Friday, September 16, 2011

Jump in a pile of leaves season is here!

Can we all stop for a second and admire the picture above?  That is the beautiful Ian Somerhalder playing my favorite bad boy on T.V., Damon Salvatore.  This has absolutely nothing to do with my post today, but the season premiere was last night and I can’t get one scene out of my head.  They opened the series with him naked, coming out of a bathtub dripping wet, and with soap suds all of his perfectly cut, sexy bodyOmg, it just got hot in here!!!

Anyways, now that I’m single and have plenty of “me” time, I’ve come to realize that I am very bored.  I mean, Glamour magazine only puts out a new issue once a month (Sometimes I can’t wait a whole month to pass to get my fix, so I cheat on Glamour with Cosmo..shh, please don’t tell!  Glamour might not ever take me back!!).  Well, just because I don’t have a bus load of single girlfriends to go out with doesn’t mean that I should sit home, do nothing, and wait for new people and opportunities to knock on my door.  Fall is finally here and that brings dozens of activities that you can do solo for pleasure, to meet people, or even just for an experience.  Here’s a list of my favorite fall activities!  (Unfortunately this didn’t make the list, but it’s deff one of my favs for the season:  Shout out to the Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Muffin!!! Mmm Delicious!)

1.  Fall wardrobe, accessories, and colors!  This is my absolute favorite part of the season.  The crisp cool air means cute cardigans, olive green clothes, and a lot of yellow gold jewelry!!  I think fall is one of the most fashionable seasons.  It’s also a great change after the “bearly there, sweating my butt off” season of the summer.  (although who could pass up a sexy bikini and a cute summer dress, oh and FLIP FLOPS!?!) Let’s not forget about the fall nail polish colors that you can rock now!  Who doesn’t love a dark, dramatic polish with an oversized ring?  (Maybe it’s all in my head, but I seem to type faster at work when I have something pretty to stare at on my fingers! Ok, I’m wacked..)  So get up off your couch and hit up Joyce Leslie or Forever 21 for some cheap, cute fall fashion items!  Don’t forget to send me some tips with what you find!

2.  Football is back!!!  Not only is football one of the greatest sports in creation (ok, maybe I’m partial b/c I grew up with it..Brother was the captain of our HS team & my dad was a coach..Love it!!)  Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the sport itself, as a single woman, you should love the season!  Who doesn’t love packed sports bars filled with hot, heated, and aggressive men cheering on their favorite team!?  Well now that you know where you will be spending the rest of your Sunday and Monday nights for the next few months, you might want to clear your calendar a little more to make time for all the hot dates you’ll be going on.  Don’t be afraid to go to your local bar solo and pop a squat.  Order yourself a drink and I promise in no time you will be chatting away with some fine gentleman! Go NE Patriots!!!

3.  Kick it, hayride style.  Pumpkin picking, apple picking, apple cider, pumpkin pie, corn mazes, homemade fall decorations, hay rides, farm fresh squash and other vegetables, fresh roasted corn, and haunted houses are just some of the few things you can do at a farm in the fall!  (Forget winter, this is the season to watch your weight!)  This is something that you don’t need to do with a group of people, although it can be fun either way.  Every year my family and I travel a few hours to Bethel Woods, NY where Woodstock took place.  They have a huge fair that has all of the above plus llamas (Who doesn’t love a llama!).  We can spend hours upon hours there and never get bored.  Point is, go every weekend to a different one.  You’re guaranteed to meet people, have a good time, and stock up your fridge with organic vegetables (Down with the pesticide ridden ones that are sold in the grocery stores!! Bleh).  Plus, who says you can’t ask someone to hold your hand and walk you through the haunted house, just sayin…

4.  Season premieres.  All the good T.V. shows are back after a long hiatus.  Woo hoo!! My personal favorites are Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Glee, and Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Every Thursday night at 8 and every Friday night at 9, I have a hot date with my TV and a glass of wine.  Forget about all your exes and stare at the sexy Ian Somerhalder instead.  He’s bound to take your mind off your romance problems.  If he doesn’t do it for you, try Jared Padalecki…(ok, I need to stop.  I’m getting over heated  What are your favorite shows?  This is a perfect opportunity for you to sit back, relax, and vegetate.  It’s also a good excuse for a chill girl’s night.  Spend an hour before the show baking some form of delicious fall dessert and then watch the show with your girl and dig in!  You’re guaranteed a great night, I promise.  J

5.  Class is officially in.  Now I’m not talking go back to school and get a new degree that you will never use, but who said you can’t sign up for a class or two?  Take a cooking class, a sewing class, or maybe even a creative writing or a photography class!  This is a great way to mean people (Ahem!  Mission Blondey and Lifeguard for example!).  You can meet people, learn a new skill, or maybe find a new passion/hobby that you can dive into.  Fall is when most schools open up again.  Take advantage of it and do some research.  Too expensive?  Try looking for classes and activities through your community center or local library.  There are a million options here, so no excuses!  Sign up for something and follow through with it.  Think of all the opportunities that come out of it and go go go!!!

Bye summer, it’s been real!  See you next year for my bronzed glow and strawberry sorbet nail polish J  Hellooo fall!!



  1. I hope you are happy single?? haha As for the rest of you post...
    The picture is obviously hot. ouch I just got thumped by hubs in the head.
    I love hayrides! They are the best.
    Sorry it took so long getting over here, it's been a bear of a week. Nicely written post. I'll be following

  2. Hey girlie, thanks for dropping by As Luck Would Have It! I love that my writing reminds you of yourself - there aren't too many people out there who can say that! We're a rare breed, eh? I, too, am absolutely thrilled for fall and all of the wonderful fashion, season premieres, and harvest-y goodness it brings along :) Happy almost-weekend! xoxo kristin

  3. i love that football season is here. watching games out in crowded bars are a ton of fun. and talking sports is so easy.

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