Monday, July 26, 2021

List: Ten traditional gift ideas for a 6th year wedding anniversary.

 While I feel like we just finished celebrating our 5th year wedding anniversary, it's actually time to celebrate year 6.  After I got over the initial shock, I immediately went to look up the traditional gift for a 6th wedding anniversary.

The traditional gift for a 6 year wedding anniversary is iron to represent strength.

what to buy for a 6 year wedding anniversary for iron

Opting for experiences over things, my husband takes me out on our semi-annual date night every year around our anniversary because he lucked the hell out by having our anniversary and both our birthdays fall on the same weekWe skip the birthday gifts, but always do a little nod to the traditional anniversary presents.  Our rules are simple.  They have to follow tradition and be something for our home.  Here's what we did so far.

1st Anniversary - Paper - Paris in Color Coffee Table Book (link)
2nd Anniversary - Cotton - Teal Heart String Art
3rd Anniversary - Leather - Engraved Leather Picture Frame (link)
4th Anniversary - Flowers - Hand Pressed Rose DIY from our garden in a Glass Frame (link)
5th Anniversary - Wood - Buffet Table

Wanting to continue the tradition, we've been researching some ideas for year six.  Not wanting my research to go to waste, here are 10 of those ideas that we were actually considering.

what to buy for a 6 year wedding anniversary for iron

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to products.  We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Please note that I would only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions are my own.

Ten traditional 6th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

Despite the heavy cooking that we do in our home, we do not own a cast iron skillet!  I love when my dad cooks on his cast iron skillet while telling the story of how it got passed down to him.  A cast iron skillet is a gift of iron and sometimes a gift of legacy.

About 7 years ago, we gifted Madre with one of these for Christmas.  The wrought iron material looks like new despite living outdoors throughout all 4 seasons for almost a decade.  Ultimately, we decided not to be a copy cat, but this pretty little plant holder would make a lovely gift for a 6th wedding anniversary.

My husband always admires decorative trinkets like this in other people's homes.  When I saw this, I immediately knew he'd love this as a gift.  The statue is made of cast iron and is handcrafted which means each one is a little unique making it the perfect 6th year anniversary gift!

This ice bucket is made of galvanized iron and is lined with stainless steel.  The galvanized iron gives it a rustic look that would look fabulous on our buffet table and the stainless steel lining makes it functional.  This gift idea is the perfect blend of stylish and functional.

This adorable cast iron key holder is both decorative and functional.  I teased my husband that it will save us lots of arguments while trying to find lost keys.  I was only half kidding...  While less arguments is a great matrimonial win, we ultimately decided that the very black design would clash in our home.

This bird made the cut simply because he's stinking ADORABLE!  The iron decoration has a little heart on its belly which makes it extra appropriate for a 6th wedding anniversary.  As a double bonus, the wrought iron bird is made by hand in an authentic Canadian blacksmith shop.

I loved the idea of an address plaque to replace the peeling, destroyed stickers that we have attached to our mailbox.  While I'm not a huge fan of the monogram design, this company has lots of options to choose from.  They are also one of the few companies to use real cast iron instead of other treated metals.

This item has been saved for later in my Amazon cart for a while.  Mostly because I love pigs, but also because I think it would look lovely laid out on top of my kitchen cabinets.  If we didn't want to use it as decoration, we'd get lots of use out of it every Sunday when my husband makes his famous bacon or when he grills us some burgers.

Since our previous wind chime perished in a surprise storm last year, I thought that this vintage, wrought iron wind chime would make a great replacement and a fun anniversary gift.

If we didn't already have a metal bird bath that I absolutely adore, than I would have advocated for this idea.  Imagine the mommy and daddy birds in the bottom and the baby chick fluttering in the top..  How cute?!  The base of the bird bath is made of cast iron which makes it a traditional 6th anniversary gift, but the top is made of aluminum.  The aluminum material is important since this helps weather proof the basin.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

With the free time we had on Sunday, we...
...visited a new wildlife refuge out east.  We had SO much fun until we saw THIS GUY.  Ok, so I'm exaggerating.  He wasn't really a kill joy..  This giant turkey led us down the trail for a solid 15 minutes.  While the turkey totally freaked me out, it did its best to keep its distance from us while leading our walk.

Bonus points for whoever can tell me what in the world is that long, hairy thing dangling from its chest?!

I felt like I got dumped when...
...I learned that the company I work for restructured the organization again and that my boss would change roles.  As a reminder, my boss is the one who saved my job after my position was eliminated during the last restructure.  He's not just a boss, but a mentor and a good guy. While he did say that he's trying to fight upper management so that I don't have to change managers, it doesn't look very probable.

So please excuse me as I...
...shove my face with ice cream since I feel like I'm going through a heart wrenching break up!

I finally got the results to...
...the notary exam that I took in May and I PASSED!

Please join me in wishing... husband a very happy 31st birthday!  We love you and wish you the best day ever.  Thank you for all that you do for us from keeping house to working hard to taking my annoying ass bird watching.  Here's to many more years of health and happiness.  Happy birthday!

What are your Friday Ramblings?
Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Life: Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge in Sag Harbor, NY

The Long Island birding boards are constantly talking about a local bird sanctuary on eastern Long Island called the Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge (link).  While we have several local nature preserves and wildlife refuges, this one stands out to birders for several reasons.

1.  It's the home to nesting shorebirds such as the endangered and very cute piping plover.
2.  Wild birds have become accustomed to eating seeds from people's hands.
3.  It's home to Jessup's Neck which is a stopping place for many different migrating birds.

While I'm sure that there are many more reasons that birders love this spot, they had me sold with piping plovers and hand feeding birds!  Almost immediately I started annoying begging my husband to take us on a drive out east to spend a day.  It took a couple of months, but he finally agreed.  For the record, he's already planning a 2nd trip without any instigation from me!

bird sanctuary out east in sag harbor long island new york

The Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge is located in Noyak, NY which is basically Sag Harbor.  This upscale, boating community is gorgeous but located so far out east that it's near the end of the island.  The park's location is probably the reason that it's not as popular as it should be.  It could take Long Islanders up to 2-1/2 hours to get to depending on how far west they live.  Ladies and gentleman, don't let the drive discourage you!  It was totally worth the trip.

Almost immediately upon entering the park, a tufted titmouse started chirping at my husband.  He lifted up his hand with a fistful of 100% black oil sunflower seeds (link).  The tufted titmouse flew right to his hand, grabbed a seed, and then flew to a nearby tree to eat it.  That same bird kept us entertained for quite a while grabbing food from our hands.  Well, not mine.  I was too chicken.  This unique experience is one that we will remember forever.

I got lucky and snapped the below picture of my daughter.  It is a shot of the first time the tufted titmouse ate from her hand.  Just look at that face!

bird sanctuary out east in sag harbor long island new york

We walked the full trail and saw lots of birds along the way.  In addition to the smaller songbirds that we were able to interact with mostly tufted titmice, chickadees, and nuthatches, there were lots of other birds including a GIGANTIC wild turkey to observe and enjoy.  There was other wildlife as well including chipmunks and squirrels.  Signs were posted in several places asking guests to report any sightings of sea turtles.  Unfortunately, we were not lucky enough to see any sea turtles but it was cool to know that they were there.

At the end of the 3/4 mile loop through the woods, you end at the gorgeous Jessup's Neck beach area.  While most of the beach was closed to protect the nesting shorebirds, there was plenty of beach to rest and relax.  We were not prepared to hang out at the beach, so we stayed on the small wooden boardwalk and enjoyed looking through the binoculars they had there.  The land is so thin that in one look you can see the ocean on one side and the bay on the other.

The area of the beach that was gated is where the piping plovers live.  As hopeful as I was to seeing one, all I saw was two seagulls and an osprey.  While I was mildly disappointed, I reminded myself that was an excuse to come back again!  With the number of signs and gates from the look out point pictured below, one would imagine this is the place to observe a piping plover.

bird sanctuary out east in sag harbor long island new york

The information that we found online was very limited, so I figured I'd list a few things that would be helpful to new visitors.

1.  Although small, there is a parking fee.  It's $4 for the day or $12 for an annual pass.
2.  They DO NOT sell bird seed onsite.  Be prepared with your own bird seed (link).
3.  There are portable toilets onsite, but no formal restrooms.  In other words, go before go and bring hand sanitizer!
4.  The beach is gorgeous.  For a double fun day, come prepared to hike and beach bum it up.
5.  Sag Harbor is a beautiful boating community with some of the best seafood.  Before you go, do some research and end your day with a delicious meal at a casual, outdoor, waterfront dining spot!

Has a wild bird ever landed on your hand?

Monday, July 19, 2021

List: Ten things that kids do that I just can't understand.

 As my darling daughter so graciously pointed out to me several times, I constantly exclaim "but, WHY?!" in complete bewilderment.  There are things that children do that leave me questioning the purpose of life.  This can only mean one of two things.
1.  I lack the mental ability to understand the simplest of things.
2.  I'm officially really, really, REALLY old.
It's a rhetorical question.  Don't answer it.
To prove my point, I'm going to give you ten real life examples that caused me to yell out "but, WHY?!".  Bonus points to whoever can make sense of these in the comments.  #momlife

mom life humor funny article

Ten things that kids do that I just can't understand.

1.  Watching endless loops of videos of people opening toys.
I have seen way too many children lose hours of their lives watching these ridiculous videos!  My kids, my kid's friends, and my baby cousins have all fell victim to these videos.  Random arms and hands appear on the screen.  These hands then spend about 5 minutes meticulously opening boxes with toys with horrible elevator music playing in the background.  These videos have me asking "but, WHY?!".

2.  Playing, making, and OBSESSING over slime.
As a kid, the only slime I knew about was the green slime that would pour over celebrities heads on Nickelodeon.  I know, you're leaning towards #2 now.  I never had a desire to make it, play with it, or touch it.  Modern day kids obsess over slime.  They buy kits to make slime.  They buy accessories to put in their slime.  They even sit still for HOURS at a time just touching the slime.  It has me asking "but, WHY?!".

3.  Putting a poop emoji on the same level as unicorns and dinosaurs.
We all saw the rise in popularity that poop was having recently.  My daughter has clothes, stamps, toys, Play Doh sets, and a million other things with the poop emoji all over it.  One day, we were at an art party and my daughter had the option of picking ANY canvas she wanted.  Out of the dozens of options, she picked a giant poop to craft and then gifted it to her grandmother!  It made me and grandma yell out "but, WHY?!".

4.  Charging at walls with a vacuum cleaner extension.
The running joke used to be that a kid can be entertained for hours with a box.  That was past.  Present day is that kids can be entertained for hours with a vacuum cleaner extension.  It has come to the point that I have to hide the extension.  If I don't hide it quick enough, you'll see my two year old son run full speed into a wall with the vacuum extension pointed outwards while screaming "CHARGE!!".  As he's screaming at the wall, I'm screaming at him "but, WHY?!".

5.  Being a news reporter while reporting every little thing we do.
I grew up knowing that "snitches get stiches" and that everything is "none of their business".  I would never, ever go out of my way to repeat something that happened in my house because, why would I?  Besides, nothing juicy ever really happened.  Well, my kids report out everything!  They call their grandparents constantly to report on our every move.  They even report out when I use the restroom!  It's got me wondering "but, WHY?!".

6.  Collecting and playing with squishees like they do anything.
Another trend that I don't understand is squishees.  For those of you that may not know, a squishee is a little toy that squishes.  Higher technology squishees are those that are slow rising or unsquish slowly and are scented.  That's as complex and exciting as they get.  Thinking once you squished a squishee you squished them all, makes me wonder why kids want hundreds of them.  It's got me asking "but, WHY?!".

7.  Refusing to wear socks right side out.
Both of my kids insist that the seam at the end of the socks hurts them.  We've tried every brand of sock that you can think of.  We've tried socks a few sizes larger than they need.  The only thing that works is that they wear their socks inside out.  Not in the mood to argue such a silly point every day, I just ask them "but, WHY?!".

8.  Begging to rub my armpits to fall asleep at night.
My very, VERY strange daughter likes the feeling of stubble running across her finger nails.  Because of this, she begs me to let her rub my armpits until she goes to sleep.  She's been doing this since she was born despite the fact that I push my arms down tight and slap her hand away.  She just looks at me and laughs while I yell out "but, WHY?! sicko".

9.  Answering the phone by yelling into the speaker "HELLO, MARGE!".
No one knows who Marge is or why my kids answer the phone this way.  Our family knows better at this point so we all just laugh, but the strangers who are greeted in this random way are caught off guard.  It has me asking the kids "but, WHY?!".

10.  Eating food from the dog bowl.
My kids eat all day long.  When they're hungry, they get yogurts, crackers, fruit, or whatever else I have on hand that can be prepared quickly.  That being said, my son still INSISTS on eating dog food.  There are times that I catch him hiding from me with dog food in his mouth and a few more pieces in his hands.  Every time he just looks at me and laughs.  Then he insists that it tastes good.  I scowl and yell out "but, WHY?!".

What weird thing have you seen kids do?
Friday, July 16, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

We finally have a baby...
...Japanese eggplant!  Every year I plant ichiban, or Japanese eggplant, in our vegetable garden.  It's one of my favorite vegetables, but near impossible to find on Long Island.  If you do happen to get lucky and stumble upon Japanese eggplant in the store, the prices are astronomical.  This year we planted four different ichiban plants to ensure that we'd have plenty of eggplant to enjoy all Summer long.  So far it's working, starting with that cute little eggplant above!

Many people ask me...
...what's the difference between a Japanese eggplant and a regular one?  There are many differences.  For starters, Japanese eggplant is long and thin.  Regular eggplant is short and very fat.  That being said, I don't prefer the ichiban because it looks different.  I prefer it because it's a more tender eggplant, with a sweeter taste, and the seeds inside are practically nonexistent.

I'm really upset because...
...the rose bushes in the back of the house are diseased.  Every year my rose garden blooms into the most magnificent rose garden EVER!  This year, the backyard rose garden is doing extremely poor.  The leaves turned colors and got these horrid looking spots all over them.  Then, almost suddenly, all of the leaves and flowers fell off of the plants.  I placed a call into the exterminator, and he recommended a spray that I just started trying.  Fingers crossed that they come back to life and don't spread their disease to the front garden!

I've significantly cut down my...
...caffeine intake.  It took two weeks, but I'm already down to only two cups of coffee a day.  Before cutting down, I was drinking between 5 to 8 cups of coffee a day depending on the length of my work day.  I thought I'd feel groggy, but I actually feel great!  My energy levels remain consistent despite the lack of caffeine, and I'm actually more hydrated because I replaced the coffee with water.

What are your Friday Ramblings?
Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Book Review: The Chocolatier: A Novel by Jan Moran

After recently finishing two very emotional stories, I figured that I would opt for a lighthearted, fiction novel.  I searched through Audibles for something that peeked my interest.  That's when I stumbled across this book that promised chocolate, the Italian Coast, and a juicy love affair.  Almost immediately, I purchased the book and began on what I thought would be a fun and quick Summerish read.

The novel is titled The Chocolatier: A Novel by Jan Moran.
The book is read by Erin Bennett.
The unabridged version is 12 hours and 3 minutes long.

the best historical fiction book club picks of the year

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to products.  We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Please note that I would only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions are my own.

Book Review:  The Chocolatier by Jan Moran

The Chocolatier begins in the home of the main character Celina.  She's trying to make a difficult phone call to her husband's parents to pass along a mysterious message.  The entire first chapter is Celina's thoughts about making this phone call.  In other words, the author spends the chapter trying to tell the reader to be mystified and I couldn't stop rolling my eyes.  This theme is present the entire novel.  The author tries to make very obvious things seem like a mystery while having the character think out loud over and over again 'This is a mystery'.  A good novel doesn't need to announce its mysteries and then beat your ear drums with it.  Instead, a good novel naturally intrigues the author and makes them wonder what will happen next.

Celina Savoia, a recent widow and successful chocolatier, visits the Amalfi coast in northern Italy so that her young son can meet his extended family.  Taking place right after World War II, Celina is not used to the natural beauties and luxuries that are offered by her wealthy in laws in this coastal town.  She immediately falls in love with the family and the country.  It's worth noting that Celina has no family, any ties, or deep attractions to the US.  Despite falling in love with her new surroundings, she spends half the book contemplating whether or not to stay in Amalfi or return home.  The decision making process that the author puts the reader through for this very simple and seemingly obvious choice is painful.

The Chocolatier quickly like really quickly shifts from a mystery into a cliche love story and then eventually back to a mystery.  The juicy love story that the reviews promised me ended up being the most predictable affair ever.  To be honest, affair isn't even the right word.  Celina falls in love like she didn't just lose the first love of her life and like she didn't have this crazy mystery to solve.  Despite the love story and mystery being remarkably unbelievable, it is super predictable.

My favorite part of this novel is the setting.  At times, I felt like I was in Amalfi.  The book had me ready to book a one way ticket there.  The author also does a great job of incorporating the artwork of chocolatiers.  This is a skill that I wasn't familiar with at all, yet am now fascinated with.

Sadly, I would not recommend The Chocolatier (link) by Jan Moran.

Were you ever disappointed by a book?

Monday, July 12, 2021

List: Ten necessities to successfully work from home in a functional space.

 About two years ago we spoke about how my job was forcing me to work from home more often.  My boss at the time ridiculously felt like I was "favoring" the office closest to my house.  To make working from home more tolerable, we added "home office space" to our non negotiable items when house hunting a few years back.  After we found the perfect home, we slowly began making simple changes to the "home office space" so that it would be functional and comfortable.

what office supplies are needed for a functional home office

Little did we know a pandemic was about to break out and working from home would become the new normal.  Ugh, I really HATE that term..  Ironically, since my job became almost vacant, I started working in the office more frequently again.  The constant shift in work spaces allowed me to realize what I really need to be successful and productive working from home.

ten home office essentials for a functional work space

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to products.  We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Please note that I would only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions are my own.

Ten necessities to successfully work from home.

This one was the biggest deal for me!  I would find myself constantly strained and fidgeting sitting in the pretty but not functional dining room chair pictured above.  It wasn't until I purchased this desk chair that I found myself concentrating on work instead of how uncomfortable I was sitting for long periods of time.
Can be found here (link).

Fun Fact:  The throw blanket that's folded on top of my desk chair pictured above isn't to keep me warm.  It's to help cushion the seat!

One of my biggest pet peeves is displaying a container filled with random office supplies on top of a beautiful desk.  Although, I do applaud the effort to be organized.  A desk drawer organizer serves the same purpose and is still conveniently located in your desk.
Can be found here (link).

Call me old school actually, don't, but nothing can efficiently replace a desk calendar.  It is infuriating having to click and minimize window screens just to find a virtual calendar on the computer.  A physical desk calendar is not only convenient, but when selected carefully, can be a pretty decoration for a home office.
Can be found here (link).

Fun Fact:  I make my mom one of these calendars every year for her birthday.  They cost less than $10, but she acts like it's a million dollar gift!  I love that we can personalize them with pictures and that we get to pick the start and end month of the calendar so it lasts a full year.

When working from home, chances are you're going to be extra careful when it comes to protecting your furniture.  Unfortunately, being careful usually means moving slower which usually means less productivity which usually means less success.  Dramatic?  Maybe, but I think I'm surprisingly accurate this time!  This clear desk pad is practically invisible while acting as a pretty good protector of your home office furniture.  In other words, it's essential.
Can be found here (link).

While way less things need to be printed these days, we all have those one off occasions where we wish that our office printer was also available in our home office.  Those big, bulky, high end machines may not be necessary, but we definitely need something.  I love this compact, wireless printer from HP.  It's big enough to do the job yet small enough to not be a home office eye sore.  Plus, it even works with Alexa!
Can be found here (link).

When my husband bought this for me as a gift, I got a little insulted.  Then I remembered all the wasted coffee that got cold while working at home.  This coffee cup warmer is a real COFFEE saver.  See what I did there?  Lame?  Ok, I'll stop.  Luckily we invested in #10 making our coffee cup warmer our newest home office essential because caffeine = higher productivity.
Can be found here (link).

If you ever met me in real life, you'll notice that I always have a composition notebook in tow!  I use this notebook daily.  It's where I write my to do lists, jot down notes, and scribble whatever else I may need to.  While I do the bulk of my "writing" on the computer, there are times you just need to jot something down quick.  A notebook with lined, blank pages is absolutely a home office essential!
Can be found here (link).

Like #6, this is one home office essential that I didn't think I would need until I got one.  It just makes things easier and convenient.  This stand means there is literally zero need to constantly pick up my cell and check it.  It also makes multitasking easier especially when your cell is a work phone like mine.  As a double bonus, peep the slot made for your phone charger to fit without disruption.
Can be found here (link).

Since our home office is at home, we don't want no big, bulky, UGLY, industrial filing cabinets hanging around.  Luckily, with computers, most stuff can be neatly stored electronically and then on a flash drive.  For the few things that need to remain on paper, these thin, expandable folders will keep you organized without taking up much space.
Can be found here (link).

One doesn't realize all of the wires and electronics that goes into setting up a formal office at home.  There's your lap top charger, docking station chord, computer screen plugs times two if you're me, speakers, and a phone charger.  We're up to six plugs and that's just the basics.  This multi plug was probably my second favorite addition to our home office.  It's let's me plug in everything that I need to AND has an outlet to spare!
Can be found here (link).

Do you prefer working at home or in the office?

Friday, July 9, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

We had a fun filled...
...fourth of July day barbecue!  We all chipped in and did a little something so that it wouldn't be another giant party to put together.  All I had to make was the sautéed mushrooms, salad, and fruit salad.  My husband did the meats on the grill and my family took care of everything else.  We kept it easy and FUN.  Thank god, because I'm burnt from 3 party weekends in a row.

Every year my neighborhood literally...
...EXPLODES into a fireworks display that even puts Disney to shame.  All we have to do is sit down and enjoy the show.  Gigantic fireworks explode in all directions, but especially over our backyard.  In the morning, we find all of the pieces of fireworks that landed around us without us ever knowing.

We had the shock of a lifetime when... son's day care permanently closed.  To be clear, we started there 11 years ago with my God son and then with my daughter.  In fact, my daughter was all signed up for the Summer camp.  This felt like a part of my family was disappearing.  After over a decade of Ivy League, we had to hunt for a new school for my baby boy and a new Summer camp for my princess.  After interviewing several places, I started to give up because NOTHING was even slightly comparable to what we had.  Everything was way over our price tag or looked like a doctor's office the exact words of my daughter so we started giving up hope.  The teacher and staff were more concerned about the students than losing their own jobs so they spent the next few days hunting down a comparable school for us.  AND THEY DELIVERED!  The new school matched our pricing, is similar in curriculum, and had enough room for both of my kids.  As a double bonus, if enough kids sign up from Ivy League, they'll hire some of the teachers.  Fingers crossed.

Here's to a...
...a new adventure in a new place for both of my babies!

What are your Friday Ramblings?
Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Link Up: Leah, Young Living Consultant, 3 Summer DIY ideas with essential oils.

what are essential oils

 Hi! Leah here again to share 3 DIYS perfect for the summer months!

3 Summer DIY ideas with essential oils.

how to make all natural insect repellant at home

1.  DIY Bug Spray
Start with a 2 oz glass spray bottle (link).  Add 5 drops Citronella, 5 drops Purification, 5 drops Lemongrass, and 5 drops Peppermint.  Then fill ¼ with Unscented Witch Hazel (link).  Fill the rest 3/4 with purified water.  Shake before each use.  Apply every 2-3 hours. These essential oils help repel flies, ticks, and mosquitos. PLUS it has such a light, refreshing scent!

how to make all natural sunscreen at home

2.  DIY After Sun Spray
Start with a 2 oz glass spray bottle (link).  Add 2 tsp Aloe Vera gel (link).  Then add 15 drops Lavender, 10 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Peppermint.  Lastly fill the rest with Fractionated Coconut Oil (link).  Spray on skin after being in the hot sun. Lavender and Frankincense do wonders for your skin. Peppermint will help give a cooling sensation.

how to make all nature muscle relaxer at home

3. DIY Muscle Roll On
Start with a 10 mL roller top bottle (link).  Add 20 drops Panaway and 20 Drops Peppermint. Fill the rest with Fractionated Coconut Oil.  Roll onto sore or aching muscles for relief (neck, shoulders, feet, calves, arms, back).

I hope you have fun making these DIY recipes!

what are the best essential oils to start off with

If you are interested in becoming a Young Living member, I highly recommend the Premium Starter kit ($410 worth of product for $165).  This is what I started with, and I have never regretted it!  It is heavily discounted and comes with 12 staple essential oils including Peppermint, Panaway, Frankincense, and Lavender that are needed to make the above recipes. If you sign up with this kit, I will get you samples of Lemongrass, Citronella, Purification and EVERYTHING else you need to make these 3 DIY Recipes in your welcome gift! Just let me know that you came from Raviolis & Waterworks!

Any Starter Kit gets you a membership with access to wholesale prices (24% discount). There are quite a few options to choose from.  Once a member, always a member… you get wholesale prices for life! And no obligation to a monthly order. Although there is a very rewarding monthly program.  I would love to have you on my team and be your essential oil friend and educator!

Come find me on Instagram - @honeymeadow.oils - you can direct message me there or text me at 651-217-8545 with any questions!  Want to try before you buy? Let me know, I would love to send some happy mail full of samples.
Enjoy your summer!

Which DIY will you try?
Monday, July 5, 2021

Link Up: Leah, Young Living Consultant, Five summer favorites from Young Living.

 Hello there! My name is Leah, I met Jaclyn through Instagram and our mutual love of bird watching.  I am from Minnesota where my husband and I love to hike the state parks and enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife.

I am so excited and honored that Jaclyn asked me to share a bit about Young Living and how essential oils can help us improve our health and wellness (especially during summer!).  Young Living is known for their top-quality, pure essential oils.  They guarantee that everything they produce is free of synthetics or harmful chemicals with their Seed to Seal Promise (link).  They put great care into what they produce, so we can reap the amazing benefits these plants have to offer!   

the top five best natural essential oils

What are essential oils?

You may be wondering, what are essential oils? Essential oils are aromatic, concentrated plant extracts that are carefully obtained through steam distillation, cold pressing or resin tapping. They come from botanicals such as flowers, shrubs, trees, roots, and seeds. We can use them to support all the different systems and processes of our bodies from skin to sleep, emotions to muscles, hormones to hair growth and more!  Young Living also provides a variety of oil infused, non-toxic products, some of which I love to bring with us when out for a hike or relaxing at the beach.

5 of my Summer favorites from Young Living:

This is the best sunscreen I have ever used! No chemicals, easy coverage AND good for your skin. Instead of toxic chemicals, it offers broad-spectrum SPF protection using naturally derived plant and mineral based ingredients, including non-nano zinc oxide—a physical UV blocker.  Available in 10 SPF & 50 SPF.  A little goes a long way!

Young Living created a 100 percent naturally derived, essential oil-infused alternative. Repels ticks, mosquitos, and fleas.  It is even gentle enough to use on kids when used as directed!  Stay tuned for a DIY Bug Spray Recipe (this is always packed when we go hiking).

LavaDerm Cooling Mist gently hydrates, soothes, and rejuvenates your sun kissed skin. Made with skin-loving ingredients like Aloe Vera and premium essential oils like Lavender and Helichrysum.  So grateful for this when we camped in 90-degree weather last month! (I’ve got a DIY recipe for this too.)

I have recently become obsessed with the Grapefruit Bergamot Vitality Drops + Electrolytes.  Perfect to pack on a day of adventuring in the hot sun.  Made with premium essential oils and natural electrolytes for an extra hydration boost when added to water.  You’ll guzzle your water right down, tastes so good!  There is also a lavender lemon flavor.

Need some muscle relief after hiking or playing all day? Enter Deep Relief Roll-On.  It is one of Young Living's most popular essential oil blends. It features nine invigorating essentials oils, including Dorado Azul, Peppermint, and Wintergreen, and is your perfect companion to soothe fatigued muscles after physical activity.  I love to roll this on my feet and shoulders after a long day of hiking.  Gives a cooling and soothing sensation.

To get the wholesale prices (24% discount), become a member with one of the many starter kits.  Then add on your additional products you want to try.  Once a member, always a member… you get wholesale prices for life! And no obligation to a monthly order.  I would love to have you on my team and be your essential oil friend and educator!

Come find me on Instagram! - @honeymeadow.oils you can direct message me there or text me at 651-217-8545 with any questions!  Want to try before you buy? Let me know, I love sending snail mail full of samples.

Stay tuned for a few DIY recipes.  I will teach you how to make your own Bug Spray, After Sun Spray, and Muscle Roll On.

Which is your favorite?