Monday, November 28, 2011

Feel the burn!!!

Happy Monday everyone!!  How was your holiday and your long weekend?  Mine was great!!  It was very busy and definitely not boring.  How about them Patriots?  Again they creamed their way to yet another win.  Brady is beyond godly in a fairy-ish way.  Gronk stole all of my man's hype again by scoring another touch down.  That's ok because Brady, Welker, and Green-Ellis brought me a dominating fantasy team this week.  Since I didn't get enough Hernandez action on TV today, here's a cute video of Aaron being interviewed about his knee injury earlier in the season.  Don't judge...We all have our weaker points.  Conversing just isn't his strong point.  He's still beautiful though.  Sigh...

So I have been officially on an online dating website for 24 hours.  I've received 65 messages and have gotten 280 views.  Overwhelming much?  Out of all those people, I only responded to about 3 of them.  I have gotten every pick up line, cheesy comment, and dirty saying thrown at me all day long.  One guy awarded me with the "best profile on the website".  Then he told me to "come and collect my award".  Umm, no thank you.  One question has been asked several times and got me thinking.  How do you keep your body so fit?  While fit is a huge overstatement, I do have a slim build and maintain a healthy lifestyle .  It takes a lot of work, but I developed a regiment that is easily incorporated into my already busy schedule.

I know that I'm always looking for great tips (thank you Glamour magazine!), so here are a few that I follow religiously.

1.  Stretch.  I had a spinal fusion surgery 2 years ago.  Ever since then, I start every morning by stretching out every single muscle in my entire body.  It not only helps me gain flexibility but it wakes me up.  I think this helps start your metabolism in the morning.  But don't quote me on that....I'm Ms. Fun not Dr. Fun!

2.  Breakfast.  I do not leave the house until I eat my hard boiled egg and drink my coffee.  Two hours later, around 10am, I eat a fruit filled cereal bar.  This keeps me full all day long and stops me from snacking.  The fact that I don't buy snacks might help that also, but you get my point...

3.  Water Bottle Work Out.  Every morning I pack a water bottle for the day.  While preparing this, I do my arm work out.  I punch to the front 20x per arm.  Then I punch to the side 20x per arm.  After that I hold my arms out with the water bottles and spin my hands in little circles for 5 minutes each arm.  I think Michelle Obama or someone famous does this.  I mean, I got it from somewhere...

4.  Extra Walking.  Park at the end of the parking lot and walk.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  I have a fear of elevators so that helps me keep up with that one!  Walk around the mall and window shop.  Power walk to a near by shopping center.  Walk around the building a few times during your lunch break.  Just walk, walk, walk!

5.  Bathroom Squats.  This is an embarrassing confession.  Lucky I love you guys...  Every time I go to tinkle, I do 10-15 squats over the toilet bowl.  Holding yourself up in that position is the perfect way to work out your quads.  I swear by this one!  Some of my friends even started doing it!!

6.  Develop OCD.  Vacuuming is a great way to lose calories!  I vacuum, dust, scrub, bleach, and clean during any free minute that I have.  This not only keeps my apartment and cubicle real clean, but it helps burn off a lot of calories.  Forget the car wash, and do it yourself!  These are all great forms of exercise!  See, OCD is good for something!

7.  Rabbit Diet.  Being a vegetarian, I eat like a rabbit.  Other than my eggs and cereal bars, the rest of my day is filled with delicious salads, candied nuts, sauteed vegetables, and quiches.  I seriously eat like a rabbit.  It works.  Your new motto should be "would a rabbit eat that?"

8.  Laugh.  Word is laughing burns off a lot of calories.  Laughing might develop wrinkles on your face, but it keeps you healthy!  I have a daily case of the giggles.  Anyone that knows me can tell you that I crack up over the dumbest things.  Laughing helps keep you in shape and gives off a contagious state of happiness.

What are your secret stay fit and healthy tips?


  1. haha fear of elevators and vending machines, do I sense a pattern here? Is technology out to get you?..hahaha

    I always workout each and every day for 30 minutes at least. The extra walking I do and with my OCD it does help too. Hovering over the toilet is quite the workout as well, been there when number two had to come due..hahaha

    Never just eat rabbit food though, you can keep that one.

  2. Good for you on staying fit and healthy - I really need to pick some tips up from you. I'm trying to do the meatless Monday thing just to help my eating habits

  3. I really need to start stretching :) These kids keep me so busy! No wonder I'm always pulling muscles LOL!

  4. Oh these tips are just what I need in preparation for the Christmas holiday foodfest haha and for the post-foodfest cuz I'm absolutely certain I'm going to pack a few pounds even if I watch what I eat lol


    A Single Girl's Musings

  5. Great tips! I jump on the elliptical machine and read mindless stuff. It's not fun, but it does the job.

  6. i'm trying to convince a friend of mine to do the online dating thing so i'll be interested to hear your experience.

  7. Lol at the arm work out- love it! And I basically eat like a rabbit too :)

  8. OMG, this is such a fun post. :) We share a similar confession--I do squats and crunches almost every time I go to the bathroom! I also do crunches while I am driving... lol!

    Hope you have a fab wk!

  9. HAHA! I need to adopt yours! My has been non-existent. LOL I was cracking up laughing at Brady swearing on the sidelines. It was a nice win! The last guy I met on one of those started off swell and turned into a nightmare. LOL Haven't been back since.

  10. I tend to go to the bathroom within twenty minutes of eating. It keeps me somewhat thin. Also, I tend to laugh all day long at every little thing and my life is full of those.

    Leedle leedle leedle lee!

  11. cool tips! I love ones that I can incorporate into my daily routine like that and in honor of you and your bold confession- I promise to try the squats tomorrow! haha, that is a funny visual. I'm going to start working out at lunch now that the Holidays are here- looking forward to that kind of esp. since it will make the afternoons better. And that is so funny about the "come collect your award"... oh me oh my. My girlfriend who always dates guys not good enough for her is doing a trial run online as well (at my convincing) and so far, I think she's just been scared, haha.

  12. hello my dear!
    i really enjoyed this post!.. really!!!
    if you see my blog there's the "healthy diet" section and you can notice that some of what wrote are just part of that :)
    you'll see how i lost 20kilos in less than a year :)
    and yes its true.. laughing is the best way to keep young and in shape.. although i have more wrinkles right now hehehe
    take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  13. I am soooo guilty of not keeping up a fitness regime. I always start off with good intentions, but after a few weeks, I slack off and then stop. It’s really naughty!! My stomach is in need of some sit-ups and when I walk up a lot of stairs, my legs burn. So unhealthy! I will take a leaf out of your book and implement some of the things you do. You sound so disciplined, that’s great. I need to learn to finish what I start, and that goes for most things I do in life. Sad! 


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