Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eyebrows & Fish Feelings

Thursday nights are my favorite night of the week.  They are filled with Ian Somerhalder, Chris Zylka, and the promise that the weekend is only a day away.  The Secret Circle was amazing!!  I almost teared as that boat floated away.  VD finally took a turn for the better.  When Elena was holding onto Damons face, I teared up again!  The twist that VD pulled was unpredictable.  I likee!!  While I’m still on my Damon and Jake high Yum!!, let me share with you the sexy pictures that I found of these men.  (Shh, don’t tell my Aaron Hernandez.  He’s a jelly belly!)
I'll miss you Mr. Salvatore!!
Goodbyeee Jakeee!!
What is this nonsense that tonight was the midseason finale of VD and The Secret Circle?  I don’t even know what a “midseason finale” is.  Either a show is in the middle of its current season OR it’s at the finale.  Did the CW make this up, or is it a legit thing?  Sigh…I’ll miss you Mr. Zylka! 

Ok, enough about my CW ramblings.  I have serious issues to discuss today.  First off, How seriously do you take your eyebrows?  I know this is random, but let’s just say that I was the brunt of today’s teasing at work.  Everyone thinks my eyebrow treatment is completely absurd.  (As if!  They wouldn’t know a good eyebrow if it slapped them in face!)  Let me start out by saying that your eyebrows shape your ENTIRE face.  If you’re not good to them they can leave you looking permanently surprised, very sick, or like a yeti.  Being all Italian, my need for professional grooming is about every 2 weeks.  For this, I go to an eyebrow specialist.  (Yes folks, you heard me right.  I have an eyebrow specialist and her name is Sonia!)  Everyone should have one that they are comfortable with.  The price to get them done by a specialist is a little high, but remember, they shape your entire face!  (I spend $30 a visit plus a $4 tip.) Sonia put me in “eyebrow rehab” due to me getting “tweezer happy” a few months ago.  My arch was also in the completely wrong spot.  For the love of God, she told me that it looked like I had two commas resting above my eyes.  (, <-- see that little thing?  Yes, that was on my face times 2!)

I know what you’re thinking.  I’m nuts to spend that amount of money on my EYEBROWS.  I have to disagree with you.  My eyebrow lady is AMAZING!!  She lays you down in your eyebrow chair, gives you a mini eyebrow education (Do you know what the “apex” is?  Didn’t think so…), and she even plays eyebrow music.  After she’s done, it’s minimal grooming at home.  A little plucking of those stray hairs that pop up and applying some eyebrow powder while doing your make up and you’re done!  You’ll be good to go with perfecto eyebrows.  Now whose side are you on in the case of The Eyebrows: LMF vs Her Office?

Now, I’m not trying to blow your poor brains up with stupidity, but there was a SECOND argument in my office that took place yesterday. Do fish have feelings?  (I know what you’re thinking.  Who comes up with these crazy topics? … well, usually me, but…)  Here’s a little LMF fun fact.  I don’t eat meat.  Well, at least not this year.  I switch it on and off.  Every Fourth of July marks the start/end of a new year.  This year is a vegetarian year.  After the next Fourth of July, I can start eating meat again for a year.  Ok, you get it…  According to a Vegan magazine that I subscribe to, every year that you don’t eat meat fifty animals are saved.  That fun fact and the health perks of going vegetarian are on the long list of reasons why I do an annual meatless cleanse.  There is just one catch.  I never stop eating fish.  Tofu skeeves me.  Beans scare me.  And you can only eat so many eggs…  I need protein somewhere.  I get it from fish about twice a week.  See where I’m going with this yet?  This prompted the whole argument over fish feelings. 

I want you to think long and hard about that guppy that you subject to a horrible life in a fish bowl.  Does it really have any feelings?  Think about that goldfish living in a tank and swimming in its own feces.  (That’s the reason why I don’t have fish.  Anything that swims around in its own shit should NOT be on anyone’s counter.  Yuck!)  Does that goldfish have feelings?  Think about the fluke you caught on a party boat and then fried up for dinner the next night.  Did that fish have feelings?  STOP!!  You’re falling into the typical trap.  I sense it… Don’t mistake instinct for feelings.  You caught the fluke, you throw it back in and it swims away.  It’s not swimming because it’s hurt.  It’s just living.  Last time I checked a fish ONLY stops swimming when it’s DEAD.  They swim in their sleep for crying out loud! 

This is where you come in:  Scroll to the right and take my quick fish poll.  I am leaving my office debate in the hands of my loyalfollowers.  Wink, wink!  The winners of the argument are buying lunch next week!

As one co-worker graciously reminded me at the end of the day “Embrace the feel” hahaha…  Happy weekend!



  1. Yes the mid season finale crap has been going on forever, not just a cw thing. They do it so they can get sweeps week in and make it sound so profound.

    And two husbands you say, that's going to take some juggling..haha

    My eyebrows don't get groomed, am I doomed?

    An alternating meat eater, I think that's the first time I ever heard that one, even if you cheat with fish..haha...they can feel when you touch them. Does that count?

  2. Oh yeah and as far as them swimming in their own strat goes. Yes they do, but think about that the next time you are out in the rain. Every bit of water has passed through someones bladder. So technically we are walking in and even drinking some one elses pee...isn't that yummy.

  3. You're not doomed...I guess it depends on how hairy you are. Personally, I'm not a fan of men who get their eyebrows "done". But maybe you should visit a specialist for a professional opinion. LOL!

    and after your second comment, I think I need a shower.. Oh wait, that's not even safe. Why put these things in my head ?! lol

  4. I couldn't agree with you more abut the eyebrows. And I've definitely gone a little tweezing happy a couple times :)

  5. haha well I'm not a fan of having them done, so looks like we're on the same page..haha

    Yeah no matter the water it's come out of someone. At least you can pretend maybe it came out of RDJ, would that help?..haha

  6. ive had food poisoning 6 xs this year, so im through with meat and turkey for the time being. i hate eggs though, so keeping chicken and fish.
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  7. Eyebrows are important! I do my own though. :)

  8. I don't like tweezing. It hurts. I go to a cute little lady who waxes my brows. They are always perfect. I do not look surprised or depressed or anything else. I have no expression on my face whatsoever because I am totally happy but smiling strains my jaw muscles so I don't smile.


  9. saw your blog profile and just wanted to say...we have the same favorite movies :)

  10. I agree with Lydia. Eyesbrows are SOOOO very important. :)

    Hope you're having a fab wknd!


  11. LMAO!!! this is hilarious xD
    Well, firstly, I only started taking my eyebrows seriously this year (But not ten bucks a pop serious) And i'm pretty sure that fishes have feelings.....although how developed I can't tell.

    You brain is so wacky!!! LOL I love it xDD

  12. Hi there! i´m glad you you visited my blog... cause now i got yo know you, and you truly are a Lil Miss Fun(ny). i think eyebrows are extremely important. i didn´t really care about mine until one day i realized my whole look was missing something. and some make up tutorials later i think i´ve at least corrected somewhat of my eyebrow case. i think its AWESOME that you treat yourself to an eyebrow specialist! living is about trying to achieve happiness... and feeling and looking good is a way of being happy. so go ahead, embrace Sonia! :)
    i don´t eat fish, actually i don´t like anything sea-like. i can´t stand the taste. so if i´d go vegetarian for a year i´d probably get all messed up haha. do they have feelings? we can´t prove the don´t, so i´m going for yes... they DO. and, i´m a "finding nemo" fan... so that seconds my opinion.

    take care missy!
    i´ll be posting new stuff soon. i work weekends :(

  13. "Do fish have feelings?" LOL! I love this. I need to ask my kids what they think about this :)

  14. HAHAHA! I'm hairy too! I always try and skip and then go shamelessly back to my eyebrow specialist. I look like a different person after she does them. She's amazing. I can't do them myself worth a damn. HAHAHA


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