Friday, October 21, 2011

Put. Down. The. Phone.. Now!

Guess what?  Today is Friday!!  Woo hoo...You know what that means?  Play time after 5!!  Sorry, don't mind me.  I'm really high today on an amazing trip of Damon.  I missed out on last week's Vampire Diaries episode because of class.  To make up for it, I watched TWO episodes of it last night.  It was 2 full hours of Ian you know how that feels?  My head is still spinning!!  hahaha Don't judge me!  Just to make sure that my high doesn't wear off, here are two really sexy pictures for you all to study.  swoon...


...ok, breathe... I'm really getting into The Secret Circle.  It's getting very intense and I love it!  If anyone is looking for a new show to get into, check it out.  I give you the word of LMF that it has everything that you want from a show meant to turn your brain into a good let's go with tomato soup...

So, I have a question for all of you...How old is TOO old to text?  My dad, The Viking, is constantly texting.  It's chill that my dad texts because it avoids unnecessary phone calls.  Not that I don't like talking to him on the phone...but you get the point!  My one aunt who is around 45 years old is constantly trying to text me as well.  There's just one problem with this.  The older generations do not know how to text.  "Texting" is a skill taught at a young age.  Training begins at a real young age on the internet chatting with friends.  This is where an individual is taught the basics to the lingo such as "LOL" or "G2G".  Once that child graduates to a cell phone they will know things such as "IDK" and "HBU".  Then there are always the over achievers.  These people are typically titled as gamers or geeks.  They get a masters degree in texting and use abbreviations like "DIAF" and "OMW".  Anyone want to take a stab at those?  Well, DIAF means Die In A Fire.  I know it's not nice, but it's supposed to be directed towards someone else in a video game!  OMW stands for On My Way.  My ex taught me those.  Sigh...

DD:  Then there are the abbreviations that do not yet exist.   The "older" folk still insist on using these.  Just because you text "INTGTTB" doesn't mean that the other person knows that means "I need to go to the bathroom".  You can not abbreviate whatever you feel like.  My dad, The Viking, texted me about a year ago.  The entire text message read "DD".  I sat there, bewildered, trying to figure out what the hell he was trying to say to me.  Yes, I thought of calling him too.  He didn't pick up!  About 20 minutes later he showed up at our apartment with two cups of coffee.  He then proceeded to ask why I didn't respond with what I wanted from Dunkin Donuts.  Why?  Because you can't text me random letters and assume that I have any idea what you are trying to tell me!!!  Sigh...DD has become a regular texting term between him and I now.  LOL!!

LMAO:  Madre does not text.  In fact, she does not even have a cell phone.  She does however e-mail me on a regular basis.  See above paragraph where I reference e-mailing as the primary school of texting.  The key to online communicating with an "older" person in to use simple lingo so they can learn and eventually graduate to middle school or a cell phone.  Thinking that Madre understood the concept of LOL I went on to the next lesson and responded to her message with "LMAO".  She had absolutely no idea what that meant.  Problem was, she didn't let me in on her secret that she was ignorant to that term so in response to her second message i wrote again "LMAO".  Madre then called my brother all upset asking him what she did so bad to me.  He asked her what the hell she was talking about.  She then got even more upset explaining that to each e-mail she sent me I was yelling at her "leave me alone!".  Leave me alone doesn't even fit into a four letter abbreviation.  Oh well, she tried...

MHM:  Another issue with texting older people is that they assume any word less then 3 letters long is an abbreviation.  This is NOT the case.  Words like "CAT" and "HIT" still mean the same thing in texting lingo.  My dad, The Viking, was texting my baby cousin.  He asked her a question and she responded with "MHM".  He had absolutley not one clue what that meant.  He felt dumb or old asking her what that stood for so he called his best friend, The Gladiator, for some help.  Calling an even older man for help was not the solution.  Instead of one person being left confused, it was turned into two.  Poor guys...  About a half hour later, my dad showed me the conversation.  I then informed him that MHM stood for not one single thing.  It was simply mmmhmmm...Needless to say, he felt real silly and so did the Gladiator.  

I don't want to discriminate against a certain generation.  Of course, anyone has the right to text, but I do feel that everyone should go through their texting education first.  You can start in primary school of the texting world at any age... Once my grandparents start texting, I'm going to stop.  I refuse to try and comprehend those messages!

Have an amazing weekend everyone!!!


  1. At least your parents know how to put spaces between words!! The first text I got from my mom was one long word. Something along the lines of... iknowyouareatworkbutiwantedtoletyouknowyourgrammaisok. While it doesn't look too hard to figure out, put it on a mini screen where only 10 or so letters fit on each gets a bit more challenging.

    Personally, I think its funny when my parents text me, but when aunts text me "Happy Birthday" and they've never texted me before, I feel like it's a copout. Call me like you did every other year. Calling is way more personal!

    Happy Weekend!!

  2. Great laughs in this one LMF.

    I think you have an appealing book idea here--what us old folks need to know about texting.

    I do confess that when the Mrs. was pregnant a few years ago. I accidentally butt texted her dad (a doctor) the message "999." He immediately thought that I meant "911" and that his daughter was in labor or something. We still laugh about it.

    Enjoy your weekend and we look forward to hearing about your adventures.

  3. LOL! I love it when my family texts, I just don't like it when they try using younger lingo. :)

    Nice pics!

  4. LOL at this whole post, especially the DD and MHM stories! My parents try to text and since English is not their first language it's particularly hilarious :)

  5. I don't text with anyone who's older than I am. They just don't text me! So I don't bother, because I'm afraid those messages will never be read. So your "problem" is kind of intriguing to me.

  6. hahah! i love the dd text. i am 39 and not a natural texter. worse, i was trained as a reporter, so i tend to spell out everything in my texts. they take forever. so i don't text too much. the older generation becomes obsolete so quickly:) it's fun, actually. it's modern life, i suppose.

  7. Maybe we should start a college texting class. Lol My parents are not texters. My stepfather refuses to use a computer. But... I admit, I'm not savvy to the texting lingo my daughter uses. Perhaps generation gaps pose the greatest differences there.

  8. hahaha loved it, I may have to think something up in rhyming abbreviations.

    Once I was texted by mom asking me what, can't recall exactly, but it was something like what does: AYS IDK and B2W mean

    Responded: Are you serious, I don't know and back to work.

    Her response: "Fine don't answer me"

    haha I just rolled my eyes after that, no they should not text, at least abbrevations until they get to the 6th grade of texting school at least.

    And yeah I got the gamer lingo down too, so not a noob with that.

  9. IAN! *dies* *comes back to life, looks at other pic and dies*

    my mom texts
    "?" can mean "where are you" "what are you doing" "what do you want for supper"
    i never know what she means...

  10. Oh I loved this post. I now am fully integrated with most of the shorthand text stuff, but to begin with it was mystifying. My mum texts me sometimes and they are baffling - really really long with all these weird acronyms, just like your dad (DD made me LOL!). New follower :)

  11. Thanks for commenting on my interview over at Lydia Kang's. Your blog is a hoot - I love it! following you now...

  12. I love Ian so much. I loved him when he was on Lost for all of two episodes. I especially love him without his shirt on. happy weekend.

  13. @Pat You just cracked me up at throwing the word "noob" out there. So you're an over achiever, huh? I guess that would make you a professor at my college. You can send me your resume. LOL

    That would be a very fun rhyming post! I vote..yes!!!

  14. HAHAHA! OMG'd you had me dying laughing! That Dunkin Donuts one is a WINNER.

  15. hahaha if it pays better than being a professor over xbox I'm in, so many noobs on there.

  16. HA HA HA this post was hilarious! My parents are bad texters, BUT at least they try. My in laws are not going to even try, they stink with technology. So funny!

  17. I guess I fall into the older generation due to my age but I text like a wild woman with Elisa. Sorry kiddo you will soon be the next generation and then the kids will say this about you lmao. Good times. I remember sighing over my parents trying to integrate themselves. My favorite is when they verbally use text lingo. For example my mother has said LOL or she often uses the term "pic" Love it. I giggle every time. Her new favorite is AH.. meaning asshole.


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