sometimes! I dunno. I think I would have thought he was pretty cute. I'm into older men theoretically, but I'm not sure about realistically.

    Following you back!

  9. I love eggs too, but man! LOL! This is soooo funny. My husband is three years older than me and I think that's a pretty good difference. I'm still mentally older *giggles*

  10. oh man, this is a great story...totally had me laughing!

  11. he's more obsessed with eggs then a woman with her biological clock ticking! only you sis

  12. Oh gosh! I was hoping this one would work out. HAHAHA Everything was great until the eggs. Kinda weird fixation. I like older guys. They seem more together and stable. Oh well, onto the next one girl! HAHAHA

  13. hahaha the egg obsession cracked me up [no pun intended;)]
    wouldn't mind the tassels much:P xx

  14. hahahah I bet he lost it when you told him you use salt water. I would love messing with that guy. Tell him I use ostrich eggs. Maybe he was the one messing with you the whole time, see how long you could stand the egg obsession.


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