Friday, October 14, 2011

Trinkets & Reeses Pieces

Happy Friday everyone!  Unfortunately I had to tape (yes, with a VCR) Vampire Diaries again.  Boo! Just because I was forced to deprive myself of an Ian Somerhalder fix, doesn’t mean that I need to ruin everyone else’s fun.  Here’s the sexy Damon Salvatore for you all to stare at and fantasize about.  (Don’t lie, you know you do too!)

I did make it home from class in time for Secret Circle and Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but that wasn’t good enough for me!  Sigh…Anyways, during my Thursday night TV fix I realized that I never got the opportunity last weekend to put out all my fall decorations.  (No, it wasn’t the witches on TV that made me realize Halloween is around the corner.  It was the two bags of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that reminded me of my procrastination.  Yum!!!)  So during the first commercial break I ran to the closet and dug out the box that I needed.  Before I was able to put anything out on display, I realized that I have a lot less room in the new apartment.  Where was I going to put everything?  The ONLY solution to my dilemma would be to temporarily remove some of my “trinkets” and replace them with my seasonal décor.  FAIL!  I didn’t know what to sacrifice.  This state of confusion and despair made me come to one final conclusion:  I really love my things.  (I sounded JUST like Madre right there.  Don’t tell her…she never let’s me hear the end of it!) 

What better way to get to know someone other than taking a peek around their house and seeing what oddities are lying around?  There used to be a show on MTV where the person snoops around someone’s room and then decides who they want to take on a date.  They had the right idea!  You really can tell a lot about a person from their “things”.  So let me share some of my favorites with you:

Adam Lambert Clock.  What is not to love about this thing?  It represents a very talented and daring artist.  It just screams sexy.  And it also tells the time!!  It’s perfection in the form of a clock.

Makin Bacon.  My best friend bought this for me.  Pigs have always been my favorite animals.  When I was little, every March 1st I would throw a National Pig Day party.  (I’m thinking I might throw another this year.  Hmm)  Only Sis could take something as cute as little piglets and make it naughty!  That’s why we love her!!  They are too funny not to put on display in the center of my kitchen table.

God Son Galore.  That is my baby boy right there.  He is my cousin’s baby and my God son.  Isn’t he precious?!  Don’t let his adorable smile fool you because he’s actually really bad.  He’s 1 year old and he already hits.  Sigh…we still love him though and that’s why he’s plastered throughout my entire apartment.

Piggy Banks.  Everyone collects something.  I happen to collect piggy banks.  I have them in all shapes and sizes and in every room in my apartment.  Of course I display them in a tasteful way, but they still highlight every room in my house.  Oink!

RDow Movie List.  My FAVORITE actor of all time is the lovely Robert Downey Jr.  There is just something about him..swoon…  My goal in life is to watch EVERY movie that he was EVER in.  This is a picture of the list of movies that he’s been in.  There are over 75 movies on this list.  Some of them are awful.  Some of them are awful and have only 2 seconds of R-Dow time...  This list is taped onto my vanity and on display for everyone to see.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to keep track of such a heart wrenching goal?

So now that you know all about my odd “trinkets” that I could NEVER part with..tell me, What are yours?



  1. LOL, I'm laughing at your Halloween decorating dilemma. :D Adore your piggy banks! Have a great weekend!

  2. The naughty pigs are hilarious. I found you from the blogfest at Pat's blog. Nice to meet you!

  3. Your godson is precious! And I love piggies too :)

  4. hahahaha that clock scares me and a vcr damn you're in the dark ages, I have one but it's a dvd/vcr in one..haha. Those pigs are exactly like the Porky's sign AWESOME!

    Someone found from my blog too, how nice..haha. I've seen prob a good 50 RDJ movies, am I ahead of you? Never saw Ally McBeal though, show he was in, so you might have to add that to your list.

  5. You saw 50??? I don't believe you! We are going to have to compare lists! Did you watch the family guy episodes that he starred in? Yes, those count too!!!

  6. lol you crack me up. I can't really tell you about my collection. It is not rated pg. :) However my daughter started giving my husband ducks for every event as a joke. So I know have a bizarre assortment of ducks laying around my house. Guess that counts.

  7. I am marking National Pig Day on my calendar--I had no idea.

    And, collecting piggy banks is awesome as you can fill them up with pennies and then go pay for something with 777 one-cent coins.

    I used to have collections (sports stuff, military items, etc.), but after years of marriage, all of my neat stuff slowly disappeared--hidden in the attic or tossed in the garbage. Haha.

    I hope your weekend is going super well.

  8. LOL! Those are awesome! I just bought some salt shakers from Vegas. They look like dice and although they're new, I know I'll have them for a long time.

  9. Hah - my oddest trinkets are actually the party favors accumulated from friends' weddings over the years. Who needs five jewelry boxes shaped like hearts? I'd feel so bad throwing them out though

  10. I love the pigs! Too funny. I love dolphins and candles, so they are what make up the majority of my trinkets. Other than that, I have pictures of my kids all over.

  11. Yesssss, Ian Somerhalder! (I had to Google his name to spell it correctly, whoops!). So, so hot and I think that this past week was the best episode of Vampire Diaries in a while :)Those piggy banks are adorable and I LOVE your RDow list. Pleaseee tell me you've seen Due Date?! He was perfection in that - I laughed out loud so many times.
    I'm moving out of my parents house soon, so who knows what I'll accumulate once I settle into my new house! Though I don't think any of it will be as amazing as that Adam Lambert clock ;)
    You're hysterical, girl! xo

  12. Omg why did you hack in my phone and take my Personal, Private pic of my husband Ian? ;)
    Im too embarrassed to list my trinkets!

  13. Oh and no never watched the family guy ones. So you got me beat there, but I've seen movies galore, so I'm sure 50 is close. I'll see if I can't work it into a post.

  14. In love with piggy banks :)



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