Friday, September 23, 2011

Hot Sauce & Bahama Mamas

It’s Friday morning!! (WOO HOO!!)  That means two things: 1) I get to wear jeans and a sweatshirt to work.  2) I am still high off my Ian Somerhalder/Damon Salvatore fix from Thursday night’s Vampire Diaries episode.  So, to prolong my high a little longer, here’s a very hot picture to share with all of you.  (mmm, do you see the scruff and those bright blue eyes?? A scruff makes any man just that much sexier. just sayin…)  Enjoy!

What I would
After a very long night filled with more LLS drama (For the love of God, GO AWAY!!), I’ve been thinking about my “options” and who to have fun with while trying to get Captain Squidward out of my head.  I wasn’t answering LLS’s phone calls or text messages last night, so the genius decides to knock on Mommy#2’s door at 9pm to wail and cry in her living room until she called me for him.  I was FUMING!!  (Mommy#2 is very sick with cancer.  She is being hit with radiation and chemo at the same time.  The LAST thing she needs in her life is my relationship drama.)  He did succeed and get her to call me.  He even got her to invite me over for lunch on Sunday so the three of us could try and sort things out.  Although I told her that she was very sick and that I didn’t want to burden her with my issues, she kept insisting about Sunday saying “but he’s crying...”.  Long story short:  I declined the invitation.  I told her to close the door on him and to leave his wailing ass outside.  I also reminded her of the HELL I was put through the past 4 months and told her to stop letting him manipulate her with his pathetic sobbing.  She later agreed, told me she loved me, and that she would always be there for me.  LLS is the master of manipulation and continues to prove it.

Ok, so enough of me ranting about my horrible evening and back to me thinking about my options:

Blondey:  I’ve mentioned him before.  This is the attractive he-man I have class with every Tuesday and Thursday.  We’ve been talking and I’ve been trying to scout it out.  Last class our assignment was to see if we could recognize a liar (How weird!!  Hence Wednesday’s post…The universe always answers questions we need answers to!)  Anyways, my professor assigned us a group project to demonstrate how hard it is to distinguish the real from the fake.  We had to state four facts about ourselves to our group.  Two facts were to be true and the other two were supposed to be a lie.  We then had to guess which two were true and which two were false.  (Could my professor make it any easier for me to get inside the mind of Blondey??  Love it!)  Ok, this is what I learned:
A)     My sister’s car is faster than mine.  False, his sister only THINKS her car is faster than his.  Hot car?  Sports car? Dodge Challenger?  Ok, so maybe I’m getting carried away, but at least we now know it’s a car he’s proud of!
B)      I am a painter.  True.  The bathroom in my new apartment could use a nice painting.  I might ask him to take a look at it next class..hmmm..
C)    I have a pet chinchilla.  False.  Why would he even think of that?  No comment on this one lol
D)     I love hot sauce.  True.  If you heard the PASSION that exuded from his lungs you would know the true extent of his love for hot sauce.
So now I know that Blondey is into cars, works hard, and was obviously starving and craving something spicy.  How insightful.  (I’m considering going to class, stopping at his desk, letting my hair down, and pouring hot sauce all over myself.  All veryy slloowwwlllyyy.  Just kidding, but seriously, do you think it would work?)

Lawyer:  Last year I would go to the Applebees bar every weekend to sit down and chill with the law student that was bar tending.  Lawyer and I quickly became very friendly.  We exchanged numbers, and became Facebook friends.  We would talk constantly and I would refer to him as “My Bartender”.  He’s not that great looking, but he is not bad looking either.  He sort of looks like a weird hybrid between John Mayer (Yum!) and Jerry Seinfeld.  He’s about 6’4 (Tall!! Just my type for my fidget, 5’ self lol), very nice, and has a funny, sarcastic humor.  He also makes THE best Bahama Mama.  Since he makes it soo good, I refuse to drink one anywhere else.  Since LLS and I broke up publicly, he has been texting and facebook-ing me non stop.  (Facebooking should deff be a real verb.  Tell spell check to get with the times!) He invited me & a group of my friends tonight to sit at the Dave and Busters bar where he promises to make me an amazing Bahama Mama.  (He also questioned me for the THIRD time what happened with LLS.)  The catch:  He recently got a girlfriend.  Sigh..well let’s see where this goes.  I refuse to be the girl that get’s in between a good relationship.  But he’s obv interested, right??

So there you have it.  That’s a quick snapshot of my brain Thursday night:  Annoying LLS, Poor Mommy#2, Sexy Ian Somerhalder, Manly Blondey, and the quirky Lawyer.  Sigh…


  1. Blondey sounds awesome--all the good guys like cars ;)

    P. S. I really like that picture lol

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