Monday, October 19, 2020

List: Ten essentials to pack for a trip to a water park.

This past August we took a trip to Kalahari in Pennsylvania to celebrate my husband's 30th birthday.  We went as a family of four with two kids, ages 7 and 2.  While I won't reminisce about the trip again, one thing I did regret was our packing list.  We went totally unprepared and Kalahari was ready for it.  They saw "SUCKER" written across our foreheads and sold us what we needed at about triple the price.

Don't believe me?  Here's an example.  I accidentally left our son's box of diapers next to our front door.  When we got to the resort, I realized what had happened and ran to their general store to get some.  Well, they sold diapers in packs of 3 as in three individual diapers for over $5 a pack.  Flash forward to September when we ventured to RI and I asked the hubby about six times "We did remember the diapers, right?".  Lesson learned.

To help you avoid the same struggle, here's a list of ten essentials you'll want to remember when packing for your trip to a water park.  I'm going to skip the basics here, but please don't forget your bathing suits!

what to bring with you to a water park

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Ten essentials to pack for a trip to a water park.

You may have some things that you'll be uncomfortable leaving behind at your table.  To avoid this, remember to pack a water proof travel neck wallet that's large enough to carry your phone and cash, but small enough to wear comfortably around your neck.  Even if you rent a locker, some things you'll want on you like a phone to snap some pics!
Can be found here.

While it's easier to remember water shoes for the kiddies, it's common to overlook the same need for an adult.  Water parks are frequented by a lot of people.  Basically, it's not a place you'll want to put your bare feet and the floor could be slippery.  Instead of falling in public chasing the kids in flip flops, invest in an inexpensive water shoe/sock for the entire family.
Can be found here.

When visiting a water park, you're going to want to bring a cooler to use while you're there and during the ride.  Pack your cooler with things you may need upon arrival such as cold water bottles, dairy free milk, or even medications.  Once at the resort, put those items in the fridge and use the cooler to transport items from your room to the park.
Can be found here.

Tip:  The food that's available at the park is most likely super expensive, unhealthy, and not the most tasty.  Stop at a deli before heading out to the park and fill your cooler with sandwiches.  You'll save a boat load of money and calories.

If you can't skip this part of your makeup routine completely, don't forget to pack a waterproof mascara for your trip.  Ever go to a water park with regular mascara?  You'll look like a zombie in under a minute and be temporarily blinded just as quick.
Can be found here.

Instead of spending >$100 in bottled water for the family, invest in a couple of these inexpensive reusable water bottles with a filter.  You'll be able to drink tap water without being skeeved and eliminate the hefty price tag that comes along with bottled water at a resort.
Can be found here.

Whenever we go to places that I know are going to be overly crowded and chaotic, I always bring a pen and liquid bandages.  I write my phone number on my kid's wrists and then protect it with the liquid bandage.  If for whatever reason and I hope to God it never actually happens, we get separated, they are taught to approach another mother with children for help.  That mother can then reach me with the phone number.
Can be found here.

A water park is mostly water rides, slides, sprinklers, and other play items.  We rarely think of large pools of water, but they're there.  Remember to pack goggles for your children because they're going to want to dunk and the chlorine in a water park is really strong.
Can be found here.

This inexpensive swim vest is perfect for the kids because it's thin and comfortable.  Most water parks supply community swimming vests, but, ew.  We brought arm swimmies for my son thinking that we were ahead of the game.  Little did we know that swimmies are insufficient for the younger kids in a water park.  Instead of using the community one, we bought one at the park for triple the price!
Can be found here.

The amount of chlorine used in a water park means that your eyes burn without even touching the water.  After a few slides you're going to wish that you remembered to pack your eye drops because the resort's store sells them for the price of gold.
Can be found here.

When packing for your trip to the water park, don't forget to throw a small, portable charger into your bag.  You'll be away from a private outlet for extended periods of time and you'll never know when you'll need a quick charge.
Can be found here.

Have you ever been to a water park?

Friday, October 16, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings

We're still upstate enjoying...
...the mountains and some leisurely family time.  We all chipped in to rent two timeshares so that the entire extended family could enjoy in the fun while getting away from the crowds, congestion, and traffic.

I've been going upstate for Columbus Day since...
...I was born!  Every Columbus Day, we would spend a long weekend in upstate New York to visit our great great Aunt Carmella.  She passed away a few years back at the age of 102, but we still continue to go every year.  Because of Corona Virus, we decided to extend that long weekend to an entire week.  I love that this is something my mother did since we was a little girl, something that we continued all throughout my life, and now something that MY kids look forward to.  Aunt Carmella would be so proud!

I apologize for the short Friday Ramblings but...
...I hope that you're having a FABULOUS weekend and are participating in some Autumn fun.

What are your Friday Ramblings? 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Review: MadisonReed Professional Hair Color

Brace yourselves because I'm about to share a deep, dark secret.  I have a patch of gray hair on the right side of my head right above my ear.  It's not just gray.  It's thick, coarse, gray hair that doesn't want to take any dye.  I've tried all the name brand boxed dyes and have even dumped over $100 at the hair salon.  The best result I've gotten was turning that patch of gray hair into a patch of blonde hair.  I was about to admit defeat and get blonde highlights to blend in the grey, when a co-worker saved me.  Or, at the very least, she saved my hair from the 90's trend of dark hair with yellow streaks...

She recommended MadisonReed Professional Hair Color!

Because of my history with all hair dye, I was skeptical to even waste time trying it.  Luckily, she convinced me to give one last product a try.

madisonreed hair color does it really work

Review:  MadisonReed Professional Hair Color

MadisonReed supplies professional hair color that is free of toxic chemicals and easily applied at home.

What is the order process like?

The order process is surprisingly simple!  You access their website at, select the "at home" option, and answer all of the questions honestly.  After filling out the questionnaire, the website will recommend the product that best fits your needs.  For me, this was coverage of my color resistant grays.  I got Ravenna Brown (3.5NNN) Darkest Brown for resistant grays as pictured above.

How expensive is this product?

My first order was $26.50+tax.  To subscribe, it goes down to $22.00+tax.  While this is expensive for a box dye, it's significantly cheaper than the hair salon.  The kit also comes with more items than the typical box does.  My kits came with hair color, color activator, gloves, a cap, petroleum jelly, a makeup remover wipe, shampoo, and conditioner.

What is your favorite part about the product?

As you all know and are probably sick of hearing, I have terrible skin allergies.  With my sensitive skin, it was comforting to know that this product is without any harsh chemicals.  That means it is free of ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, gluten, SLS, and titanium dioxide.  Where it's lacking in harmful ingredients, it's bulked up with keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract.  Without going all hippie on you guys, I have to say, the more natural the product, the better!

Did it really cover your stubborn grays?

YES!!!  It totally DID!!!  Sorry, just a little excited over here..  As pictured above, the gray patch above my ear completely disappeared and matches the rest of my hair.  Usually with a dark dye, the gray hairs turn into a blondish color at best.  With MadisonReed hair color, the grays were fully covered and completely matched the rest of my head.

So, you were completely, 100% satisfied with the product?

It's the best product that I've used to date, including the hair salon color.  That being said, I would say that I'm 95% satisfied with the product.  MadisonReed advertises that your hair will be left feeling "healthy, conditioned, and shiny".  While it didn't damage my hair, it was definitely left a little dry and coarse compared to what I started with.  I slept with coconut oil overnight and after a second wash the texture of my hair improved.

Are you going to subscribe for regular shipments?

Yes.  I already subscribed for shipments once every 5 weeks.  If this isn't enough, I will modify it.

I would highly recommend MadisonReed Professional Hair Color.

Did you ever use boxed hair dye?

Monday, October 12, 2020

List: Top ten favorite fall decor items for the interior of your home.

With the change of seasons comes the change of home decor plus a deep clean.  For the first day of Fall, we put away our glistening mosaics and pops of teal.  We replaced them with golden hues and subtle indications of harvest.  While we'll put out a darker piece or two as a nod to Halloween, our goal here is to decorate for Autumn.  With a similar mindset, you can easily create a festive space that looks like an Autumn wonderland.  In this post, I'll share with you my favorite tips and tricks for this seasonal decor swap.

how to decorate your home for autumn to look like a magazine cover

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10 Fall decor ideas to transform your home for the season.

1.  Lanterns with Seasonal Fillers
One of our favorite pieces of decor that's become a staple in our home no matter what season are our two lanterns.  They're tall, off white, with four see through walls.  To transform them into Fall decor, we fill them with glass balls, artificial succulents, and gorgeous porporri balls made to look like Fall foliage.

2.  Decorative Golden Pumpkin Fillers
I have a supply of golden decorative styrofoam pumpkins in the attic that I take down every season.  I use them to fill the bowl on the coffee table, as a pop of color in the curio cabinets, and as a finishing touch to our cornucopia.  This simple idea sticks with the Fall team and the golden hues.  It also helps to tie together multiple pieces since they are scattered throughout the home.

3.  Glass pumpkin with Lid Filled with Candy Corn
Our glass pumpkin jar may look plain and boring, but once it's filled with candy corn, it turns a beautiful shade of orange and is quickly eaten by the kiddies!  For the Month of October, give a nod to Halloween with slipping some fake spiders in there that visitors can peep through the glass.

4.  Seasonal Dish Towels
With the change of season comes the change of our dish towels.  To go with our Fall decor, I have a show dish towel draped along the handle of our oven.  Additionally, we have solid colored dish towels that we actually use draped on a handle next to the sink.

how to decorate the interior for Autumn

5.  Display a Seasonal Cookie Jar
In the center of my long kitchen counter is always a beautiful cookie jar filled to the brim with the best candy!  Autumn is no exception.  I carefully pack away my regular cookie jar and put out a tasteful one in the shape of a pumpkin.  It's a simple swap, but the perfect piece of Fall decor to give the kitchen a mini makeover!

6.  Golden Sign For Centerpiece of Mantle
As part of our Fall decor, we swap our regular centerpiece for a wooden sign with gold writing that reads "Blessed" in script.  It's a beautiful piece and appropriately rustic for the Autumn season.  I also feel that the message is a simple nod to Thanksgiving.

7.  Fall Themed Lumbar Pillow
Another piece of decor that gets swapped for something seasonal is the lumbar pillow that I have displayed on the center of a decorative bench.  To go with our Fall decor, our regular lumbar pillow is replaced with a rustic looking one that reads "Grateful" in a golden colored script.

8.  Fill Vases with Artificial Fall Colored Leaves on Stems
Every Autumn I pack away my artificial flowers and refill my vase with artificial leaves with stems.  These leaves are gorgeous fall colors with hints of gold to match the rest of our Fall decor.  This simple swap transforms any vase so that it looks like it was made specifically to go with your Fall decor!

9  Display Ceramic Pieces that are Fall Themed
No interior Fall decor would be complete without a few festive ceramic pieces thrown in, tastefully, please.  My favorite place to display these pieces are on our fireplace mantle.  We have several blown glass pumpkins that match everything perfectly.  Additionally, we have our gold colored ceramic turkey and a ceramic pick up truck carrying an Autumn harvest displayed on our mantle.  These pieces are the most fun and the most unique to the season!

10.  A Cornucopia Filled with Gourds
It's tradition to display a cornucopia as part of your Fall decor.  You can choose to display a cornucopia that's filled with fake, ceramic gourds or you can choose a gorgeous one that's empty and fill it yourself.  We go with the latter.  We have a traditional Lenox cornucopia that I absolutely adore!  We fill it with dried gourds that I bought in bulk years ago.  The extra gourds are scattered throughout my home and used to fill other places such as candy dishes.

 We have learned over the years to use decorative items that can be transformed throughout the seasons like our lanterns, vases, and lumbar pillows.  This allows us to simply swap out items instead of rearranging everything.  Additionally, we learned to have recurring themes.  To simply say "Fall decor" is not enough.  We go with golden, harvest themed Fall decor which helps to make all rooms flow nicely.  This is especially important in homes like ours with an open floor plan.

No matter what you do, have fun with it and HAPPY DECORATING!

What is your favorite Fall decor?

Friday, October 9, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

outdoor harvest decoration ideas with hay

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Friday Ramblings

We're packing it up and getting ready to go to...
...Callicoon, NY!  We have vacation time to burn before the company eats it so we decided to spend a week in the mountains.  We'll be hiding from drama, chaos, and the hustle of life.  Every year we take the drive for the weekend, but this will be the first time in a long time spending an entire week there.  We're looking forward to it!

We went pumpkin picking...
...and ended up hauling home a lot more pumpkins than we anticipated.  The cashier accidentally rang us up for two bales of hay.  She couldn't give us a refund for the second one because of COVID, so we were told to take pumpkins equal to the value of the hay.  The end result was the above display.

I'm a little sad because...
...the heel to my favorite boots broke off!  They had a good run of at 8 solid years, but they were super comfortable and stylish.  I'm hoping that my father can save them so that they last a few more seasons.

Baby boy is looking forward to...
...a drive through Jurassic Park display!  I'm hoping that it isn't a dud because the ticket was $60 and Prince Charming would be really disappointed.

I'm absolutely ecstatic that...
...the fiscal year end is over.  I had so much work to do for the entire month of September that I was working from about 7AM to 2AM, including weekends.  To stay I am burnt is an understatement.

I'm totally IN LOVE with...
...this new lipstick!  I decided to ditch my typical lipstick of Outlast by Cover Girl because it was leaving my lips dry and peeling.  My husband surprised me with a new tube of lipstick in a brand I've never heard of.  The color is perfect, it stays on for hours at a time, AND it leaves my lips feeling moist.  Sometimes you need a push to break routine, but I'm glad he pushed because I'll now be loyal to Eternal Cosmetics!

What are your Friday Ramblings?

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

DIY: How to keep away hornets and wasps naturally.

Those of you that have been here a while know that I am  P E T R I F I E D  of bugs.  We're not talking about the average fear of bugs that most people suffer from.  I'm talking about a fear that I may throw a baby, scream in public, and run at the sight of one.

To keep my fear under control, we hire an exterminator to come at least twice a year.  He sprays the perimeter of the house, the lawn, and the bushes.  He even sprays the roof!  Seriously..  No matter how much spraying he does, there isn't much he can do about flying, stinging creatures.  He told me to do research on landscaping to act as a deterrent for hornets, wasps, and bees.  For the most part it worked, except for these GIGANTIC, jet black, ugly hornets.  They love our wood deck and would come to sunbathe on it all day long.

When all else failed, I decided to go to the all knowing gurus of all things.  I made a post in the local mom's group to see if they had any ideas.  Most of the mom's just sympathized and followed the post to see if there was an answer.  But, one mom, my new favorite mom BTW, had a little golden nugget of wisdom to share!

natural method to exterminate wasps; chemical free method to get rid of bees

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How to naturally deter hornets and wasps.

Wasps and hornets are territorial creatures that won't enter another hive's turf.   This means that the easiest and most natural way to keep them away is to fake them out. 

Not Fun Fact- Hornets are just another type of wasp.  They're bigger and fatter, but still a wasp.  

After doing some research, I found this mom's advice to be absolutely true.  The best way to keep wasps far away from you is to hang a decoy wasp nest.  The wasps will think that the area was already claimed by a different hive and leave it be.

Originally, I thought I would save a few bucks and ask my great aunt to knit me a fake nest.  Flash forward to when my exterminator told me it looked like a coconut.  It failed, miserably.

I didn't give up.  Instead I decided to do a little more research and found some realistic looking AND AFFORDABLE fake wasp nests.  To start, I only purchased one and hung in the far corner of my deck area.  Problem solved.  I waited two solid weeks and didn't see one single hornet or wasp.  After the initial two weeks, I purchased two more.  One I hung up near my feeders since they unfortunately attract all sorts of stinging things and the other I hung up near the front door.

Ladies and gentleman, I did not see any wasps for the rest of the season.  For the first time in a long time, I was able to sit outside and enjoy family time.  I got to play in the pool with the kids and I was able to eat on the deck in peace.  It was honestly the best investment that I ever made and it was a hell of a lot cheaper than an exterminatorI couldn't believe that after all this time there was such a natural, effective, and cost efficient way of keeping wasps and hornets away.  It makes me wonder why this method isn't more widely know.

I plan to leave it hanging all Winter long that way I don't miss the first bee that flies by next year.  I'll update the post at the point to let you know how it survived the Winter.

Please note, the decoy nest does not work on honey bees, bumble bees, or yellow jackets.  I still had all of the above visiting my plants and flowers.  Luckily, our visitors were mostly honey bees and bumble bees which really don't bother me.

Have you ever used a fake wasp nest?

Monday, October 5, 2020

List: Ten effective strategies to discreetly add more activity to your life.

Does anyone remember this post or this postCome on, they only date back to 2015!  Well, it's five years later, and I'm still having a hard time committing to an active routine.

These days I'm not just a little overweight or flabby, I'm straight up puffy.  I work sitting down.  I eat sitting down.  Then I do the grand finale of laying down to watch TV.  The past few months of isolation got me in such a funk that my whole body swelled.

Gyms are remaining closed and we are still trying to avoid public places.  Our favorite Summer events that kept us moving have been postponed indefinitely or cancelled.  My high heels that I wear to work that help keep my legs shaped are sitting unused collecting dust.  We can't even go to a park and chase the kiddies around the playground yet this year!  That means that I need to come up with new tricks to get active without trying.  Maybe round three will be the one that sticks?  Let's hope so!

how to become more active in ten simple steps

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Ten strategies to be more active without even trying.

1.  Have fun with a scavenger hunt phone app.
Whether it's with your kiddies or an active date night with your man, have fun with a scavenger hunt.  There are plenty of free applications and/or lists for you to plan the hunt.  It could be a neighborhood scavenger hunt, one around a local city, or even a nature hunt.  Whatever it is, get up, get active, and scavenge!  Winner gets ice cream.  What?  Ok, counterproductive..

2.  Wash the car by hand.
Washing a car by hand for about 30 minutes burns approximately 140 calories.  This is an easy and productive way to burn calories while adding more activity to your life.
  How many calories do you burn washing a toddler?  Asking for a friend.

3.  Do a squat challenge. 
I used to do 10 squats every time I went to the bathroom.  It saved time and kept my legs fit.  Starting immediately, I will be doing this daily and hope to never get lazy with it again.

4.  Do an outdoor clean up.
Rake the leaves, power wash the deck, weed the flower beds, and turn the soil.  Vacuuming bird seed from the lawn with a shop vac is also a very good way to stay active.   Yes, seriously..

5.  Race the clock to clean the house.
Our cleaning day is Saturday.  We try to scrub the house from top to bottom before bedtime.  Instead of doing this leisurely, we have decided to set a timer and race the clock.  This will make us more productive, sweat, burn extra calories, and have extra time for fun.

6.  Pause while sweeping for broom exercises.
Some of the best arm and back work outs can be done with the help of your broom.  Sit on a chair, lean forward, hold the broom upright, and rotate side to side without moving your bottom half.

7.  Use a step counter.
It could be a Fitbit, a phone app, or a little thing to hook onto your belt loop.  I've been using this one.  It's inexpensive, has a heart monitor, and water protection, but isn't as fancy.  You'll be surprised how many steps you take during the day.  You'll feel challenged to do more.  One time I reached 9800 steps at bedtime.  I got out of bed and marched around for 200 steps!

8.  Scavenge along the seashore. 
Get active by taking a walk along a shoreline to collect seashells or smooth rocks for a potential backyard project later.

9.  Learn a dance routine.   
There are lots of YouTube videos that do a great job teaching you a new dance.  Pick an upbeat song, shake your butt, and have some fun trying to learn the choreography.

10.  Become a birdie.
A birdie is the appropriately cute nickname given to people who bird watch regularly.  Get a list of birds that are native to your area and try to find them in a local park or preserve.  You can change it up by looking for land birds one day and sea birds another.  Going for a hike is a great way to be more active and always a lot more fun when you give in and join the birdies!!

How do you remain active?
Friday, October 2, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

what food and feeder brings american goldfinch

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Life:  Friday Ramblings

Our American Goldfinches had...
...babies!!!  These little guys spend the entire day hanging out in my bird sanctuary and munching on our nyjer seed as you can see in the video.  I'm way more excited than I should be able this, but they are so stinking cute that I can't help myself.  They are also very BOLD!  I walk right up to them and they don't even flinch.  All the other birds fly away and these little guys just look at me like "What's their problem?".

This bird feeder and this nyjer bird seed are the exact ones that I use to attract them.

Did you know that...
...American Goldfinches don't nest until July which means that we get to enjoy their babies in the Fall?  I didn't until recently, but it made very happy to learn!

My kids finally picked out their...
...Halloween costumes!  My daughter chose to the Queen of Mean from Descendants and my son picked Baby Shark.  Big shocker, right?  I'm not sure what Halloween is going to be like this year, but we will do our best to make it as special as possible.

My son got the scare of his life at...
...a hardware store!  He decided to hit a button, and this GIGANTIC werewolf decoration starting roaring and then bent down right to him.  He just froze, started to cry, and then screamed "scared me" over and over again.  Now he keeps saying "Is it a werewolf?  I'm scared." whenever he hears any noise.  But I bet he'll hit less random buttons! 

I'm infuriated that... daughter's back pack weighs literally more than half her body weight.  I stuck in on the scale and was in complete shock at the weight.  I called the school to complain, but they told me there is nothing they can do about it.  They want them to bring everything back and forth in case there is a shut down.

We did get some good news that... daughter's schools will be reopening full time start November 9th.  Start the countdown!

I'm ECSTATIC that...
...September has ended along with my job's year end close.  With all the lay offs and growth targets we were given this year, I easily worked 12 hour days including weekends for an entire month.  I'm burnt out and ready to relax.

What are your Friday Ramblings?

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Travel: The best breakfast in Providence, Rhode Island - Brickway on Wickenden

As promised last week, I had one last post for you guys about our trip to Rhode Island.  Today we're going to talk about the best breakfast spot that we experienced while in Providence, RI.  Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day.  I could easily eat breakfast food for lunch and dinner too but then I'd probably be 100 pounds heavier.  Knowing this, it was important for me to try out several spots.

Hands down, the best breakfast spot in Providence, RI was Brickway on Wickenden.

brickway on wickenden detailed review

Brickway on Wickenden in Providence, RI

For starters, I wanted to try a spot that was a good representation of the beautiful city.  Providence is full of history and some beautifully maintained historic sites.  The more modern parts of Providence are full of bright, bold murals, statues, sculptures, and lots of art.  This is probably due to the location of prestigious art schools in the city such as RISD.  For our favorite breakfast spot, I wanted something that was a mix of both.

The restaurant was in the historic district and the building looked it.  Brickway on Wickenden is a tiny place tucked into a gorgeously weathered brick building.  You have to walk down a tiny alleyway that screamed stories of the past to enter it.  To not disturb the brickwork, the restaurant had wooden murals of bold, unique displays of artwork along the alleyway.  When you enter the building, you see the beautiful brickwork continue throughout the interior of the restaurant.  Where the walls have been covered in plaster, all you see is gorgeous, bright, bold artwork.  As you can see in the photos above, this place was truly a good representative of both the historic and modern parts of Providence.

brickway on wickenden detailed review

While the atmosphere of the restaurant is a good place the start, what's REALLY important are the food choices and quality of the eats.  Brickway on Wickenden had a large breakfast menu filled with lots of different options.  There was something there for everyone.  What really impressed me was their unique dishes that sounded really appetizing.

I ordered the Popeye special which was an omelette filled with spinach obviously, goat cheese,  and portabella mushrooms.  It came with homefries and and toast.  Ladies and gentleman, I was IMPRESSED.  This was by far the best omelette that I have ever eaten.  The egg was so thin that you barely new it was there and was wrapped around the good stuff like a burrito.  The inside was filled with generous portions of all three additions and you could tell that they were fresh, quality ingredients.  I'd return to Providence just for the Popeye special!

brickway on wickenden detailed review

Note:  Brickway on Wickden gets bonus points from me for having soy milk!  I went to several eateries and none were able to accommodate me with dairy free milk except for this restaurant.  Basically, we were forced to frequent Starbucks.  Additionally, they had several delicious menu choices that would be suitable for a vegetarian or someone with a dairy allergy.

My kids split a short stack of pancakes which they gobbled up quickly despite being enough food for four children.  My husband got an omelette that was presented like mine except it was stuffed with corn beef hash.  Let me be clear when I say this was his dream breakfast dish!

I would normally list the cons to our visit here, but I promise that there was none.  The service was attentive without being too attentive because, as NYers, people who are too attentive make us uncomfortableThe food was delicious.  The location was fabulous.  And the environment was great.  There are no complaints here!

The restaurant Brickway on Wickenden gets my vote for the best breakfast spot in Providence, Rhode Island.

What is your favorite breakfast food?
Monday, September 28, 2020

List: Ten fun family activities to do this Autumn.

Happy Fall, y'all!
Last Tuesday marked the official first day of the fall season.

It's no secret that Autumn is my favorite season, mostly thanks to the cool, crisp air.  You all know the deal.. better hair days, favorite holiday, etc.  No need to beat a dead horse.  Since it is my favorite season, I feel a little pressure to pack it with lots of fun activities.  Luckily, this is one season where it's easy to compile a bucket list since there are lots of things to do.  For a double win, they are mostly outside because coronavirus and on a budget because pay cuts.  Here's to another fabulous Autumn with lots of smiles, action, laughs, and memories.

fall activities 2020; things to do fall; things to do autumn; autumn bucket list; fall bucket list

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Ten Fall activities to do in 2020.

1.  Take a road trip through the mountains.
Every October, we take a little trip to the Catskill Mountains for a change of scenery.  The fall foliage is gorgeous.  The roads wind through the mountains surrounded with colored trees.  We stop about 3 hours upstate in a town called Callicoon, NY.  This place is like an Autumn wonderland.

2.  Play in a corn kernel pit.
..or just watch someone else to do it because it is kind of gross..  The kiddies love to jump in it, bury themselves in it, make corn kernel angels, and throw it.

3.  Go apple picking.
Spend an afternoon visiting an apple orchard or local apple festival with your family.  Here you can pick bushels of apples, enjoy some apple cider, and take pictures with a gorgeous backdrop.

4.  Bake apple pies.
With the bushels of apples that you picked above, bake them into multiple apple pies.  Invite your BFF or grandmother and get peeling, kneading, chopping, and baking.  

Idea:  Last year, my cousin baked apple pies, boxed them in professional looking boxes like these, tied festive ribbon around the boxes, and gave us a fun surprise for Thanksgiving.

5.  Get lost in a corn maze.
With a quick Google search, find the most challenging corn maze within a reasonable distance.  Spend the afternoon getting lost in the maze and trying to get out.  If you have kids, let them lead.  If you don't have kids, wait until night falls and have fun walking through a haunted corn maze.

On a warmer Autumn afternoon, spend time outside decorating pumpkins for your stoop.  You can carve, paint, draw, stencil, or even use stickers to make the ultimate pumpkins.

Idea:  My daughter made a special request to get this Cinderella decorating kit for her pumpkin this year because we all know she's a little extra!

7.  Re-pot your indoor plants.
Autumn is the best time to maintain all of your indoor plants.  Take a day to change their soil, clean the leaves with Miracle-Gro's Leaf Shine spray because no leaf wants to be dull, and re-pot them if they outgrew their current home.

8.  Have a spooky themed party.
Light a fire, make s'mores, and tell each other the spookiest stories that you can think of.  For added effect, light the jack-o-lanterns that you made earlier and hang fake spider webs.

9.  Make caramel apples.
Since bobbing for apples may not best the idea this year, make caramel apples instead.  Good thing you picked those bushels of apples earlier this season!

10.  Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.
The Macy's Thanksgiving day parade is one of my favorite moments of the entire year.  This parade can be enjoyed with or without kids so make sure that you don't miss it!  If you do have kids, don't forget to hype them up for the grand finale.  Because Santa can see through the TV!

What's on your Fall bucket list this year?