Friday, September 2, 2011

Play time or Down Time? Hmm

So I just got off the phone with my father (who will now only be referred to as “The Viking”, per his request).  My dad, the Viking, is self employed and runs his own business.  His business has a few very handsome, male customers that he has gotten to know pretty well throughout the years.  (My dad is where I get my outgoing and fun personality from. Shh don’t tell him I said that.)  Since the break up with LLS, I have asked the Viking to hook me up three different customers.  The Viking agreed and now we are just waiting for them to pop into his business.  Until they show up, I will keep ending each phone conversation with “So, any word from my 3?” and we will continue to just laugh…This whole thing got me thinking now.  I, LMF, have options.  Everyone has or should have options. If you don’t have options, you best get out more and get some!  Now I just need to make smart decisions of who to associate with and who to stay far away from.

1.        The Swede:  You all already know about him.  If you don’t, please refer to my earlier post called “The Swedish Toast”.  If you’re too lazy to scroll down, here’s a quick run down.  He’s a fun, sexy, outgoing man that makes me swoon every time I look at him.  The problem is when he opens his mouth.  He’s very full of himself, not that smart, and a party boy.  If it wasn’t for that hot Swedish accent, I probably wouldn’t listen to half of what he says…I already concluded that he’s not relationship material, but he’s definitely a good time to go out and “date”.  Fun Fact:  He called me last night and wants to venture out to NYC this weekend.  Hmm..intriguing!
2.       PlayBoy:  Ok, this is a new one for you guys.  He is the guy that I spitefully started playing with to get back at a guy I was dating last summer.  The guy I was dating, we can refer to him as the Jerk, had ANOTHER girlfriend the whole time.  PlayBoy is a hot guido with a banging body.  There is a picture of him online where he is next to a water cooler without a shirt on and he’s dripping wet…drool.  He has continued to contact me throughout my relationship with LLS and got real excited when he heard I’m newly single.  Once again, not relationship material, but a real good time to go out with.
3.       The Holy Grail:  This is the ULTIMATE catch.  He’s my dad’s best friend’s son.  He’s a little bit older than me, but that’s a good thing!  I need a mature man.  I have been after this guy since I was about 14 years old.  He’s really nice, a gentleman, and mature. (Did I mention mature already? Woops…) He’s a professional hockey player.  He had a very serious girl friend for a while (Word is she looked just like me!  Just sayin…).  They didn’t work out, and he’s been on the market for a few months now.  He’s more of a dream option, BUT, he did go out of his way to ask my father about me.  The Holy Grail’s dad also mentioned “hooking us up” to the Viking.  Oh well, a girl can dream…

So the big question comes down to:  Should I sit around and wait for The or A Holy Grail to come along, or should I play with guys like The Swede and enjoy my “down” time in between commitments?  Having options feels good!!  After The Viking works his magic, I might have three more to add to the list.



  1. What a fun blog!! Well, that stands to reason since Fun is in your name. I am a lot older than you and will have FUN living vicariously through your romance and adventures. Happy to know you!
    I'm Italian American too BTW. Maiden name is Pedone.


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