Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I know that I usually talk about my boys today, but unfortunately they got dominated by the Steelers.  I really don't want to talk about it.  Not only did they lose, but they destroyed my winning streak on my fantasy teams.  Cam Newton and Frank Gore pulled me through one team, but Brady & Green-Ellis killed me on my other team.  (My future husband, Aaron Hernandez, did score a touch down so we're not mad at him.  Just sayin...)  My last hope is Demarco Murray.  If he could score at least 5 more points in the next 2 quarters, I could still win both teams.

New obsession alert:  Ok, so the past couple of weeks I've been talking about The Secret Circle.  (It's a new show on The CW about witches.  It airs every thursday at 9pm.)  At first I was not so sure about the show.  It had a rocky start bordering the line of stupidity, but there was something intriguing about it.  I hung on because of its' great time slot airing right after Vampire Diaries.  Sure enough, the story line quickly got better and better.  I'm hooked on this silly show about witches.  As if the addicting story line wasn't enough to suck me in, they recently added a new character named Jake.  He is played by an actor named Chris Zylka.  (Oh my God, he is delicious!! Yum!)  I am officially the #1 fan of this show.
Introducing Chris Zylka.  I believe he is some sort of Russian God.  You're welcome ;)
How was your Halloween weekend?  Mine was a good time but mostly uneventful.  I dressed up as a kitty cat and hit up a local Irish pub where a great band was playing.  Peat Moss & The Fertilizers put on a pretty good show that covers all sorts of different genres of music.  They have great energy and a unique performance.  (If you are in the NY area, I suggest you check them out.  Plus, the lead singer is very cute.  He sort of looks like Robert Downey Jr. in his early twenties.  Just sayin...)  Other than the fact that I rocked cat ears and a tail, there was nothing Halloween-ish about my weekend.  Instead it was full of a snow storm and a bunch of errands.

Normally I throw a gigantic Halloween party.  Unfortunately, my new apartment is too small to cram about 20 of my drunk friends.    So let's talk about last years Halloween instead...

Flashback:  For Halloween of 2010 I threw a ginormous party.  One of my best friend's, DramaQueen, and I set up my apartment to look like a real haunted house.  

Those are awful pictures, so you're just going to have to trust me.  We went ALL out.  (I even baby powdered my furniture to make everything look dusty and old.  That's dedication!!)  My girl had a great idea to get a fake skull and make it into a mozzarella cheese picking.  She's very creative.  LOL

After a full day of moving furniture, decorating my apartment, and buying loads of supplies we were finally ready to party.  DramaQueen and I saved the hour before the party to get ready for the festivities.  She dressed up as a sexy fairy and I dressed up as Robin Hood.  Biff came a little early to help set up.  His costume was very easy.  He put on an all black outfit including a black stocking on his face.  Then he rocked a red cape.  He was a floating cape for Halloween.  (hahaha ok, dumb idea I know.  I so was not the one to tell him to do that.  Ok, so it was my bright idea.  Sigh...LOL)

Me, Biff, and Sis <3 
Me and Brother
Biff and DramaQueen <3
The party was great.  We were all having an amazing time.  We danced like crazy, talked a whole lot of nonsense, and just enjoyed each other's company.  That's when I realized that my phone was ringing.  I had 18 missed calls from my land lord, LLS (before we were a couple), and my dad The Viking.   I knew something was wrong.

The star of my haunted house party was a fog machine.  The genius in my head (Yes, the same genius that told me to hang Britney Spears above my bed with Scotch tape.  I don't know why I listen to it either...) told me to stick the fog machine in my living room.  The fog filled up my entire apartment.  It looked AWESOME and really resembled some sort of freaky haunted house that would charge at least a $30 cover fee.  The problem was that the smoke from the fog machine seeped under the door that led into the main house.  This then proceeded to set off the fire alarm.  At 2 a.m. my land lords were awakened by the fire department and two cop cars showing up at the house.  All they saw was thick smoke coming out from under the door.  (Don't lie, you would've panicked too!!!)  They thought their house was burning down.

I picked up the phone and was shocked to hear the reason why they were blowing up my cell.  Naturally I was mortified, so I sent DramaQueen's fiance to deal with the police.  Luckily Sis's brother is a big deal in the local Fire Department.  He told the police that it was just a bunch of twelve year olds playing with a fog machine.  (How dumb!!  Maybe the voice in my head isn't a genius at all...)

Expecting to get yelled at, I called back my Dad, The Viking.  He was hysterical laughing saying that it was just another chapter to add to my book.  Amongst the confusion i passed along the phone to my land lord just as my father was cracking a joke about the fire men and their long hoses...Did I mention that I love my dad and his inappropriate humor? hahaha

Well that was my exciting Halloween last year.  What are your Halloween stories?



  1. That was the best halloween ever I remember it so well but u forgot to mention the Viking felt like a fairy princess when he returned home the next day lol and it was all my fault love u Xoxo

  2. Ha, sorry that Murray and the Cowboys face planted tonight.

    It is really tough to top a party that featured fire and police response.

    Enjoy your Halloween.

  3. ha, that's really funny. I would be scared too about the smoke!!! Nice to have a sound, reasonable person to go deal with the police while the rest of the drunks stay indoors. You and your brother look so similar! haha. I love it. And powder on your furniture- that IS dedication!!! Sorry about your team today :(

  4. hahaha wow that is quite the tale, never had a halloween like that. Heck haven't even bothered with it in years. Dressed up as a cat too, the rhyming cat likes that..haha.

    This year you were too busy with the Easter Bunny, sorry about did you enjoy the firemen and their long hoses?

  5. sounds like a fun, and exciting, weekend!

  6. Happy Halloween to you as well!! Sounds like fun for you :)


  7. Happy Halloween . I usually throw a party but was in Philly, so I helped a friend throw one for her daughter...on the blog! But I am dressing up my dog, whether he likes it or not!

  8. Sorry about the Steelers! My hubs was happy about that. Sorry! Don't hate us!

    Sounded like a great party. :)

  9. I have nothing! lol You win this round girl! I'm bad at Halloween stuff. This is hilarious though! Well done

  10. I see you've had a dreat halloween and very scary
    Always following
    The Dolls Factory

  11. LOL! Such a funny story.

    P. S. My oldest daughter loves the idea of dressing up as Robin Hood. She wants to be a tree girl this year :) Whatever a tree girl is . . . I still don't know *giggles*

  12. Love your halloween story--well, I probably have too many shameful ones to share, and I'll leave it that, lol. I can see how that Russian God could entice anyone to watch that CW show btw. Hope your Halloween is spooktacular!

    xo Mary Jo

  13. omg! the dangers of fog machines and what an annoyance they can be sometimes! lol at least your dad has a good sense of humor and laughed about it. and you look so good on halloween as robin hood. a floating cape eh? lol whatever works!

  14. great post.
    i hope you can check out mine.

  15. Aww fun!! That skull is bananas. Once my friends and I were drunk and went to a party at the wrong house. We busted through the door screaming and this nice family was sitting down eating dinner. Whoops!

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