Monday, October 11, 2021

Life: Vacation

Every year we take a trip to Villa Roma in the Catskill Mountains.  If you recall, I told you all about it in this post (link).  Well, this year is no exception.  We'll be playing BINGO, betting on turtle races, and spending time on the local farms.  Most importantly, we'll be busy NOT working!

See you guys in a week when we resume our normal schedule!

What are your plans for the week?
Friday, October 8, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

I'm still not quite ready to...
...give up the Summer!  I know that we're a couple of weeks into Autumn now, but I'm just not ready to let go!  Despite the Fall being my favorite season for several reasons that mainly have to do with my hair and the disappearance of bugs, I'm craving more time in the sun!

I said a final goodbye to...
...the season with a visit to the William Walkoff Dahlia Garden (link).  The first day of October was tough for me and I just didn't want to deal with it.  Instead I did something that I literally NEVER do.  I took an unplanned day off of work and spent hours exploring the Bayard Arboretum all by myself.  I wanted to take one final stroll through the dahlia gardens, look for migrating birds, and get some fresh air.  It really turned my off day into a great one, especially when I ran into a lively flock of Yellow Rumped Warblers.

Following the theme, we said PEACE OUT to...
...Optimum!  After dealing with daily network outages, we finally gave them the boot.  For literally the same exact price, we got high speed internet and lots of it!  It's only been a few days and I'm already less frustrated during the work days and so is my boss!

We'll be embracing...
...Fall going forward.  Mourning the loss of one season doesn't give any excuse to let another one pass us by!  We're starting off strong by going pumpkin picking with my in laws on Saturday.  Then we're jumping in head first on Sunday by driving off to our annual trip to Villa Roma in the Catskills.

What are your Friday Ramblings?
Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Link up: Leah, Young Living Consultant, Top five essential oils for the Autumn season.

Hello there, I’m Leah! I am so happy to be here on Raviolis & Waterworks!  I met Jaclyn through Instagram and our mutual love of bird watching.  I reside in Minnesota where my husband and I love to hike the state parks and enjoy the beautiful scenery with our puppy, Wilbur.

top five essential oils for the fall

I am so excited and honored that Jaclyn asked me to share a bit about essential oils and the company I partner with, Young Living.  I started using their oils and loved them so much, I decided I just had to share them with others.  Young Living is known for their top-quality, pure essential oils.  They guarantee that everything they produce is free of synthetics or harmful chemicals with their Seed to Seal Promise (link).  Put simply, they have full control of the entire process of sourcing essential oils.  They put great care into what they produce, so we can reap the amazing benefits these plants have to offer! 

top five essential oils for the Fall

Let’s talk about 5 essential oils that will make your home smell warm and cozy, PERFECT for the fall season.  How? Using an essential oil diffuser!  Young Living has beautiful diffusers if you’re looking for one.  Simply add water and 2-15 drops of essential oil to a diffuser and it will disperse the aroma throughout your home for hours. So, grab your coffee, tea, hot chocolate and come learn about how essential oils can help set the tone in your home.

Top 5 Favorite Essential Oils for the Fall.

top five essential oils for the fall

Opening a bottle of Cinnamon Bark is like sipping on hot cider by the light of a bonfire or waking up on a bright crisp morning and eating a cinnamon roll fresh from the oven.  Add this oil to your diffuser to make your house smell good enough to eat.  This oil is different
from the cinnamon in your spice rack, it is distilled from the outer bark of the cinnamon tree.  This essential oil is safe to ingest, add it to your hot apple cider! I suggest the toothpick
method: dip the end of a toothpick into your bottle of oil, then swirl the toothpick through your beverage.

Fill the room with the sweet, warm scent of Cedarwood.  This tree grows up to 120 feet tall and can live more than 300 years.  It will give your bedroom the perfect aroma to snuggle under the covers.  It softens and warms most essential oils that you pair with it, I love adding lavender or Orange.  Not only is it a cozy and woodsy scent, but it does wonders for your hair and skin when applied topically!

top five essential oils for the Fall

What is a Bergamot? It’s a fruit! It’s part of the citrus family, about the size of an orange, but with a yellow green skin.  The rind of the fruit is cold pressed to extract the oil. Bergamot has a slightly spicy, citrus aroma.  The smell is so uplifting and pairs well with other oils on this list!  Fun fact about Bergamot, it is often used as a top note in perfume.  The uplifting aroma is perfect to add with Cedarwood and Vanilla to make your home feel oh so cozy.

If you’ve ever heard of Young Living before, you’ve probably heard of Thieves! Exclusive to Young Living- Thieves is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary essential oils.  A powerhouse of oils that help keep your body systems well.  The history/legend of this blend of oils is so fascinating, go google it!  Put a drop (or use the toothpick method) in your tea for those days when you are not feeling 100%.  Not only does it do good for our bodies, but it smells like a fresh autumn breeze.  Paired with Vanilla, 
diffuse this to set the stage for a quiet, peaceful night in. I can’t live without Thieves.  It is perfect for fall.

top five essential oils for the Fall season

I could not talk about cozy fall vibes without mentioning Vanilla.  Young Living’s Vanilla is not an extract or an absolute, both of which contain mostly alcohol and do not blend well with essential oils.  They extract it in such a way that yields a Vanilla oleoresin in fractionated coconut oil that diffuses and blends beautifully with essential oils.  The aroma of Vanilla brings a sense of comfort and yields a warm environment.  Pair it with Cinnamon Bark and it will smell like you’re baking cookies in the kitchen.  Whatever you pair it with, it will give alllll the cozy vibes.

Honorable mentions: Clove, Nutmeg, Orange, Palo Santo, Black Spruce

the top five essential oils for the Fall

Do you want to fill your home with these customizable scents? Essential oils can help set the tone and bring a sense of ease to what can sometimes be stressful days.  To become a wholesale customer (24% discount), place a onetime 100 PV order ($100) OR sign up for subscribe to save (any $ amount, and customizable every month with rewards).  I would love to welcome you and be your essential oil friend and educator!  Please use my referral link so we are connected. This link takes you straight to Young Living’s website to shop.

Let’s be friends on Instagram! (link) – that’s me! Message me your questions. I love sending snail mail filled with goodies for you to try.

Happy Fall Y’all!!

What is your favorite Fall scent?
Monday, October 4, 2021

List: The top ten trendiest Halloween costumes for young girls this year.

In early August, I went on a shopping spree in Homegoods.  While I went there specifically to look for a replacement tray, I ended up walking out with a basket full of everything but that one item.  Typical.  Am I right, ladies?!  To make matters worse, my daughter was with me and was acting like my cheerleader as I filled the shopping cart.  She cheered especially loud when I agreed to buy their Halloween costumes super early because they were literally dirt cheap!  It was in that specific aisle that I got a complete lesson on the trendy Halloween costumes for girls in 2021.

what halloween costume should i get for an 8 year old girl

If you didn't luck out like I did, it's officially the time of year to start scrambling to find your kids the perfect Halloween costume.  Lucky for you, I'm willing to share the knowledge that my daughter passed onto me in Homegoods.  You're welcome.  Here's a list of the top ten trendiest costumes.

what halloween costume should i get for an 8 year old girl

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to products.  We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Please note that I would only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions are my own.

Ten 10 trendiest Halloween costumes for girls.

Between the bright colors, puffy tutu, and cute headband, this costume is a young girl's dream.  To be honest, I'd totally rock it too...  It was no surprise when my daughter picked out this costume to wear for Halloween this year.

My daughter showed some serious love to her costume from last year.  You'll be relieved to hear that The Queen of Mean didn't get played out yet.  Instead, it's trendier than ever and the perfect Halloween costume!

...because it's apparently trendy to be a bug?

My baby girl went from loving Disney princesses to loving Disney zombie shows.  Luckily, the cheerleader costume from the show is trendy and not the living dead.

For the past few years, Wonder Woman has been a really popular Halloween costume for girls, teenagers, and women.  This character especially when played by Gal Gadot is beautiful, strong, and fearless.  Who wouldn't want to be Wonder Woman?!

These Halloween costumes look like giant one piece pajamas but with a hood.  When the hood is up, they look just like a specific animal.  The one pictured is a fox, but they have almost anything.  I saw elephants, flamingos, frogs, and much more.

For the young girls that are looking to be the bad girl turned good unlike her enemy The Queen of Mean, this is the character they'll want to dress up as for Halloween.  Have a group of kids to dress?  The characters from the Descendants would be such a fun theme, especially since there are boy and girl costumes available.

We can thank the new live action film for this trend!  I'm all about this super cute costume and offered to wear it myself if the kids would dress up as puppies.  That was shot down pretty quickly.  As in, immediately shut down as "lame".

I can't remember a time when the Sanderson sisters weren't trendy.  My daughter and her best friend always say they want to do this for Halloween, but then they end up fighting over who gets to be Winifred!  Which I don't understand.  Who wants to be Winifred?!

Kids everywhere are obsessed with the TV show Miraculous so I was totally NOT surprised when my daughter's second Halloween costume choice was Ladybug.  The request was unfortunately denied because the costume was lame and super expensive.  At that high price, it could have at least come with the polka dotted yoyo!

What is not included in this list yet is undoubtedly trendy, is Harley Quinn.  Why?  Because I just think it's inappropriate for my 8 year old daughter.

Are you dressing up this year?
Friday, October 1, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

I was reunited with... best friend!  She moved upstate a month before the pandemic and I haven't seen her since.  Not only did I get to catch up with my BFF, but I got to see her babies that aren't even babies anymore, and I got to eat at my favorite breakfast spot.  Her husband brought us a dozen of their farm fresh eggs laid by their chickens.  She ditched the suburban life for the country life and I got to admit that Sis makes it sound pretty darn good.

Here's to... not being another two years until I see her again!

We went on a...
...hike this past Sunday.  The three mile walk was exactly what I needed because my pants are way too tight.  While the kids stopped to observe a snake along the trail, I caught movement in the tree tops.  I didn't get the best picture, but we were graced with the presence of this Eastern Wood Peewee.  While this bird is not super rare for Long Island, it was a lifer for me!

I was way too happy to...
...decorate for the Fall!  All of my "regular" decorations are packed away and have been swapped with my favorite, Fall themed, rustic decor.

We did say good bye to...
...our locally sourced, fresh, GIANT sunflowers from the farmer's market.  We swapped them with fake ones instead.  The last batch we bought were infested with some sort of little bugs that spread through my home like a wildfire.  As sad as I am to say goodbye to my fresh flowers, the fake ones are gorgeous and no maintenance.

 What are your Friday Ramblings?
Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Review: A honest & detailed review of the Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain by Gexregel.

In the beginning of the Summer, I was a little upset that my hummingbird friends weren't stopping by to say hello.  Instead of crying about it although I may have whined a little, I decided to take action.  Using my hummingbird knowledge, I made some minor adjustments to my bird sanctuary.  Two days later, I got a visitor.  Within a week, I had at least four different regular hummingbird friends stopping by throughout the day.  In other words, the minor adjustments worked.

Fun Fact:  Hummingbirds are attracted to moving water.  They're more likely to fly through the mist of your sprinklers than to visit a stagnant puddle.

This fun fact got me thinking.  While I change the bird bath water daily, fact is, it's still holding stagnant water.  I needed an inexpensive and simple way to get that water moving!

how to turn a regular bird bath into a fountain

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to products.  We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Please note that I would only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions are my own.

Review: Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain by Gexregel

What is a solar powered bird bath fountain?

It's exactly as it sounds.  It's a solar powered disc with a little motor attached to it.  The motor takes the stagnant water from the bird bath and shoots it through a nozzle and into the air mimicking a fountain.

Why did you pick this specific model?

The first thing that attracted me to this specific model was the low price and ~4 star rating from Amazon.  My budget was very low because my husband is over spending money on birds.  This product by Gexregel was way under my $20 budget.  Another selling factor was the number of nozzles that comes with the product.  I would have been happy with one nozzle, but this product came with 6 so that was a bonus!

how to turn a regular bird bath into a fountain

Are you happy with your purchase?

I am happy that the Bird Bath Fountain (link) was effective.  Whether or not this is the winning adjustment that brought the hummingbirds is unknown, but after installing it, they came!

To be clear, I got what I paid for.  It is not very pretty as you can see from the photo.  The rubber straws are a bit of an eyesore but are necessary.  Without them, the fountain goes a little crazy swimming through the water.  I love the fact that it is solar powered, but was disappointed that it didn't reserve any of the solar energy.  The fountain pauses every time a thick cloud blocks the sunlight.

I was a disappointed to learn that only after a week of purchasing, my favorite nozzle got clogged with who knows what hopefully not bird poop and stopped working.  There is really no way to clean the nozzles so it became garbage.

Is there anything else that buyers should know?

Yes!  There is definitely one thing buyers should know about the Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain (link).  Bird baths are pretty shallow, especially when compared to a pool or a pond.  That being said, even with just the slightest breeze, the water blows out of your bird bath and empties it pretty quickly.  On a calm day, I refill my bird bath twice.  On a windy day, I have had to refill it up to five times before giving up.  I did move it to a deeper bird bath to see if that helped the situation.  It did help a little, but nothing significant.  On the bright side, I do a lot more refilling but a lot less cleaning.  Instead of having to clean daily, I can get away with cleaning the actual tub of the bird bath a few times a week after installing the fountain.

Did you make any fun changes to your garden?

Monday, September 27, 2021

List: Ten interesting facts about hummingbirds that you probably didn't know.

It's no secret that I'm literally OBSESSED with hummingbirds.  Every day that I work from home, I anxiously await a little hummingbird to say hi through the window while sipping some homemade nectar from the window feeder (link)Yes, of course I cook for the hummingbirds..

We're not the only ones that caught onto my obsession.  Pinterest did as well!  Every time that I log in to scroll through my feed for new ideas, there's always a few hummingbird articles that catch my eye.  After reading through many of these articles, I decided to proclaim myself a hummingbird expert.  Now that I have a new title under my belt, it is only natural for me to make a post with ten amazing facts about hummingbirds!

everything you need to know about hummingbirds

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to products.  We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Please note that I would only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions are my own.

Ten interesting facts about hummingbirds.

1.  Hummingbirds have fantastic memories and almost always return.
For such a small creature, one would easily assume that hummingbirds don't have the greatest memories.  Insert obnoxious BUZZ sound.  Well, it turns out that couldn't be farther from the truth!  Hummingbirds remember everything, right down to the location of a specific plant and the location where they hatched.  This makes it extremely important that feeders are reliable and consistent.

Idea:  Don't move feeder locations mid-season and wait until after dark to refill them.  If a hummingbird stumbles across a dry food source, they will move on to a reliable food source and may never return again.

2.  Hummingbird nests are the size of a thimble.
I always knew that hummingbird nests were small because you know, hummingbirds are tiny.  What I didn't realize was HOW small.  A nest is about the size of a thimble and the eggs are the size of a jelly bean.  That's not just small, it's practically magically tiny!

3.  Hummingbird nests are made of spiderwebs.
When I was researching how to find a hummingbird nest which the answer was basically 'you don't', I learned that their nests are mostly made of spiderwebs.  This unique material provides a comfortable nest that is flexible enough to stretch as the babies grow.

Note:  Many people talk about their hummingbird houses and provide false advertisements about it.  Hummingbirds do NOT live in houses.  They are nesting birds.  Don't waste your money unless you're simply looking for a decoration for your home.

4.  Hummingbirds randomly go into a sleep like state to conserve energy.
On the birding boards, many people express concern for hummingbirds that randomly flopped over in a sleep-like state while at the feeders.  This is natural and not cause for alarm.  It conserves energy and is known as torpor.  These little guys use so much as energy to survive, that torpor is necessary for their survival.

everything you need to know about hummingbirds

5.  Hummingbirds don't only eat nectar.
When my window feeder (link) started attracting ants, I freaked out.  I started researching ways to discourage the ants when I stumbled across a fun fact.  Hummingbirds eat small insects, including ants!  What I thought was a problem ended up being a nice addition to the menu for my little hummer friends.

Note:  If you have a hanging hummingbird feeder (link) and the ants are really becoming a nuisance, there's a handy little contraption does a fabulous job of solving the problem without any chemicals.  This umbrella shaped ant moat (link) is all that you need!

6.  Hummingbirds are the only bird that can fly backwards.
While I've seen it happen, I never really thought about it before.  Of all the birds that I've seen and we all know that's way too many birds, hummingbirds are the only ones that I've seen fly backwards or have the ability to hover in place.

7.  Hummingbirds have a short life expectancy.
Hummingbirds are the prime example of survival of the fittest.  Because of predators, high stakes regarding food source, and simply because of their size, the majority of hummingbirds don't make it past the first year of life.  This sad fact can be balanced out by the fact that the ones that do survive past year one, live for several years.  Hummingbirds in captivity have longer life spans that can reach 14 years.

Note:  The oldest wild ruby throated hummingbird ever recorded was 9 years old.

8.  Hummingbirds migrate very long distances.
Ruby throated hummingbirds travel from my house which is on Long Island all the way to southern Mexico and South America!  That's a real long flight for these little guys.  It's even longer for the hummers that spend the warmer months in Canada.

9.  Hummingbirds are attracted to moving water.
During my research of attracting hummingbirds, I learned that adding a solar powered fountain (link) to a bird bath attracts them.  Since hummingbirds are attracted to moving water, one can find them bathing in the mist of a fountain or even your sprinklers!

10.  Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red.
Hummingbirds are able to see more vivid colors than we are able to.  Because of this, they're attracted to flowers with bright colors such as pink, yellow, and red!  Did you ever notice that most hummingbird feeders are red?  This is why.  In fact, skip the feeders that aren't red.  I bought a blue one once and it ended up being a flop!

Note:  Some people try to make money off of fact #10 by selling jugs of red "hummingbird food".  Red food dye is actually harmful to the birds and is not necessary in attracting them.  Instead, opt for a red hummingbird feeder (link) and make your own nectar.  Click here for the simple recipe! (link)

Have you ever seen a wild hummingbird?
Friday, September 24, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

I found happiness in...
...a gnome village at a local park.  The trees are decorated with little doors and there are little shops all along the walkway.  There is a gnome cobbler, a gnome grocery store, and even a gnome Airbnb.  It was super cute a lovely moment of innocent fun during these outrageous times that have me slipping between depression and anxiety.

I have nothing else good to say this week... I'll end my post with this really insightful video.

What are your Friday Ramblings?
Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Travel: The New York Aquarium in Coney Island, NY

Back in August, we took a much anticipated day trip to play tourists in Coney Island!  To stick with the theme, we did all of the popular things to do including Deno's Wonderwheel Amusement Park, eating at Nathan's, and visiting the New York Aquarium.

The New York Aquarium is a place that is talked about in my family all of the time thanks to an adventure my father had as a child.  At a very young age, my dad hopped the fence to the penguin exhibit and was just chilling with the aquatic birds!  Despite hearing this story over and over again, I never took the time to visit until this past Summer. 

everything you need to know about the new york aquarium in brooklyn

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to products.  We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Please note that I would only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions are my own.

New York Aquarium | Brooklyn, NY

Where is the best place to stay?

There are many places to stay in the area, but the Best Western Brooklyn-Coney Island Inn (link) is the only one right in the heart of the action!  As a double bonus and exceptionally rare for the city, it comes with free ONSITE parking.

everything you need to know about the new york aquarium in brooklyn

Prices, Parking, & Reservations

There are two ways to enter the New York Aquarium.  For a fee, you can drive into their parking lot and enter through the front gates.  The second way is to find public parking nearby and then enter through the side entrance located on Riegelmann Boardwalk.  For those taking a day trip like us, it is super convenient to pay the $40 daily parking rate.  You're then free to explore Coney Island to your heart's content and retrieve your car at your own convenience.  The parking meter is a machine and does making following aquarium hours necessary.

While there are several options for parking and entering, there is only one current option to purchase tickets (link).  They must be done in advance and made with a very specific reservation that lists the time and date of your visit.  Ticket prices shown in the picture above are average for New York, but come with very little.  Your ticket comes with admission, a short, live show in the arena, and one 4-d experience.

**Please note, as of 9/13, they now require proof of vaccination for all guests ages 12+**  sigh..

everything you need to know about the new york aquarium in brooklyn

Exhibits & Things to Do

There are several indoor and outdoor exhibits to explore.
1.  The "Spineless" exhibit.  This is the home of the anticipated, super hyped up, yet highly disappointing, giant pacific octopus.
2.  Ocean Wonders: Sharks!
3.  Conservation Hall
4.  PlayQuarium.  This was closed due to COVID during our visit.
5.  Sea Cliffs.  This is the outdoor exhibit with the sea lions, otters, penguins, and seals.

The New York Aquarium also offers a live sea lion show at their outdoor aquatheater.  The animals were adorable and the trainers seemed to really love what they do.  That being said, the show is very short.  As in, it probably took us longer to enter and exit then it did for us to watch.  It also plays at very limited times throughout the day.  If you don't plan accordingly, you will miss this show.

As you're leaving, don't forget to stop by the 4-D theater located next to the parking lot.  This is where you'll watch an interactive video that's educational and probably existed when my dad hopped the penguin fence.

What was your favorite part of the visit?

There were really two things that stood out to me at the New York Aquarium.

1.  When everyone was mesmerized by the sharks, I couldn't stop staring at the really intimidating Japanese Spider Crab!  This guy was HUGE.  As in, GIGANTIC.  The beastly crustacean really looks like a spider and has these two eyes that were wiggling all around and in different directions at the same time.  As much as I was scared, I couldn't look away!

2.  The second thing that shocked me was the overlook at the Oceanview Bites restaurant.  We didn't eat here because of the ridiculous prices, but I had to walk all the way up just for the view!  We were able to see the boardwalk, the famous rides, the beach, the ocean, and all the way to a neighboring land that I think might be New Jersey.  It really was an unexpected highlight.

Would you recommend a visit to the New York Aquarium?

Maybe?  It didn't live up to the hype, but it was still a great time.  If you're playing tourist for the day, I would recommend adding it to your itinerary.  I would not recommend it if you're going just for a trip to an aquarium.

Have you ever been to an aquarium?
Monday, September 20, 2021

List: Ten festive, family friendly activities to do this Autumn.

 Do you know what Wednesday is?  Of course you do.

Wednesday is the first official day of Autumn.  We're not talking about the first day that stores put out Halloween costumes or when Starbucks released their Pumpkin Spice Latte because that's literally still the Summer.  We're talking about two days from now.   That Wednesday.  As in the real deal, people!!

In honor of my favorite season, I put together an Autumn bucket list, because #goals.

the ultimate fall bucket list to do as a family this year.

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to products.  We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Please note that I would only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions are my own.

A festive, family friendly Autumn bucket list!

1.  Take a road trip through the mountains.
There is just something so magical about driving through the rural countryside of the Catskill Mountains in the heart of the Fall.  The endless trees that line the road with beautiful Fall colors just puts me in the mood to kick off my Autumn bucket list.  Like every other year, we'll be taking our family trip to Villa Roma Resort in the Catskills (link)...and I just can't wait because this place deserves a Fall bucket list of its own!

2.  Make a pot of butternut squash soup.
Every year, my mom would make a gigantic thing of butternut squash soup.  She'd freeze it for easy meals throughout the Fall.  The hardest part is cutting up the squash, but, other than that, it's very simple to make.  Serve it with tortellini and molasses.  It's one of my favorite meals!

The kids really look forward to this annual festivity.  They get to paint and decorate their pumpkins, make s'mores, tell ghost stories, and mommy gets to sip wine by the fire.

modern trendy outside decor for the fall

As I already mentioned in the post linked above, I love to decorate for the Fall.  I do this by swapping out Autumn themed items to replace my "regular" decorations.

This year, I upped my game by investing a few new pieces.  My favorites are the Halloween themed garden gnomes (link).  I was too lazy to pack them away to take them out again in two weeks, so they've been chilling on my buffet table temporarily.  Once we actually decorate, our Halloween gnomes named Shamus the Witch and Shamus the Mummy, will go in the front flower beds.

5.  Celebrate World Rivers Day.
World Rivers Day falls on September 26th this year, but is always the 4th Sunday in September.  Research what events are happening in your area to celebrate.  Or, do your own thing!  Hike along a local river.  Bundle up and rent a kayak for the day.  We'll be participating in a River Walk along the Connetquot River where the "guide" will be sure to point out all the Fall wildlife that rely on the river for survival.

6.  Walk through a haunted festival.
For some spooky themed fun, take a night stroll through a haunted festival and enjoy the activities.  We love the one behind our local library.  The evening outside starts with fun games and crafts for the kids.  Then, at around 8pm, the "haunted gazebo" fills with all sorts of scary creatures.  Well, it's really the drama kids from the high school volunteering for our enjoyment!  But, you get the point.

the ultimate fall bucket list to do as a family this year.

7.  Visit a local farmer's market.
For some, this is a regular activity.  For others like ME, it's over an hour drive and something that usually can't be spur of the moment.  Stock up on fresh, locally sourced squash.  Pick up some mums.  And, my favorite, grab a few bundles of dried eucalyptus or lavender to replace last year's bundles.  Don't forget to enjoy a freshly roasted ear of corn and a slice of seasonal, homemade pie with a glass of hot apple cider!

Or, if it's after Halloween, get into the holiday spirit early by enjoying a binge of your favorite, cheesy holiday movies!

9.  Get creative with the falling leaves.
Instead of jumping into those nasty, bug infested, colorful leaves, get creative with them! Put them in a scrap book and research what species of tree it fell off of.  Use them to make works of art.  Or, go crazy, and bedazzle some leaves!

Last year we had lots of fun with this Pressed Flower Art kit (link).  I may try this with the kiddies again but with fall leaves and mums.  They make for great gifts for family from the kids!

10.  Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.
The Macy's Thanksgiving day parade is one of my favorite moments of the entire year.  This parade can be enjoyed with or without kids so make sure that you don't miss it!  If you do have kids, don't forget to hype them up for the grand finale because Santa can totally see through the TV.

What is on your Fall bucket list this year?