Sunday, November 20, 2011

Drum Roll Pleaseee

It is Sunday night and playtime is officially over.  My weekend was crazy.  First off, Happy Birthday to my Big Cousin <3.  She turned 26 years old today.  We celebrated Saturday night and had an amazing time.  It was a small gathering with our closest family members.  The star of the party was her 1 year old son my beautiful godson who kept us laughing all night long.  The poor baby discovered photo booth on my laptop and was quickly scarred for life with images of his distorted face.  My cousin and I both got slapped by our grandmother for traumatizing a little baby.  Who knew that would scare a child so much?  Guess we didn't think.  Sigh...  How was your weekend?

Within the past 2 days, I have spent time with 2 of my exes.  I saw MrBikeRide and The Swede.  The genius inside my head has been telling me to revisit all the men of my past.  Remember when the genius in my head told me to hang Britney Spears above my bed?  Sigh, you would think I learn...  The plan was going perfectly for a short while.

Seeing The Swede again reminded me that while he is sexy as hell, he suffers from severe boxer brain.  I have no patience for people that lack common sense.  He is one of them.  This became apparent when he looked over to my girlfriend and randomly asked her if she liked waffles.  Like, why?!?!?  He asked me to be his girlfriend again.  When I declined, he tried to bribe me with a trip to Barbados.  Poor guy...if only he shut his mouth and sat there looking pretty...  Bottom line:  I have no regrets ending things with The Swede.  

Seeing MrBikeRide again was like fireworks exploding in the sky.  He kissed me, and I melted.  He took me for a four hour motorcycle ride.  Bike rides are a huge turn on!  We spent the day joking around and acted as if we were picking up where we left off.  He dropped me off home giving me a quick kiss and informing me that he would call me as soon as he got home.  His green eyes get me every time!  Ever since I saw him he's been calling and texting saying how nice it was to see me and how great it was to spend time together again.  Bottom line:  I regret ending things with MrBikeRide.

The genius in my head told me that if I were to see the exes that occasionally cross my mind, then I would no longer think "what if".  It would be confirmed that the relationship ended for a reason and there should be no looking back.  Problem is, I opened up a door that I'm not sure should have been opened.  Well, I had 2 for 3.  That ain't so bad!  So I ask all of you, Did you ever feel obligated to confirm that an old relationship is really dead?

On a lighter note, here are the answers you have all been waiting for!!  Drum roll pleaseee!!!!

#1:  The lovely, Jennifer Anniston
#2:  The adorable, Puss in Boots
#3:  The legendary, Jack Nicholson
#4:  The sexy, Matthew Mcconaughey



  1. Oh, I definitely feel you. I love connecting with my Boyfriends and so when things end, I am usually very sad to see that person go. I often go back and forth like you're saying to get some "closure" only to be reminded about why we broke up. But it sounds like in your case... it might be worth another glance.

  2. Got two of four right so 50/50, isn't that just nifty.

    And nope, once it's over it's over. There is always a reason it ended, so I just leave it at that and move on. Or as of now lack of people on and hiding from the dating world..haha

  3. Glad you reconnected and saw the good and the bad.

    Maybe that is why I live nowhere near where I grew up--old relationships are gone gone.

  4. Happy birthday to your cousin! And maybe it's not such a bad thing to try again with MrBikeRide if things went so well :)

  5. I had to confirm why an old relationship wet sour once. It made me remember why we'd broken up the first time. Fortunately, I met my husband shortly after that :)

  6. There's usually a reason we have EX's girl. Leave them alone and that is one thing you should never recycle..

  7. i admit i was wrong. i though hernandez was mcconaughey.

    as for your question, no. former girlfriends of mine have easily confirmed that we are over, but i've rarely had to make any such confirmations:)

  8. Yes, I've done exactly that, and gone back to make sure I had made the right decision. But you know something? As my dad used to say, 'let sleeping dogs lie.' For me, trying to re-capture the past has never worked. It only confirmed that what has finished, has definitely finished. Maybe it's the types of men I've dated, but they all belong to the past.

    Anyway, I wish you luck with Mr BikeRide. Let us know if the sparks continue to fly?

  9. When I would first break up with someone, I would want them back. However, after I gave it time I saw what a BLESSING it was not to be in that relationship. HAHAHA Sometimes when we're lonely we accept things we shouldn't. So glad nothing came of anything I dated in the past. HAHAHA

  10. You shouldn't regret ending things with mr bikeride because he neglected to tell you, he was still with his gf that he told you broke up with him. which is why magically he stopped talking to you for a while. hes sweet on the eyes and you like his motorcycle but don't forget how upset you were when you found out he lied to you about a number of things. i love ya sis and i want you to be happy with a good guy <3

  11. once you meet the right guy all the other guys will look like chumps and you will see going back to exs was re assuring but also a waste of time. it's just finding that right person thats a challenge, i always found backtracking to be like reverting to the person i was and i want to advance not go backwards. we need to find you a new guy asap lol


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