Saturday, November 26, 2011

Going Fishing!

How was everyone's Black Friday?  Buy anything good at a great price?  Get all your holiday shopping done?  Hopefully you didn't get trampled during your shopping endeavors.  That's not sarcastic!  That's my biggest Black Friday fear!  I chose to spend my Black Friday watching Iron Man with MrBikeRide and then going to see Happy Feet with Biff.  Have I mentioned that I love my best friend?  Poor guy gets dragged to the worst places!  Happy Feet ended up being a great movie!  I haven't laughed that hard in a while.  Tonight Biff and I will be going to some trashy club to watch people perform some rap song on stage.  Like I said, the worst places.  He says that I owe him a kidney for escorting me tonight!

One of my girlfriends decided to join an online dating website called Plenty of Fish.  She's found a few decent men on there.  In fact, she has currently been seeing someone that she met on the website.  I've personally stayed away from online dating because I had a negative view on it.  Think about it!  I meet enough crazies face to face.  Why would I open doors for a whole new level of crazy?  Well, today while watching 27 Dresses I decided that it was time for me to go fishing also!  I signed up for the website and within 30 seconds I received about 5 messages.  Creepy!!  After filtering through a few dozen freak shows looking for a booty call, I found 2 or 3 men that were worth messaging back.

How do you filter out men worth your time through the internet?  Well, I guess Ms. Fun is about to find out!  I am trying to be open minded.  Normally I date gorgeous men of little substance.  This method has not been going so well for me.  While this experience is more of a social experiment than a dedication, I vow to be more open minded.  I just messaged a guy back with glasses!  As shallow as that sounds, that's a huge improvement for me!  Don't judge...  The men that I agree to go out with usually are beautiful to look at but dumb as bricks.  I'm 23 and it's time to start dating a man with a resume.

What are your experiences with online dating?

Oh...before I start to get ready for tonight (and by get ready I mean try on every article of clothing in my closet), here are the answers to the abs.

1.  Britney Spears
2.  Leonardo DiCaprio
3.  Beyonce
4.  DJ Pauly D



  1. Online dating is SCARY! Yes that is from experience. Most are friggin nut cases and then some. People can type anything on a computer but most are the complete opposite in real life. One gave me a fake picture, one was a nut job that gave a whole new meaning to the word cling, one just wanted money, one had a nice profile and all, then met and the first thing that popped out of her yap was she wanted to get pregnant by jan and it was oct mind you, and another was all nice but liked getting hit, I mean smacked around too. NUTS!

    Of course real life I guess is as well. But I avoid that like the plague for the most part. Still look every now and again but people leave me alone because they think I'm crazy, with my profile all in rhyme now..hahahaha

  2. Oh dear God...maybe this social experiment is more along the lines of social suicide. You just scared the ever living crap out of me!! What did you say to the girl that wanted to get knocked up?? Oh I would've paid to hear that conversation. LOL!!


    Well, if anything I will get some great blogging material.

  3. I'm too much of a chicken! I'm brand new to this whole blog thing, so the thought of online dating would make me run in my room and hide under my sheets! Oh wait! I'm married- NO online dating for me :o)

  4. ya know.. i dont know if i could do online dating cos it just so crazy. them men are a bunch of creepers out there, i mean the fact that you got messages within five minutes is creepy! lol ugh men are just nasty. ooh and i was watching 27 dresses too! thats like one of my favorite movies ever! lol

  5. Yes, you should take a stun gun with you, might need it..haha.

    First I thought she was joking, then she got mad I didn't take her seriously. Then I guess she got mad I gave her a strange look or some crap. But even with that I was all cute and such, so if "I wanted" she'd pay me and let me do it "the fun way." Gigilo glad I got a scary cat.

    Oh that make a great blog post, not sure I ever want to go there though, repressed that stuff..hahaha guess not too well.

    And Kath being married doesn't matter, I got over 30 messages from lonely housewives that wanted some "fun."


  7. i've had a good experience dating online. nothing worked out, and two women i met i lost touch with. but i met someone on who is amazing and i still count as a friend. we still occasionally get together for lunch. it's still fun after a few years:)

    you are a strong gal. what are u so nervous about?:)

  8. I've never online dated and I'm thankful I don't have to!

    I'm also not a fan of Black Friday Shopping. It totally freaks me out, the crowds and blood-thirsty sale-seeking behavior. Hope you survived your Black Friday!

  9. I feel like I generally date pretty smart men. I once was with someone who was academically smart but spoke in a way that was... not as sophisticated and that bothered me a lot.

    At my end, I deal with a lot of awkward people though!

  10. No online dating for me. My best friend tried a Christian dating site and a guy tried to scam her out of some money.


  11. there are so many stories about online dating, some good and some are bad.. but if you're lucky you can find the right one :)

    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  12. Five messages in 30 seconds huh?

    I hate to think what that message total is up to now.

    Thank goodness online dating was not common or probably would have spent too much time looking for who I thought was Mrs. right.

    I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday LMF.

  13. Online dating works just like normal dating: you have to kiss a few frogs to get a prince. Only it happens so much faster! Don't give up just yet on and other dating sites.

  14. Online dating can be very scary indeed but it can also be fun. If you are using online dating services to find your one true love, then you need to be extra careful. You need to be vigilant in trusting online users.

  15. Dating sites are really good for helping people to find their soul mates. Actually can give you a helping hand if you are in trouble finding one.


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