Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back to Reality

Happy Tuesday everyone!  How did you all enjoy your long weekends?  Mine was filled with a little bit of everything.  You all know how I love those kinds of weekends!  First off: CONGRATULATIONS to my boys, the NE Patriots, for demolishing the NY Jets.  It’s about time we put them in their place after that embarrassing game last season. <3 Second off:  Congratulations to me for putting an end to the LLS harassment.  I finally put on my big girl panties and blocked his phone number through my phone company.  The last straw was when he called me crying yesterday.  He was begging for me back, but was SO hysterical that he puked all over himself while he was on the phone with me.  Bleh…  I don’t need that in my life.  There is a difference between love and obsession.  He is obsessed.

My baby cousin came to Long Island from Boston College this weekend to attend the Islander opener game with me.  After the game we met up with 3 different islanders.  Nino Niederreiter was one of them!  (He’s apparently a winger…w/e that means.  I like hockey players, not the actually game. Lol)  Anyways, Nino instantly fell in love with me.  Need proof?  Look below!!  He’s looking down at me and smiling with severe infatuation.  If you only you saw the lust in his eyes, …sigh… 

The Maintenance man that works in the shed and rides a cart:  Despite the obvious instant attraction between Nino Niederreiter and I, the Maintenance Man remains at the top of my list in my “man hunt”.  We finally met this weekend, and we like!!  We texted most of Monday and made plans to get together either later this week or this weekend.  I vote both!!!!

I hope you all had a fabulous long weekend as well.  Tell me about it!



  1. I'm here from Slamdunks blog, and am now your newest follower.

    Nice to meet you!

  2. Hey first congrats on the big Pats win. I hope you enjoyed it locked away in your secret location and safe from all of those angry Jets fans.

    Second, crying and barfing? Wow, that sounds like one of those "Man Up" beer commmercials that show extreme examples of what not to do.

    Good riddance.

  3. Sounds like everything is falling into place, in very good ways. Good luck with the maintenance man!

  4. LOL, you're such a player :) Glad things in the love life are shaping up so nicely for you :)

  5. You're so right! Just check out that look he's giving you :)

  6. haha I wouldn't vote both, might not go over to well..haha

    Yeah good riddens to such a whiny cry baby by the sounds of it.

  7. i have a few guys from the Pats on my fantasy team (which i am new at, btw...i don't really get it) so i am always happy when they do well. my weekend consisted of a whole lotta family and a wedding. lots of drinks, too. DOUBLE FUN.

  8. Yeah for the Maintenance Man! So glad you pursued that. I have to live through your escapades, since mine has dried up. lol

  9. Brady whaled on the Jets!!! I love the Patriots! Glad you got rid of the obsessive one. You don't need that in your life. I went in search of a Halloween costume and decorated pumpkins HaHa. It was a relaxing weekend! :D

  10. wow he is tall! I love tall guys :)
    I'm now following your blog, can't wait to catch up! Jill

  11. haha, total lust in his eyes!!! That's so fun! You and your cousin are just adorable! You remind me of all my east coast Italian relatives :) I love it. And how exciting about the maintenance man!

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