Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spooky Story Time. Boo!

Baby Blues <3
Look at those beautiful, baby blue eyes.  (Fanning myself..)  I went for only a face shot of the lovely Ian Somerhalder because I have a picture to share with all of you of a perfectly chiseled body.  I'm secretly not sure if Ian could compete with this hot football player bod.  Introducing the other TE to the NE Patriots, Gronkowski.  Shout out to my lovely Aaron Hernandez.  Yes, I still think #81 is sexier!  I'm loyal to my man. <3 lol
Thank you Slamdunk for introducing me to the topless version of Gronkowski.  We like!
Vampire Diaries was a little silly tonight.  I love that Mason made an appearance, even though it was short.  I am very disappointed that Stefan Salvatore is still alive.  ok, I don't wish death on anyone, not even TV characters...but maybe he could just disappear somewhere?  Secret Circle is stealing my heart!  What a great show so far.  I am falling in love with this show.  It has everything that a great show needs.. Is anyone else liking the dead neighbor's long lost brother?  Hot!

Ok, enough of my Thursday night TV ramblings.  We all know that I am in love with Ian Somerhalder so just tell me to shut up already!! :P

Spooky Story Time
Now imagine yourself in the woods camping.  You're sitting around a warm camp fire roasting some marshmallows with your best friends.  I'll tell a story first.

When I was 10 years old my parents decided to move my family into a bigger house in a better school district.  They picked out a home in a development that was still under construction.  This allowed them to basically build the house of their dreams from scratch.  They quickly decided on the plot of land they wished for their house to sit on.  There was one problem that my parents never anticipated:  The land they chose for us to live on is the only piece of land in all of the US where a fully built, intact long house was found.  Don't believe me?  Google it!  That long house made Newsday!  Growing up my whole col-de-sac was aware of the Native Americans that lived there before us.  We all used to joke around about the Native American spirits that haunted our block.  While we all made it seem like a joke, it was obvious that it wasn't funny at all.  We were all living amongst these spirits.  The Viking, brother, madre, and even biff can stand as my witnesses that our block was haunted.

Things got so freaky in my house that my brother and I would only shower if one of us was sitting on the toilet bowl standing guard for ghosts.  Several times we would be in the shower and the curtain would be punched in or we would hear/feel a presence in the bathroom.  One time I was in the shower while Madre was at the vanity blow drying her hair.  I was shampooing my hair when I heard and ear piercing yell.  My dad, The Viking, came running down the hallway.  He brought Madre into the living room where he calmed her down.  This is when young LMF rushes out of the shower with a shampoo filled head and a towel wrapped around her body.  Madre went on to tell us that when she was blow drying her hair she had her head flipped down.  Volume people!!  You got to blow dry your hair that way for volume!  While her head was flipped down she saw long legs walking towards her.  She yelled out "Viking, cut it out!".  But who she thought was my father wouldn't stop creeping towards her.  Annoyed, she flipped up her hair to see a ghostly figure with long, black hair approaching her.  One arm was covering his face and the other was reaching out towards her.  That's when she yelled the scream that I heard.  

My brother used to wake up in the middle of night screaming that someone was scratching at the walls.  Madre used to try and calm him down by blaming me.  Yes, that's what I do at ungodly hours of the morning.  I wake up from a dead sleep to scratch at the walls.  Sigh...he'll believe anything!  One night I heard the scratching myself.  It was too early though for the Native Americans to begin their wall scratching.  I yelled out for Madre, but she said it was The Viking shaving his teeth.  She swears that is the truth, but I don't believe her!

We also had frequent sightings.  There was a young Native American boy that used to run up and down the stair case landing.  At first this would freak us all out, but it was so common that we eventually got used to it.  My dad, the Viking, used to tell him that there was no need to run.  Ummm...please, let him need for him to hang out and chill!  One day I was downstairs in the kitchen talking on the phone with my friend Minnesota, when that Native American boy decided to run around my body in a circle creating a barrier that I couldn't pass.  I was screaming so bad that my girlfriend had to talk me through it.  I couldn't see his body.  All I saw was a blur but I heard the footsteps and felt the force of his runs.

Since Biff only lived one house away from me, he had similar problems.  We invested in a book that promised to rid our homes of any supernatural dwellers.  We followed all the directions.  Candles were set up in a circle that we sat in.  With our hands joined together we began our chant.  Oh now, hear my cry, spirits from the other side...  Nothing happened.  We got ripped off.

My final ghostly encounter was about two years.  Madre was in the hospital and Brother was home alone.  He was only a senior in high school at the time so I agreed to spend the night and stay with him.  he offered to let me sleep in his bed, but I settled for the couch.  Through the years, I grew to resent this home.  I was more afraid to be in that house than anything else.  Moving out of there at 17 was a sigh of relief to me.  Sleeping on the couch meant that I could snuggle with our two dogs that would act as my body guards.  I laid their with the lights on and the TV on blast.  A few hours later, I eventually drifted off to sleep.  Brother had enough of the blasting TV and the gleaming light, so we got up and shut off all my means of electricity.  My brain suddenly fell into this realistic freaky dream.  I dreamt that Madre was badly hurt.  Both her eye balls were gauged out of her head and she was left there bleeding and dying.  I looked at her and felt this horrible pit in my stomach.  I whispered in her ear with a broken voice "Who did this to you?"  She responded in a ghostly tone "You did".  I immediately woke up.  I was sweating and holding onto my dog.  The poor guy was gasping for air.  My dream made me squeeze the poor baby so tight that I'm surprised he didn't break any bones!  That's when I felt that familiar lingering presence.  I looked up to see a figure floating above me.  While I couldn't make out a face, it was definitely a man by the shape of the body.  At first, I laid there frozen wondering if I was still in a dream.  That's when I got this sickening feeling in the bottom of my gut.  The feeling told me to get the hell out of the house.  Now.  That's when the figure said my name.  I screamed for my brother as loud as I possibly could.  I was paralyzed with fear and couldn't move.  He came running in enough time to see the figure hovering above me.  That's when he turned the lights on and grabbed me.  If a presence is harmless, then the fear would not have been that severe in my brother and I.  Within minutes we were packed up and at my apartment where we spent the rest of the night.

I could go on and on with stories about my old house, but I am so freaked out right now that I'm going to stop there.  It's amazing how just writing about those experiences makes my heart pound faster.  

One time Biff played a trick on me.  I was alone and at a lost loss of what to do, so I called the police.  Yes, my fellow followers, I called the police on a ghost.  Long story short, the cops are useless when it comes to the supernatural, Just sayin...

Do you have any real life horror stories?  Share!!



  1. Wow, that sounds like it's straight out of a horror film! I definitely do not have any real life horror stories but I'm okay with that. Movies freak me out enough. I don't think I could handle it happening in real life!

    Stephanie (Big Mario Life)

  2. I can't say that I've had any such experience, but that would be freaky. Your parents should totally rent rooms for the night. lol

  3. hahaha you needed to call the Ghostbusters..haha....never had anything like that, thankfully. I'd have been out of that house so fast it wasn't funny, regular amityville you had going on there.

  4. @Miranda, Madre sold that house about a year ago. I feel bad for the poor people that have to live there now! lol

    @Pat, Don't say that?! Amityville is only 2 towns away from me. I would say it was more like The Poltergeist. They never tried to hurt us, but the grown man ghost loved to the scare shit out of us. The boy just played silly games. Native Americans are peaceful people, no? Sigh...

  5. Man, I could not have taken that. Glad you had dog protectors.

    We live facing a cemetery and, knock on wood, absolutely nothing has happened.

    And, thanks for the plug on Gronk. With all of the questions and attention, I think he'll be the happiest of all to just play football on Sunday and not have to answer questions about adult entertainment stars.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. OMG'd! HAHAHA I'm freaked out just reading it! You need one of those "I survived" t-shirts! :D Have a great weekend! And thanks for sharing your story girl.

  7. How scary! I'd be totally spooked too. Brrr.

  8. Scary! I've only had a few crazy things like this happen to me. A few were enough for me though LOL!

  9. I am part Lakota, live by a sparkling bayou that snakes by my apartment terrace. Egrets perch in trees. Owls ask their one word question, thankfully never speaking my name.

    I wandered alone the dark streets of New Orleans after Katrina. In front of the Convention Center, a mother sat holding her dead child, moaning softly. Her tiny still-living child sat beside them both. I chilled as I spotted a dark figure of mist form behind the girl.

    I didn't know what to do. So I did what I believed my Lakota mother would have urged me to do. I sat silently beside the shivering child. The mother didn't even notice. The girl looked at me a moment then clung to me as if to a raft in the sea. The figure of mist disappeared. I have no explanations.

    You have a lovely blog, Roland

  10. Ok, I really should not have read this as now I probably won't sleep for a week. I know, I'm lame, but even harry potter terrifies me :)

  11. <-- spooked! I probably should have read this early in the morning! haha. I'm w/ skippy I can't do much horror, much less true horror!!! SO no stories for me to share! :)

  12. I love Ian's eyes so much!! I don't really have any cool horror stories haha.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  13. what craziness. i would have lost my mind. i am so blessed. the vast majority of spirits that circulate around me from time to time are quite friendly.
    this story was really scary.

  14. Thank goodness I don't have any real life horror stories. I don't know what I'd do. I'm such a scardy cat.

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