Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lost the Love Bug!

First off:  Congratulations to my boys for a great win tonight against the Dallas Cowboys!  You got me nervous for a second there, but my man Hernandez came through with a touch down <3

Yum!  Look at him licking his lips :)  FYI:  He's #81 now
Secondly:  I had an amazing weekend!  It was filled with Casino Night at my brother's college, birthday cakes, and some serious quality time with the maintenance man (We like!!).

I was doing my Saturday ritual (guy shopping at my dad, The Viking's shop) when he brought up some HORRIBLE event that happened to me last year.  He says it's another chapter to add to the book! For some unknown reason God loves to throw cars at me.  (Saturday I could've sworn that my VW New Beetle could squeeze between a semi truck and the guard rail.  I was wrong...sigh..)  Did I ever tell you about the ultimate Love Bug horror story?  Oh it goes..

Flashback:  San Genaro's Feast NYC 2010  My best friend at the time (her and I broke up last February..) and I went on a little adventure in the Love Bug into New York City for the San Genaro's feast.  We didn't know how to get there so we plugged Little Italy into the GPS and went on our merry way.  We scored a great parking spot only a few blocks from where we wanted to be.  Excited, dressed real cute (tiny black tops, skinny jeans, and 5" heels), and with the hopes of meeting up with her hot cousin's friends we were ready to party hard.  

After a great night we were ready for the long drive back home.  This is when we both looked at each other and exchanged glances of complete p a n i c.  Neither of us even thought of LOOKING at where we parked.  We had absolutely no idea where my car was.  We lost the love bug :(  After walking around NYC in our hooker heels for about an hour in the hopes of stumbling across my BRIGHT YELLOW VW New Beetle, I decided to call my dad, The Viking.  

He immediately asked where we were.  We didn't know.  We walked to the end of the block to find a street sign.  It's turns out we were in the Bowery.  (For those of you who are unfamiliar with NYC, the Bowery is the crack head central, rape me now area of NYC.  You don't want to walk through there with 5" hooker heels.)  Instead of freaking out, he calmly asked my friend and I to get to a land mark so he can take the hour long drive to pick our asses up.  The first land mark we could find was a random Confucius statue on some random road.  At the sound of Confucius my dad finally hit breaking point.  "HOW DID YOU GO FROM LITTLE ITALY TO A GOD DAHM GODZILLA MOVIE?!"

Long story short, The Viking cut his date short and ventured out into NYC with his girlfriend to rescue my friend, me, and The Love Bug.  

While The Viking was on his hour long rescue mission, my friend and I experienced the climax of our adventure.  A little bald headed man ran by us without any shirt on, no socks, and no shoes.  Being the Long Island girl that I am, I must have gave him a weird look.  He walked right up to me and said "What was that weird look for?  Why?  Because I'm in NYC without any shoes on? Well, if you want to know the truth, I stole over 75 grand in cash and got busted by the cops.  The only way I could get away from the cops was to throw the money down a stairwell and take off my shoes.  Look down a few stairwells, maybe you'll get lucky!"  Then he just kept running away.  Barefoot.  Yuck.  After hearing this absurd story, my friend and I tried to puzzle it back together.  Was it legitimate?  Well, he LEGIT didn't have any shoes on.  Good enough for us...  We walked down the next block and stopped at the first stairwell.  We took two steps down when a rat, YES, A RAT, ran across our feet.  Dumb?  I know...but it's 75 grand..

When my dad FINALLY came to our rescue, he scooped us up and we began our hunt for The Love Bug.  It took us about 2 hours to stumble across her.  It was about 2 seconds away from Little Italy on Canal Street.  Canal Street!  How annoying!?!  Could it have been any more famous of a road?  Sigh...  At the sight of my poor, lonely car we all looked at each other and screamed in excitement.  It was now approaching 5 am.  If I was big enough, I would've ran out and gave her the biggest hug.  

Oh, and was my Dad The Viking angry?  No.  Now don't get me wrong, he wasn't happy either.  He simply said that it was another chapter to my book and that he was going to bring this up at my wedding.

Moral of the story:  I have the best car in the world.  My love bug saved my life more times than I could count <3

Honk Honk!!


  1. OH my gosh--what a night. I would have looked in the stairwells too!

  2. Wow! This is a great story. I can't imagine being lost up there. I'd go insane. lol

  3. haha yeah I would have definitely searched the stairwells. Beind lost in crackhead central would not be fun, but then Gozilla could come by ans squash them for you..haha

  4. There we go on the side on my blog, imortalized in rhyme..haha

  5. If Godzilla came I would have left the Love Bug to fend for herself while begging Confucious to save my ass. LOL!! Oh, and I would love an R-dow post! Who wouldn't??

    "Imortalized in rhyme" I love the sound of that! Thank you for the shout out :)

  6. OMG what an epic story! And what a nice dad you have :)

  7. YOur dad is so sweet to come get you! I doubt mine would haha.

  8. Now that's a LOVE bug story! My mom had two and adored hers. Glad it was a happy ending for everyone and thanks for sharing. Go Pats! I was cheering them on. Happy Monday!

  9. Your dad does seem awesome - what else should dads be doing besides rescuing their daughters from lost cars?

  10. You are totally bringing back memories of NYC. The Bowery! Canal Street!

    Glad you found the LB!

  11. hahah, how funny. This reminds me of the scene in Clueless when Cher needs to be picked up and then gets mugged in the Valley, totally sounds like this. Hahha, that's really funny. That's nice of your Dad to come! And VERY annoying your car was on Canal! haha, you girls. Your dad is right though... it is just another great story of your Youth.

  12. That is one of the worst feelings in the world. Glad yours ended happily.

    My brother did the same thing at the airport in Dallas, and a security guard felt sorry for him and drove him around for 45 minutes until they located his lost car. But, at least he was in an airport and not in the Big Apple--you are brave.

  13. um I totally would have looked in the stairwell! ha

  14. Well if it makes you feel any better I've wondered around parking lots looking for my car for ages. I can NEVER remember where I park. haha. Now I don't even have a cell phone to call my hubby to come save me. However if I'm gone to long he comes looking. Thank God for men with a brain.

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