Monday, October 3, 2011

The Power of a Word: Definitely

Well first things first:  Happy October!!  October is one of my favorite months!  Next weekend I will bust out all of my autumn decorations and bake about 5 apple pies.  Love it!  Now, for the second thing that must be mentioned:  My boys played an amazing game against Oakland yesterday.  They knocked Buffalo out of the top spot in our division.  (Brother and I already planned what we are getting each other for Christmas.  Brother wants a Welker jersey and I want a Hernandez jersey.  Let’s goo!!)  Anddd third-ly:  I have NOT watched ONE episode yet this season of my favorite TV show Supernatural.  I feel like a horrible, disloyal fan.  Although I have marked every new episode on my calendar, I have yet to tune in.  So to publicize my apology, here is a picture of my favorite character, Sam Winchester.  Yum!!

Friday night's at 9..You're Welcome!!
Peacock Ring:  I know everyone was extremely devastated by the horrible loss of my peacock ring.  Well, I have GREAT news.  I posted a sign up in the lady’s room in the office building where I work.  I taped it right on the paper towel dispenser.  It read “I am missing my peacock ring.  If found, please call this number.”  Guess what?!  SOMEONE FOUND IT!!!  That person then dropped it off at security.  I ran right over to the security guard.  He quickly made my day by reuniting my beloved peacock ring with it’s’ mommy!  (My loud cries of joy took the poor security man completely off guard.  He had the BIGGEST smile on his face.  The poor guy looked like he wanted to run around the desk, give me a hug, and jump in glee along with me…there’s not much to “guard” in this building as you can tell.)  When I walked back in the office, several people were waiting to see if I really got it back.  A few people even clapped and yelled “YAY”.  It’s funny to see how many people really were concerned over the loss of my ring.  Things like that make me smile!

Maintenance Man:  So the Maintenance Man saga continues!  Friday afternoon Madre spoke to the Maintenance Man on the phone.  He told her he was about to walk over to her unit.  She insisted that wasn’t necessary and gave him my number instead.  He texted me right away with a novel of a message.  He told me his full name, how he got my number, and asked me to look him on Facebook to “see if I would still be interested in meeting”.  My Facebook hunt was a fail.  All that was coming up was someone that lives in the UK and someone with the middle names “Tubbs”.  (Bonus Points:  He has a great sense of humor!  He managed to get a giggle out of me with each text.  He had me actually believing that his middle name was in fact “Tubbs”.  If that was the case, I would have been forced to change his nickname on my blog. Lol)  We quickly became impatient and he added me on Facebook instead.  Apparently my name is a lot easier to search.  Let me say this:  Madre apparently has AMAZING taste in men because this guy is gorgeous.  He is completely my type!!  He’s between 6’2 and 6’4, light brown hair, light brown eyes, and a swoon worthy scruff.  Serious brownie points for Madre..Job well done!!

We continued texting throughout Friday night, although I never acknowledged his request to check out his pictures and let him know if I was still interested in meeting.  I was saving that for Saturday morning.  So Saturday comes along and I’m doing my usual Saturday morning ritual (Ritual:  Eating an egg sandwich at The Viking aka my Dad’s shop while guy shopping.), when I decide to acknowledge the maintenance man’s request.  I replied via text saying “Heyy, so I finally got a chance to look at your Facebook.  I am deff interested in meeting. J”.  So my dad, the Viking quickly read the message and HATED what I wrote.  He said that I completely ruined it by using the word definitely.  He said by using that word I appear desperate and as if I am throwing myself at him.  The Viking doesn’t want the Maintenance Man to think it is going to be easy to do some maintenance work on me.  Sigh…So here I am thinking that I COMPLETELY messed up all of Madre’s hard work up.  To confirm The Viking’s assumption, he calls his best friend, The Gladiator, to tell him to meet us at the Diner so we can have a discussion.  The Gladiator completely agreed with my dad.  Ok, to sum it up:  To use the word “definitely” makes a woman appear desperate.  “Definitely” means you have the girl hooked and they are willing to throw themselves at you.  I think I was just being straight forward and not beating around the bush.  Both of parents have big mouths and I am known to lay it all out and skip the nonsense.  It’s how I was raised!!! The Maintenance Man did write back saying “Haha ok, sounds good to me”, but I never responded.  That is the last I heard from him.  So this leaves me with three questions:
1.       Was using the word “definitely” THAT big of a deal?  (It’s not like I said I’m planning our wedding!  I just said I was interested in meeting up.)
2.       Should I take The Viking and The Gladiator’s advice and leave it where it is?  Should I wait for him to respond, or should I be the one to reach out next since I’m the one that left him hanging at “Sounds good to me”?
3.       Is he even interested???

Sigh…and to think, men think it is women that make things complicated.  You guys take one word and blow it up into a proposal (I’m talking on one knee with a ring proposal) !!



  1. I wait for the dvd set before I go the Supernatural way. As there is no big breaks between episodes causing me dismay..haha

    But aren't you making it complicated by thinking it is complicated, causing such a complication through a complicated suggestion to a complicated answer. Was that too complicated?..haha

    Thing about text and crap like that tooooo much can be read into it, so yes definitely could sound desperate, could sound 50 other ways too, such is the more of text crap.

  2. What a tangled weave we make. Instead of over analyzing every single statement, I don't think it made you sound desperate, but I'm sure it boosted his confidence. I suppose it depends on what type of guy he is, and let's hope it's not the "jerk" kind. Initiate the meeting. You have little to nothing to lose. You'll figure out what type of guy he is soon enough, but if you don't try, you'll never know.

  3. I am so glad you got your ring back :) Oh and "definitely" was a very nice thing to say. I've heard guys like compliments like that.

  4. So apparently my opinion does not matter anymore? Why was I not informed of this. *sigh*

  5. You are adorable - I LOVE your writing style, and am so glad that someone else gets as attached to their accessories as I do. (Seriously, good karma to whoever found your ring and returned it - so nice to hear stories like that!).
    Ohmygod - trying to figure out guys can seriously become a full time job. Part of me can understand the "definitely" thing (though I'm DEFINITELY guilty of that) ;) - but part of me hopes that isn't true. The majority of my guy friends say that they're afraid of rejection, so you'd think when they hear that you're interested in meeting up, they'd jump on that!
    My opinion (as a single female, so take this for what it's worth) is that he really made the initial effort - he asked you to Facebook him, brought up meeting - at this point, you have nothing to lose, you know? The butterflies are there, but if you now try to meet up with him and he's a douche or thinks you're "too forward," it's better to know that now than get attached and find out down the road. Good luck and keep us posted!
    Seriously, I'm LOVING your blog! Keep in touch, xox

  6. tubbs as a middle name is funny:)

  7. Congrats to your Pats and on finding the ring--super good news both ways.

    And you may be saddled with the "Tubbs" name for awhile.

    From a guy's perspective, I would not worry about using "definitely." I think guys are less likely to word-smith and are more in-tune with actions and exchanges.

    I am sure he is pumped.

  8. Happy October too!!! This is a grand month and I'm very excited for it. Your next weekend sounds so fun! I want to do a little bit of decorating too. Also, I'm so happy someone found your Peacock Ring! Awesome!

    That's funny your Dad was against the word "definitely", I wouldn't have thought much into it!! But then again, he is a boy so you never know what interpretation your Dad has because of it. Either way, I would still probably use it again- makes you sound excited~ I would be happy if someone said they were "definitely" looking forward to meeting me!

  9. Text him back!
    And I'm Italian too...well, half. :)

  10. Being new to your blog, I feel like I've walked into the middle of an ongoing conversation. I wouldn't over-think or over-worry about the use of the words "definitely." If he's interested, he'll contact you again. If not, he won't. Time will tell and I do hope that he does. Congrats on finding a lost ring. Always a bonus. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. :)

  11. Hiya, glad you got your ring back. I think your dad is being protective. As for Mr Maintenance man, maybe he's playing hard to get? Men sometimes do that too! Then again.... I'm a single woman and if I was in your position, I would wait it out for while to see if he responds. If you don't hear from him by the weekend, contact him. You never know! Something could have happened and he wasn't able to get in touch. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I appreciate it.

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog! yours is interesting too!

  13. Thanks for the follow. I'm here via Twitter. You have a unique writing voice, very young.

    I wish you had a picture of your peacock ring. Would have loved to have seen it. ;-)

    Nice to meet you.


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