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Happy Hump Day!!  Ug...really?  It's only Wednesday?  Sigh...

Did you ever watch the show Hoarders?  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, it is about people that have a mental disorder.  This disorder doesn't allow them to throw things away.  They just keep hoarding junk until it overflows onto their lawns or any free space they own.  (There was once an episode where the wife was so bad that the husband had to sleep in his car!  She accumulated so much stuff that there was no room for him to sleep in the house!)  My OCD is making me twitch.  I have to go clean something now...lol

This got me thinking that everyone hoards something!  Ok maybe hoarding is a strong word, but we all have an unnecessarily large amount of something that drains our pockets of money and our homes of space.  Let's ban together and help ourselves!

Shampoo.  I counted the bottles of shampoo and conditioner in my shower just for this post.  (You all should feel honored.  It takes a lot to get me up once I'm laying down for the night! lol)  I have 28 bottles of shampoo and conditioner stacked up in my shower.  I have an additional 12 bottles hiding in my bathroom vanity.  I'm not talking cheap bottles like White Rain or Suave.  I'm talking the expensive stuff like Coconut Milk, Chi, and Kenra.  I am OBSESSED with shampoo.  I sometimes wash my hair twice a day and I very rarely use the same shampoo twice in a two week period.  Anddd this is where I stop with the shampoo.  I see you all looking at me like i'm a real freak show...

Renuzit.  You know those cone shaped air fresheners that you just open up and put on your counter?  You figure one per room should be adequate enough to get your place smelling good.  Well, you're wrong.  I have 18 Renuzits hanging around my apartment and I still don't smell one dam thing!  It's sooo frustrating!!  (It's become a personal mission of mine.  My apartment WILL smell like vanilla one day.)  It's like Where's Waldo, except it's Where's Renuzit.  I have them hidden everywhere.  There is one under my bed, there's one hidden behind the TV, and there is even one chilling in my wine rack.  I plan on continuing my trend and buying another 3 this Sunday.  I need Renuzit rehab.

Body Sprays.  Everyone has a large dresser in their room.  Usually their drawers contain underwear, t-shirts, and socks.  Well, I have one of those too, but I had another dresser that was filled with body sprays.  I am not exaggerating when I say I must have over 200 bottles of body spray.  The worst part is, I HATE body spray.  I don't even use it!!  (I use the same perfume every day; Fergie's Outspoken.  It's deff a hot scent!)  When I was moving into the new apartment my Aunt could not believe the ridiculous amount of bottles I had.  We ended up buying 3 plastic crates from Target and filling them with these body sprays.  My inner "hoarder" couldn't bear to part with them.  Instead they live in crates stacked in the back of my closet serving no purpose whatsoever. 

People that know me would never think that I had hoarder like habits.  I'm a very neat person.  Everything has it's special spot and for the love of God, don't touch it.  I'm even worse at work.  Let's just say that I know when the cleaning crew touched something on my desk!  Who says that you can't hoard unnecessary things but keep them tucked away in a tidy fashion?  How about the people who have DVR and have hundreds of shows saved onto their TV?  Hoarding!!!  How about the people that hoard the show Hoarders on their DVR?  Sorry, couldn't resist...lol

What do you secretly hoard?



  1. I've watched that show at least once. It made my skin crawl. Does hoarding children count? Sometimes, they just pop out of the closet. Lol

    I always have multiple body washes from Bath and Body Works. I'm addicted to shopping there. I can't go to the mall without going there.

  2. that show is so fascinating and disturbing at the same damn time... ahhhh. I hoard... pictures. Really, I can't get enough. And keepsakes (notes, letters), I always feel so scared to throw them away!

  3. hahaha okay I admit it, I just gave you plenty of weird looks..haha But at least your only a closet hoarder. What some people keep is just insane. I have a spot for everything and I can tell if it's been moved an inch as well.

    I guess I'm a hoarder of dvds, got about 2000 or so going down the wall, all in order of abc..haha I also have about 50 empty pringle cans under my cupboard, but I use them for cat poo so does that really count? I mean I wouldn't want to run out of cans to clean the cat poo would I?..haha

  4. I just found your blog and I looove it! I hoard those mini bottles of bath & body works lotions that you get for free and bridal showers. I hate them all but I keep them. And I hoard essie nail polish. That's probably turning more into an addiction...

    Stop by my blog - I have a Kiehl's giveaway this week.


  5. HAHA That show freaks me out! Maybe because I'm the exact opposite. I'm a minimalist! HAHAHA I keep nothing and not a lot of anything in my house. I'm simplistic at best. I can't think around a lot of stuff. GREAT POST! So FUN! Have a great day girl. ((HUG))

  6. i can barely handle watching hoarders. it just makes me want to clean everything! my husbands grandparents are hoarders (although not as bad as the people on the show) and i can barely bring myself to go in their house!

  7. Hmm...I don't think I hoard anything at all, as I grew up with a hoarder. My father. But he wasn't even close to being as awful as the ones on the show. I remember one episode where they found a decomposed cat underneath a bunch of junk!

  8. wow....that is a lot of shampoo! I think I used to have more of a problem of keeping a ton of stuff and buying more and more but lately I only do that with groceries....I buy way too many things and end up having a ton!

  9. i clean and watch hoarders. and i hoard my special hair straightener stuff that is no longer made. i did a post on it too!!!
    thanks for the bday wishes :)

  10. i have a hoarder for a friend. recently stayed there, on the couch, as a matter of fact.
    i guess if i hoard i hoard notes and receipts and little bits of paper i can no longer understand if i had made a note or two on it at one time. of course if i ever need to find a particular bit of paper, i can't do it:)

  11. That is a brutal show to watch. And glad you let us know about the OCD before we move anything around in your car or something.

    I am not a hoarder, but I think my oldest son is one in training. He keeps going to yard sales, finding neat old things that he will never use, and then storing them in our garage. By the time he is 18, he may need 6 moving trucks to haul it all to his own place.

  12. ohh that is a LOT of shampoo!! hahaha I think I have 2-3 bottles of full size shampoo maybe? I hoard when things go on sale and I buy a bunch at a time lol

  13. I have like 2500 vinyl records. They're in boxes in the garage.

  14. i can't watch hoarders...it grosses me out. my SIL is obsessed with it, though, so i hear all about it ;)

    dude - you have a shit ton of shampoo! and body spray you don't use?! girl, that is hilarious! you should donate the body spray to a woman's shelter...they would looove ya for it ;)

  15. i can't watch that show Hoarders..it seriously scares me!

  16. I'm back, since you don't have your email listed on your contact page.hope ya don't mind another comment!

    I have dark skin in the summer, remember I'm half Italian, and I wear neutrals. Try an eyeshadow base in a couple of shades lighter thsn your skin tone (most bases are) or try a white base or pencil. I love the Milk shade pencil from NYX. That's what I recommend to my black friends (their skin ranges from caramel to very black skin) and it works for them.

  17. Scentsy actually works for making my house smell good (one husband, one 9 year old boy, one dog and me). I never needed anything to smell a certain way until I was surrounded by BOY and needed something GIRL (aside from myself), so now I have "Satin Sheets" in my bedroom, "Tea Party" in my kitchen and "Love Story" in my living room! They look pretty too!

    As for hoarding...letters and pictures all the way! I have pretty boxes filled with letters, email accounts stacked with 1,000 of emails, external HD's filled with pictures, boxes of pictures, albums, you get the picture. They are all in order, but I refuse to shed them (even though I never look back at them). I also coupon a bit because I'm going to gradschool FT and can't get over the fact that I am not bringing home an income, so I have a shelving unit in the garage with 10 toothpastes, 8 lysol wipes containers, 10 boxes of cereal, 8 dish soaps, etc...
    I'm new to your blog and like it very much! If you want to stop by, my blog is www.bettynolan.blogspot.com

  18. I don't really hoard much except clothes- so bad at getting rid of them!

  19. I'm seriously kind of jealous that you haven't seen Sex and the City yet!!! I would kill to be able to watch it again with fresh eyes!

  20. Lol, I didn´t know that "Hoarders" got a disorder. I´ve seen in German TV they´ve featured households that are like that, never throw garbage and junks away until they no longer had space. The TV program had to help them clean out. :)

  21. Hoarders is definitely not a show that I can watch all the time, but when I do watch, I am SUCKED in with no mercy. And renuzits aren't the best scent enhancers...but its weird because when I first open them, its too much, but then I forget they are there lol.

  22. Beautiful!
    Follow each other :) ?? i'll wait your answer on my blog!


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