Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mission Blondey & Lifeguard

Aside from the torrential rain, getting lost beyond belief, being a half hour late for work, and running into my ex boyfriend’s (Not LLS, but The Greek’s) new girlfriend, it actually turned out to be a pretty good day.  I finished all my work 15 minutes before the end of my shift and made my month end dead line.  Halleluiah!  I did not see that coming at all.  Good thing I got quick fingers…It was also my first day of classes in my new school!!  Wow, I sound like a little school girl… :P

Last semester I graduated from a 2 year community college with an associate’s degree in Accounting.  This semester I started a new four year school with the goal of graduating with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.  I’m real excited!!  New school means new friends and new opportunities.

Since the lovely Hurricane Irene left my campus without ANY power for a week, all classes began yesterday.  It all started with the fight for a parking spot.  When I say fight, I don’t mean I circled around the lot a few times…I mean it took 30 minutes to get a spot and some serious huevos.  It was like a game of chicken.  My yellow bug vs some big grey car.  Inch by inch…I obv lost.  I’m just a little girl, not some pyscho willing to put the Love Bug in harms way.  I parked in Guam and walked a good 10 minutes in the POURING rain to class.

Long story short, I get to class and I loved every second of it!  My professor is this feisty, little Polish woman with a cute accent and a fun personality.  I can tell right away that she’s going to make this class a good time and something I can look forward to.  Don’t ask me what this class is…(Organizational something, maybe business?)…The professor wanted to change the seating arrangements so she asked us to move these large tables horizontally and sandwich them together so we can sit in groups of 4 facing each other.  I was struggling moving them together when I noticed that the table suddenly got lighter.  I turned around to see a very good looking blonde guy with bright blue eyes helping me out.  He was about 6’2 and manned out..He laughed and said “I got it” while moving BOTH tables at once…Score!  He sits at my table along with some real shy girl that barley spoke.  Then walks in this decent looking guy with a sun kissed tan and a nice body.  He was on the shorter side, about 5’8..and he has REAL little hands.  Just sayin…After talkin to Blondey, I focused my attention on the new addition to our group.  I quickly learned that he was a life guard (My hormones immediately screamed “FLIRT!!!”, but all that came out was “Oh, that’s nice.  So what do lifeguards do during the winter?” Huge fail!!  What a dumb thing to say?!)  So Mission Blondey or Lifeguard:  Initiated.

I immediately called my cousin (the one that’s like my sister that has the baby that’s my God son), who called my Nanny (my mom’s mom), who called my mom, who called me.  I pick up the phone and Madre doesn’t even say hello.  She screams into the phone all excited “So I heard you met a hot, blonde lifeguard?!” … talk about a game of telephone!  Blondey and the Lifeguard are 2 completely different people…sigh…



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