Sunday, November 13, 2011

Girl Code.

I'm sitting here with my plank of wood to knock on and a towel to catch all my "toofing".  (My boys aren't going to lose tonight because of me jinxing them.  Knock knock...)  We are holding the lead right now and our defense is actually doing a decent job.  Shocker of the night:  Ochocinco actually caught a damn ball.  Allow another month before his next complete catch.  He won't be due until then.  Good thing we got Welker.  My man is a good enough wide receiver to cover his and Ochocino's ass.  Unfortunately, the Jets must have caught onto his God like abilities because they are on his ass hardcore tonight!  Shout out to Gronkowski for being the star of the gameee!! Let's go NE!  Take down those Jetsss!!  A loss to the Giants I can handle.  I'm not too sure if I could recover a loss to the Jets.  <3
There's the hubby hard at work!  Don't mess ;)
Aaron Hernandez demonstrating how he's gonna kill the Jets.  knock knock
New obsession alert:  Sis and I went to see the movie Immortals Saturday night.  It was AMAZING!!  This movie had great action and a pretty good story line.  While my new obsession is not the movie itself, Immortals did introduce me to it.  The lead character in the movie was played by Henry Cavill.  oh my God, delicious!!  Not only did he spend the entire movie kicking some serious ass, but he was also topless.  This man should not ever be allowed to wear a shirt.  Ever.  Go see this movie.  Even if you aren't into Greek mythology, you will be into Henry Cavill.  You got LMF's word on that.  Poor Sis spent the entire movie fanning me down.  Lol!

You are so welcome!!  Fanning myself again...
I have a large group of friends, several of which are gay.  Some of my closest male friends are gay and I love them to death.  I have never felt threatened bringing them around my men nor have they ever felt threatened by me.

Last year when I met the Swede I was with Sis and another friend we can call Jamaica.  Jamaica is a single gay male.  He immediately expressed his overwhelming attraction to the beautiful Swedish man that I was flirting with.  (The Swede sleeps with moisturizing gloves on.  No joke!  He has the softest skin I've ever felt on a man.  Not sure how I feel about that...)  For months Jamaica would remind me of how soft the Swede's hands were and how he loved shaking them.  Point is, Jamaica made it very obvious that he had a thing for my boyfriend.  Whatever, I was flattered.

A few months later, I broke up with the Swede and was with LLS.  (Horrible choice, I know.  I dumped a model for a psycho.  ug!)  Having a new boyfriend, it was a little while since I had heard from the Swede.  Long story short, I did get an unexpected phone call from him.  When I picked up the phone he sounded a little excited asking me if my friend Jamaica was gay.  After questioning why he wanted to know, I found out that Jamaica friended him on Facebook and was making serious moves at him.  He was asking the Swede if he could use his sexy body to practice some massage moves on.   Jamaica was talking all sorts of crazy stuff that left the poor Swede shaking his head and saying "Only in America".  (I was caught in between feelings of betrayal and humor.)  

This whole situation has me thinking.  Should gay guys still have to follow "girl code"?  Just because the Swede and I broke up, does not give any of my girlfriends the right to make moves on him.  Ever.  That's the golden rule of girl code.  Jamaica may be a man, but my ex boyfriends should still be off limits.  Let's talk about this... 

Gay, straight, bi-sexual, or whatever a person is, I would NEVER make moves on any of my friends past or future interests.  It just goes against girl code.  Girl code is not meant to be broken!



  1. Geez with all those men you fawn over, how do you ever get any work done?..hahaha

    I guess that depends on how much girl the gay guy has in him, because guys are still essentially guys and once broken up, everyone becomes fair game. No real code that I can speak of. Not that I'd ever do such a thing, just too messy a situation. But yeah, I don't you'll get any guy to follow the girl code, gay or otherwise..haha

  2. Huh, that's an interesting one...I really don't know. I think a friend is a friend, boy or girl, straight or gay, and if it makes you uncomfortable he probably shouldn't do it

  3. I think the code stands, no matter what the sexual tastes run for your friends. And ex is an ex! Unless, of course, you give your blessing that he's truly up for grabs.

  4. Yes, but gay code is different...But I hear ya. Hands off!

  5. I watched that game last night. It was something else. Brady is simply amazing. He came back in the second half a BEAST. Sanchez is no Brady! HAHAHA :D

  6. Ok so that first part about the towel and you tootin had me rolling. I know you didn't mean it the way it came out but holy hell that was funny. As for Jamaica, uh yeah, he has to follow girl code here. but gay or not he is still a male and they don't get these things. sigh...

  7. *fans off LMF* You can never fawn over too many men! & don't forget how the greek tried to steal you from the swede, and then hit on him after you guys stopped seeing each other.

  8. I am with Dr. Lydia--the code is universal and applies no matter the preference.

    Congrats to your Pats. They were sharp and made the Jets look ordinary. With that fantasy line up you have, the other players in your league must cringe when it is their week to have to face you.

    Enjoy your night LMF.

  9. Friend code applies all the same! Ok, you also got me and Frenchie totally hooked on Once Upon A Time - love that show!

  10. well that's an interesting situation. i don't think i've ever run into that problem with any of my gay friends.

  11. I agree with the girl code. It's proof that you're a good friend. Oh and "Immortals." I can see why the fanning was going on LOL!


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